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UFC Fighter Yair Rodriguez Speaks Up For CBD And How It Helps Athletes


Yair Rodriguez, UFC fighter and mixed martial artist, swears by the way that CBD has helped him recover after an intense workout or game-day stress. Rodriguez has publicly spoken about the difference CBD has made in his career as an athlete, and fights for athlete’s rights to use CBD without being subject to athlete anti-doping laws.

Yair Rodriguez: The Highlights

  • Yair Rodriguez fights in UFC and MMA competitions in the featherweight division.
  • Yair Rodriguez publicly admitted on Instagram to using CBD coconut oil to assist him in recovery after hard training, a tough match or to sleep better.
  • In 2014, Yair Rodriguez won The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America fighting tournament, after which he began fighting in UFC.
  • Yair Rodriguez is ranked number 12 in the official UFC featherweight division.
  • CBD can be used by athletes to treat inflammation, to reduce stress on game day, to help with brain injuries and to improve athletic performance.

Who is Yair Rodriguez?

Born in Mexico in 1992, Yair Rodriguez has been aspiring towards a fighting career since the young age of 5. He began learning taekwondo at 5 years old but quickly advanced to more competitive forms of fighting.

In October 2011, he fought in his first ever professional match at the Mexican Fighter Promotions. He went on to compete in multiple Mexican FIghter promotions and Supreme Cage fighting, taking his taekwondo skills into a full mixed martial arts context.

In 2014, Rodriguez was cast for The Ultimate Fighter and then just months later, he made his official Ultimate Fighting Championship debut against Leonardo Morales. He went on to win the Ultimate Fighter: Latin America and take the championship.

Since then, Yair Rodriguez has been fighting in the UFC and is currently ranked number 12 in the featherweight division. He has won both “Fight of the Night” and “Performance of the Night” three times since fighting in the UFC.

Yair Rodriguez And CBD

It wasn’t until Yair Rodriguez published an Instagram post that he became something like an international CBD advocate for athletes.


In his Instagram post, Rodriguez expressed his excitement at receiving a shipment of CBD coconut oil. He was planning to use it as a way to improve his overall performance as an athlete.

Yair Rodriguez mainly uses CBD after training sessions, a time when he is most vulnerable to physical pain and fatigue.

However, he says that he also uses it to reduce stress and anxiety before a big fight. Rodriguez also claims that CBD is a great sleep aid for getting in a good night’s rest before training or competing.

Ultimately, Rodriguez doesn’t use CBD like a performance-enhancing drug. This is because CBD’s nature is not to improve the performance of the human.

Rather, it helps him deal with some of the negative consequences of such arduous physical training. CBD helps Rodriguez keep pain and anxiety under control, indirectly affecting his ability to be a great athlete.

Other Athletes Who Use CBD

Rodriguez isn’t the only athlete who uses CBD. It seems to be a popular item among professional fighters in particular, with MMA fighters Nate Diaz and Chris Cammozi also testifying to the benefits of CBD.

Diaz himself became famous after blazing up is CBD vaporizer during a press conference. He admitted that it helps him with healing an inflammation after fights and training.

Cammozi, on the other hand, used hemp-derived CBD oil to assist him in the healing of a knee injury.

MMA fighters aren’t alone in their love for CBD. NFL players Derrick Morgan, Eugene Monroe, and Leonard Marshall also publicly share their love for CBD.

Derrick Morgan made news headlines by admitting that he used CBD to treat injuries, to deal with inflammation and in the avoidance of pharmaceutical drugs.

Eugene Monroe, on the other hand, is a supporter of the Bright Lights Foundation. This foundation is primarily concerned with researching CBD and the benefits it can have for such a wide variety of people.

Finally, Leonard Marshall’s story is perhaps the most inspiring.

Leonard Marshall suffers from a condition called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). It is a traumatic brain injury that occurs after repeated concussions and head injuries and is said to affect many NFL players.

Marshall uses CBD specifically for the treatment of CTE and says that his symptoms have improved greatly. He advocates for CBD awareness and the ways that this molecule can help many others in the same situation.

The Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

Different athletes use CBD for different reasons. It’s no surprise really, as CBD can be used to treat a myriad of different complaints, both physical and emotional.

Drawing of cbd oil bottle, and marijuana leaf

There are certain aspects of CBD usage that are extremely advantageous to athletes, such as its anti-inflammatory quality. And while many Americans are already taking advantage of CBD products, athletes are just beginning to understand the many ways in which it can help them progress in their careers

Anti-inflammatory Effects

The most obvious benefit of CBD to athletes is its anti-inflammatory quality. Athletes can easily elicit inflammatory responses from the body after extreme training.

Inflammation is also generally the body’s response to an injury. However, it is not in an athlete’s best interest to let the inflammation go untreated, as this can lead to chronic conditions such as nerve damage.

For that reason, athletes are always concerned with keeping inflammation under control. CBD is a scientifically proven anti-inflammatory and a powerful one at that.

Helps With Pain

Pain is something that athletes experience often, especially between training sessions and after competing. Pain can inhibit an athlete from further training and can perhaps impede on their ability to compete entirely.

Chronic pain may also severely affect an athlete’s ability to sleep and regenerate for the following training session. There are many Americans using CBD to treat chronic pain, so it comes as no surprise that this effect is advantageous to athletes too.

A natural pain remedy such as CBD, that elicits no negative side effects, especially on the performance of the body, is a long-awaited tool for athletes. CBD offers that potential without the risks associated with opioid use or other pain medications.

Anxiety Relief

For many athletes, anxiety can play a huge role in the ability to perform. Athletes develop all kinds of pre-game routines to help them deal with anxiety, and for some (including Yair Rodriguez), that ritual is CBD!

The mechanisms by which CBD works to treat anxiety are complicated, and scientists are only just beginning to understand that complexity.

By inhibiting the release of certain neurotransmitters, certain neuroendocrine stress responses can be reduced or removed completely. However, this varies from individual to individual, hence the complexity in understanding the precise mechanism of action of CBD.

With that being said, CBD (and medical cannabis in general) is one of the most common forms of self-medication for anxiety in the USA, meaning it helps an awful lot of people.

Decreasing anxiety, especially before a match, is paramount to an athlete. At the same time, athletes may not want to take traditional pharmaceutical medication to treat anxiety, as this can also have negative physical side effects.

Helps With Brain Injuries

Earlier, we mentioned Leonard Marshall and his ongoing battle with CTE. This is a brain injury sustained after repeated concussions.

And unfortunately, pharmaceutical medication for neurological conditions such as this one generally exist in a single-target form, meaning patients must take many different drugs to manage symptoms.

Brain with two wrecking balls smashing into it

CTE is extremely prevalent in American footballers, and Leonard Marshall is, unfortunately, one victim of this statistic. Ethan Russo, a cannabis researcher, hypothesizes that the antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities of CBD can drastically reduce many of the symptoms associated with brain injuries such as  CTE.

Improves Athletic Performance

CBD should not be considered a performance-enhancing drug by any means. It does not allow a person to run faster, to be physically stronger or even to have greater endurance.

Rather, CBD treats the body in subtle ways, allowing it to restore itself and maintain equilibrium. CBD improves athletic performance by encouraging a good sleep, relieving pain and decreasing inflammation.

These are all potential obstacles for athletes in the quality of their performance. So rather than improving athletic performance, CBD helps to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of athletic performance.

Why Yair Rodriguez Uses CBD After Training

It is increasingly obvious that CBD has plenty to offer, not just to the everyday working class, but to professional athletes too. For the most part, athletes are extremely sensitive about the remedies that they choose for their bodies.

It has perhaps been forever that the professional sporting industry has been waiting for a molecule as versatile and far-reaching as CBD. It virtually replaces any other supplement or remedy that an athlete could require, posing virtually no risk in the interim.

Yair Rodriguez is one of many athletes who is taking advantage of the research and work going into manufacturing CBD products. CBD can be consumed in food, vaped, taken as CBD water or taken sublingually, appealing to the needs of just about any athlete.