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What are CBD Patches?


If you’ve heard about cannabinoids (CBD) and CBD oil before, you’ve probably heard about CBD patches. Like with CBD oil, they’re quite popular nowadays, and a lot of people prefer to use CBD patches before they use any other method. However, even if you’ve heard about these patches before, there is still a ton of useful information about CBD patches (or transdermal patch) that you probably don’t realize, as they’re not as commonly talked about (other than the added benefits that make people flock to these patches more than anything).

With that said, we’re here to break everything down for you.  In this article, you’ll learn all about what CBD patches even are, as well as some of the common benefits CBD patch users experience and why you could consider using these patches in the first place.

First of all, what are CBD patches?

First, let’s talk about CBD. You might already know this, but CBD is cannabidiol, a main component of cannabis that actually accounts for 40% of the plant’s extract. CBD can be used in, with, and for a variety of things. Most people like to use CBD to help with some of the mental instabilities they might experience or to help with pain relief. Or… just simply because it makes them feel better! There is no right or wrong way for people to use CBD. And, just to note, cannabidiol CBD does not actually get you “stoned” like THC does.

Transdermal patches with CBD are, obviously, patches that you can attach to your skin. With these patches attached to your body, the cannabidiol CBD extract can then enter your central nervous system through the skin. A lot of these patches differ, because of different brands or styles, but for the most part, they are all medium-sized to large waterproof patches that can sometimes look like band-aids. Again, this just depends on the brand and style that you buy.

CBD patches tend to be made with higher potency CBD extract than you might normally see, but this is actually common for patches. Basically, the patch releases a controlled amount of CBD into your system, sometimes for up to four days (again, depends on the brand and the specific patch that you buy).


The benefits of CBD patches—and who can use them

There is a large number of reasons why people choose to use CBD patches before they use anything else. First of all, this is a really easy method to get CBD into your system, which is especially useful for those who are using CBD to help with constant pain relief. All you have to do is change your CBD patch whenever you need a new one if you’re looking for that simple yet constant way to help with your pain.

CBD patches are also great if you consider yourself a first time CBD user as if can help you find out just what the experience is like—and if the experience is for you in the first place. Your body doesn’t ingest a lot of CBD as once. Instead, the patch slowly releases a steady amount of CBD (the exact amount depending on the patch you use specifically), helping first-time users get used to the whole process.

This is particularly beneficial to those who really just don’t have the time to take supplements consistently or have a hard time remembering when to take said supplements. If you have a busy lifestyle or always find yourself forgetting to take your supplements, trying out CBD patches may be the best bet for you. Other than having to change patches (if you’re looking for that constant need) occasionally, there’s really nothing else you have to do.

And, of course, the overall benefits are plentiful. First of all, CBD patches have no added chemicals. It’s natural! These patches can also be quite beneficial because they provide an effective delivery of medicine into your body without you actually having to digest them. This means that CBD can enter your body without being diluted.

If you’re worried about using these patches because of water-related issues, don’t be! For the most part, all CBD patches are (or should be) water resistant and have water-resistant adhesive attached to the patch. This means that showering should be no issue. However, this doesn’t mean that the whole patch is waterproof and constant and consistent exposure to water could result in the patch no longer having its adhesive working to stay attached to your skin. So, if you’re always in a pool or water, you may want to rethink these patches.

CBD patches are also quite useful if you’re looking to use CBD in a more targeted way or in a targeted area on your body. And, again, CBD patches are incredibly beneficial if you don’t have time (or keep on forgetting) to take your supplements or vape.


Possibly one of the biggest benefits of using CBD patches, and something we briefly mentioned before, is the longer period of dosage that you can experience. For the most part, you can have a long dosage of up to 96 hours (depending on the patch you buy). This is incredibly long compared to how long CBD supplements can stay in your system. Again, patches releasing their CBD is a gradual process (you won’t get everything at once), which can make it easier for these long dosage periods.

All in all, CBD has quite a lot of benefits for those who are looking for a different way to use CBD in a long-term method to tackle chronic pain. Whether it’s for fibromyalgia or just basic pain relief, these CBD patches can really be beneficial for consumers. They’re easy to use, especially if you’re looking for a longer dosage time frame, they’re great for a variety of different lifestyles, and they definitely recommended for first-time users.

Hopefully, you’ve learned just what CBD patches are, and have decided whether they’re right for you and your lifestyle. Always on the go and looking for a simple way to get your constant fix of CBD to help with chronic pain or something similar?  Patches may just be your new best friend.