Vet CBD is a California located pet CBD company founded by Veterinarian Dr. Shu. Their products are all-natural, organically grown, and state lab tested to ensure safety and quality. 

Vet CBD: The Highlights

  • Vet CBD is exclusively sold in cannabis dispensaries located in California. 
  • Vet CBD was founded by a Veterinarian who is closely involved in product formulation. 
  • Vet CBD offers a Premium Quality Pet Tincture in 1 fl. oz. or 2 fl. oz. sizes. 
  • Vet CBD products are tested in California CBD labs to guarantee quality and safety. 
  • Vet CBD promises to bring relief of pets pains, anxiety, and other health conditions. 

About Vet CBD 

It is no secret that the use of CBD for human health and wellness has grown rapidly over recent years. What may be surprising is the growth in popularity and effectiveness that CBD is having in the pet population. With that growth has risen a company that formulates CBD products and provides them to the pet market. That company is California based, Vet CBD. 

Vet CBD promises to provide pet owners with the highest quality, non-psychoactive CBD products available. If the promise to formulate their products with all natural ingredients wasn’t enough to cultivate trust in this company, the pet owner can be confident int he products knowing the company is owned by a Veterinarian. 

Dr. Tim Shu, the owner/veterinarian, works with a team to formulate these products with pets best interest and health in mind. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more well known, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that is extracted and used for many medicinal purposes. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis while THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid known to produce the “high” associated with marijuana. Vet CBD uses natural, plant-based, non-toxic CBD to provide their customer’s pets with the best benefits.

Vet CBD Products 

Since the founding of the Vet CBD in 2015 the company has been producing high-quality, all-natural CBD products with a 20:1 CBD : THC ratio. Vet CBD tincture promises to be an easy to measure, state of California lab tested, all-natural product. 

Vet CBD works effectively with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as it is high quality and highly bioavailable making more of the dosage readily used by the animal’s body. 

Premium Quality Cannabis Tincture 

Vet CBD focuses on making one product and making it well. Their Premium Quality Cannabis Tincture is available in a 1 fl. oz. or 2 fl. oz. bottle. 

Vet CBD is unique in that it uses the whole flower to extract CBD from the plant for use in their tinctures. Through organically grown cannabis, Vet CBD produces a pet tincture that does not contain any unnecessary additives such as alcohols, solvents, sugars or other additives. 

The Benefits Of Using Vet CBD  

Using CBD for medicinal purposes is not reserved solely for human purposes. Pets can benefit from the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant as well. Vet CBD has developed an exceptional product that has been specifically formulated to work with a pet’s ECS to bring about many health benefits. 

Can Protect The Brain 

Neurological disorders occur in humans and animal alike. Luckily the Endocannabinoid System exists in animals as well making it possible for CBD products to bring relief from and protect against neurological conditions. Dogs can suffer from many neurological diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Vestibular disease. 

Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms 

Unfortunately, pets can develop cancer the same as humans and the symptoms associated with the disease are just as hard to live with. 

It is important for the owner to advocate on behalf of their pet who cannot speak for themselves and this is often done through pain and symptom-relieving interventions. CBD works to prevent and reduce cancer-related symptoms as well as cancer treatment-related side effects. 

Helps With Epilepsy And Seizures 

Animals are not immune to the distress of epilepsy and seizures. A clinical trial conducted by the James L. Voss Teaching Veterinary Hospital found that dogs treated for epilepsy with CBD have an 89% reduction seizures. This is a groundbreaking discovery that brings new hope to owners of epileptic seizure-prone pets. 

Pain Relief

There may not be anything more likely to produce feelings of helplessness than watching a pet in pain. This is common in pets with arthritis or degenerative joint diseases as a result of old age. CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory herbal remedy and can bring relief of a host of pain conditions in pets. 

Helps With Sleep 

Humans aren’t the only mammals that have issues with sleep at times. When a pet is unable to sleep the entire household is affected. CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System in the brain to trigger the production of sleep-inducing serotonin. 

Heals And Protects The Skin

Animals can experience a host of skin conditions, especially those who spend many hours outside exposed to sun and other harsh elements. Many skin conditions are associated with dryness or inflammation. CBD is high in Omega-3 fats making is great in lubricating the skin and reducing inflammation as in that with acne. 

Anxiety Relief 

Animals are prone to anxiety, especially those who have been rescued from bad living situations. CBD is effective in reducing anxiety and does not come with the negative side effects as many pharmaceuticals elicit. Giving a pet Vet CBD prior to a trip or during anxiety-producing events can help the pet process the situation with less anxiety and fear. 

The Advantages Of Choosing Vet CBD

Vet CBD promises to provide their customer’s with high quality, organically grown, all natural CBD tinctures. The customer can give their pet Vet CBD products with confidence knowing the formulation and manufacturing process was overseen by a Veterinarian with their pets best interest in mind. 

When it comes to selecting a CBD company to use for a pet’s CBD needs quality should be a primary factor and with Vet CBD the pet parent can be confident in choosing their products.