Urbul: A New CBD Start-Up In The Cannabis Marketplace

Urbul is a new CBD start-up that focuses on delivering high-quality, hemp products to the U.S. domestic market. With their new age design and production quality, Urbul hopes to grow quickly.

Urbul: The Highlights

  • Urbul produces all hemp-based CBD products.
  • Urbul’s hemp supply is organically grown by family farms located around Colorado.
  • Urbul carries a wide variety of CBD products including gummies, tinctures, and vape pods.
  • Urbul provides independent lab reports with each product.
  • Urbul offers full spectrum and CBD isolates products and ships across the United States.

About Urbul

Urbul is a US-based CBD company that is currently offering tinctures, gummies and vaping pods made from Colorado-grown hemp. The company backs its products with full independent lab tests that accompany any order made on the site.

Their products are made with either isolate or full-spectrum oil and are crafted in the shop to guarantee a smooth and consistent CBD dosage.

Urbul’s mission is simple: educate their clients, be transparent in their operations, and deliver a quality CBD product each and every time.

Urbul Products

Urbul carries a variety of products that are made with both CBD isolate and full spectrum oil, depending on the product.

CBD Tincture

Bottle of Urbul CBD Oil

Urbul offers four flavors of a tincture, each made with 1000 mg of full spectrum CBD oil.
The flavors include:

  • blood orange
  • peppermint
  • lavender
  • unflavored option

The tinctures have been described by users as extremely helpful with overall soreness or stiffness related to workouts or injury. No matter the flavor, each tincture of 30 mL will cost you $65.00, which is suitable for 60 0.50 mL doses.

Urbul CBD Tincture Review

Here’s what our reviewer thought of Urbul’s CBD Tincture:

“I used this oil for a couple of nights in a row before going to bed. The peppermint flavor helps cut through some of the hemp taste, but it is still there, slightly. Effect-wise, I did fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. There was less waking up in the middle of the night tossing around. Overall, it helps me get deeper sleep.”

CBD Gummies

Bottle of Urbul Gummies

CBD gummies have quickly become a favorite in the hemp CBD community, and Urbul’s offerings are substantial. The company offers two distinct options for users, and each gummy contains 30 mg of CBD isolate oil.

The flavor is assorted fruit and tastes similar to a multivitamin gummy that you buy in any pharmacy or supermarket.

Urbul offers two options, the go-pack has four gummies and costs $12.00, and the larger gummy bottle has 30 gummies and costs $70.00. The bottle is most popular as the per unit rate is $2.33

Urbul CBD Gummies

Here’s what our reviewers had to say about Urbul’s CBD gummies:

“These are very tasty gummies. They have a great texture and have a sugar dusting. It reminded me of the dusting on the Sour Patch kids. Once you chew into it, I tasted more of the flavor, which was a nice surprise. Not once did I taste any hemp or CBD flavor. I like the fact that the bottle had a QR code that the user could scan to see the test results. I scanned it with my phone and it pulled up the test results right away.”

“I’m a fan. Tasty bears with a good amount of CBD per gummy (30mg). I like that there are a variety of flavors as well. There is a barcode to scan to see the lab report which is pretty cool. Great product so far.”

“Pretty good overall. Nice flavor with that bit of CBD aftertaste so you know they’re not totally blowing smoke up your ass with the stated dosage. Took two and they seemed to work okay. Felt a bit edgy still, but I’d probably have to try them again to tell whether it was the gummies or just how I was feeling at the time.” 

CBD Vape Starter Kit

Urbul Vape Kit

One of the best deals in the CBD community, the CBD vape starter kit has everything you need to start vaping CBD pods from Urbul.

The kit itself comes with one pod of your choice, a micro USB charger, and the Urbul pod device. The device is small and compact and provides users with a long-lasting battery with multiple uses.

The pods themselves come in six flavors:

  • blackcurrant
  • mango
  • melonberry
  • menthol
  • strawberry
  • unflavored

Considering each pod is $30.00, the overall price of $50.00 for the starter kit is one of the better deals on the hemp CBD market.

Urbul CBD Vape Starter Kit

Here’s what our reviewer had to say about the Urbul CBD vape pen.

“The vape has a good flavor when you take a draw in, but when you exhale, not a lot of vape smoke is released. You do taste the flavor of the vape when you exhale. Aesthetically speaking, the vape pen is sleek and easy to carry around. It’s not as bulky as some vape pens I’ve seen around. As for the effect, I didn’t notice a difference one way or another. At least not when compared with other CBD vape pens I’ve tried.”

Benefits of CBD

Below are some of the most common ways CBD could be beneficial.

Pain Relief

In the last few years, medical studies have started to look at CBD and its effects in both rodents and humans. In terms of pain relief, CBD has been proven to help with chronic pain and inflammation in both rodents and human test subjects.

In a study in 2012 by Xiong, Cui, et al., the researchers found that CBD belongs in a novel class of therapeutic agents that could be used in the treatment of chronic pain in patients.

Further to this study, several sports teams are looking at CBD as a potential option for the treatment of inflammation and pain, and some have even invested in the space.

The Toronto Wolfpack are the first to invest in the area, and recently announced their line of CBD products to help with pain relief and inflammation.

Helps With Sleep

CBD has been a proven and scientifically tested sleep aid both in Europe and North America, and the current findings are quite positive.

Currently, studies have mainly focused on rodents, and have seen positive results for CBD as a treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

A study in 2012 by the Journal of Experimental Medicine, found that CBD when administered to rodents who experienced disturbances to their sleep and wake schedules, saw a dramatic increase in overall sleep time and increased sleep latency than the control group.

While a line of CBD products one of the first of its kind by Murillo-Rodriguez, Milan-Aldaco, et al., found that CBD increased rodent alertness and could have therapeutic value in helping treat and moderate sleep disorders such as excessive somnolence.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety has often been treated with an assortment of pills and therapy treatments with a different effect, but CBD could prove to be a valuable tool in the treatment of anxiety.

Due to CBD’s ability to bind in the endocannabinoid system, CBD mirrors the standard anxiety medications binding protocol and delivers similar results without the side effects.

In a 2012 study by Schier, Ribeiro, et al., the researchers found that CBD delivers an anxiolytic-like effect and CBD was proven to reduce anxiety in patients who were struggling with social anxiety.

Further to this, the study concluded that more studies were needed, but CBD could potentially help patients who were struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive anxiety, and panic disorders.

Helps With Skin Problems

As CBD is a natural substance, people around the world have been looking at its healing properties with skin irritation and other problems.

Early studies are positive, and most studies have pointed to CBD’s effect with the endocannabinoid system as to its reasoning on why it can help with skin conditions.

In a 2007 study by Nottingham University, School of Biomedical Sciences, Medical School, the researchers found that CBD could play a role in the treatment of psoriasis in patients due to CBD’s effect on cannabinoid receptors within the skin.

In a 2009 study by the Department of Physiology, the University of Debrecen, Research Center for Molecular Medicine found that the endocannabinoid system controls the proper and well-balanced proliferation and survival of skin cells.

This study allowed for other researchers to build the case that as CBD binds with the endocannabinoid system, it is a treatment option for those struggling with various skin problems.

Urbul: The Final Word

Ubul Vape Kit

Urbul as a company is still small. With Urbul’s focus on locally and organically grown hemp, the ability for this company to take off across the US market is quite high.

A positive that Urbul has it going for itself is its prices, which should make giving them a try a breeze.

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