SunRock vs. MoonRock Which Is the Strongest Strain

SunRock vs. MoonRock: Which Is the Strongest Strain?

Moon rocks and Sun rocks are basically like marijuana meteors. Sun rocks and moon rocks have hit the cannabis market with a bang. These cannabis products are very strong, and they have been found to contain high amounts of THC.

Regular strains contain around 20% THC. Regular strains with lower levels of THC include:

  • Snoop’s dream
  • Blue Magoo
  • Rude Boi
  • White Tahoe cookies
  • Irish cream
  • NYC diesel
  • Lemon head

Before moon rock, these strains were considered to be among the strongest. Their THC percentage levels are usually in the 20s. With the introduction of Moon rock and sun rock, the strains mentioned above came to be mild, or any other regular strain in the market.

The levels of THC in SunRock and MoonRock are way higher than other regular strains.

There has been a lot of controversy on which of the two strains is the strongest. Well, to determine the strongeststrain between moon rock and the sun rock, it is necessary to review how each of them is prepared, their properties their potency levels.

Moon Rocks

Kurupt’s Moon Rocks hit the market before the sun rocks came up. The moon rocks are made from immersing Girl Scout Cookies in hash oil. They are thereafter rolled in kief.

Moon rocks can be homemade. As long as buds, oil and kief are involved, you will obtain a moon rock.

The THC concentration levels in moon rocks have been reported to reach 51%. Well, this level was quite high before the boom of the moon rocks.They look like small meteorites, and when they are broken up, the particles have a resemblance to the moon dust.

Other than Kurupt’s moon rock version, there are other versions of moon rock versions that have emerged. Despite the term moon rock being used to refer to any combination of bud and kief, the new versions have different names. The different names depict the original formula used in making them.

Kurupt’s moon rocks dominated the moon rock market.

Sun Rocks

Sun rocks are basically considered to be an upgrade of moon rock. They are basically made for cannabis consumers who want to get higher than where moon rocks get them.

With moon rocks, the THC levels were at 51%. But with sun rocks, the levels might even go as high as 80%.

Unlike moon rocks, there is no general preparation formula for moon rock. Different producers use different formulas. However, the buds are dipped in CO2 oil and then rolled in kief.


Sun Rock Beats Moon Rocks

Well, we have seen that moon rock has long been considered as the strongest strain. However, with the new sun rock hitting the market, many people who have had experience with both of them will confess that sun rock is very much stronger.

If you have had Moon rock, and then you have sun rock, you will definitely rate Moon rock as tame. Sun rock takes everything Moon rock offered to a level higher.

The strongest moon rock is usually the equivalent of the weakest moon rock in terms of THC levels. The strongest moon rocks hit 60%, yet the weakest sun rocks are usually approximately 60%

The THC levels in sun rocks are so high that it scares off some people. For instance, in an interview with the breakfast club, Snoop Dog confessed of being quite afraid to use the sun rock. He says the strain is too strong that he does not even smoke it.

Do not be mistaken; moon rock is also very strong, but not as strong as sun rock. Snoop further explains that if he wants to use sun rock or moon rock, he sprinkles a little amount of the strain in regular weed before smoking it.

Due to their flavor and potency levels, the sun rock has sparked a stir among the cannabis users.

What Makes Sun Rocks Stronger?

We have seen the potency level of sun rock is at the ceiling when it is compared with the potency level of moon rock.

The choice of flower, and the ingredients used in making sun rocks are responsible for making the sun rock the beast it is.  The producers of sun rocks tend to use their ingredients and enhancements more carefully and creatively.

There are no many different versions of sun rock like the moon rocks.

Having a Sun Rock Experience

Sun rocks have a sticky texture. You, therefore, need to break them down or use a pair of scissors to cut the particles down.

Do not put sun rock or moon rock in a grinder; you will end up wasting the concentrate mixed into the bud and kief.

Sun rocks contain a lot of wax. Directly inhaling them can be very harsh and disturbing. It is recommended that you use either of the following to while using a sun rock:

  • A bong
  • A pipe
  • A blunt

Choose whatever way pleases you while smoking the sun rocks. Do not use sun rocks in a vaporizer because of the high amounts of delicate buds and sticky oils.

It is recommended that one shares a blunt of sun rock with someone else. Taking the whole blunt alone can make one seriously high or even lead to adverse effects. However, in small quantities, sun rock brings a calming and relaxing effect to the body.

If you are new to sun rock, do not dive in to quick. Start by sprinkling sun rock particles on regular weed before smoking. The experience will equally be the same.

Sun rock is the real beast. Sun rock is very much stronger than moon rock. Moon rock has been highly potent for quite some time. But with the introduction of sun rock, whose THC levels have hit 80%, moon rock has been put to rest.

Sun rocks have a higher potency than moon rocks, treat them with the care they deserve. From afar, one can confuse moon rock from sun rock. Do not be deceived, the difference is like day and night, so huge!

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