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Sera Labs CBD: The Brand And Its Products

Sera Labs is an American CBD product manufacturer, stocking virtually every kind of CBD product from gummies to topicals to CBD for pets. Consumers have the option of choosing full-spectrum or “pure”-spectrum, as Sera Labs likes to call it, allowing the consumer to choose whether they prefer a single cannabinoid or the whole entourage effect.

Sera Labs CBD: About & Story

Founded by Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs is a female-run organization based in Los Angeles. Sera Labs focuses on providing CBD products of all varieties, including gummies, oils, cosmetics and even CBD for pets.

Duitch herself is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the USA, with potent skills in direct-to-consumer marketing. She has helped some of America’s most well-known brands achieve great success, especially through online sales.

Sera Labs number one promise is to provide CBD products manufactured from 100% organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide much information about where the hemp is grown. The company uses particularly interesting advertising techniques on their website, using satirical videos as a means to express the different ways that CBD can be used.

Products include full-spectrum as well as CBD only. Interestingly, the CBD only products are advertised as “pure-spectrum”, a rather misleading term because there is no concept of spectrum in a single cannabinoid product.

While Sera Labs provides third-party certificates of analysis for consumers for virtually all products, the advertising choices are slightly askew, non-professional, and overall, the company has all the symptoms of a click-bait, overly marketed product.

Sera Labs CBD: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

  • Sera Labs provides third-party laboratory testing on virtually all of their products, even identifying the batch number in each of their certificates of analysis.
  • All CBD products manufactured by Sera Labs are made from 100% organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp.
  • Sera Labs stocks CBD oil, tincture, topicals, cosmetics and even CBD for pets, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Sera Labs doesn’t provide information about whether the hemp is sourced from the USA or outside, probably suggesting it is cultivated outside of the USA.
  • Sera Labs is connected with Saving Sofie, a not-for-profit organization that provides information to families dealing with cancer, autism and epilepsy, and the ways that cannabis can be used in the treatment of these conditions.

The Benefits Of Using Sera Labs CBD

Sera Labs markets the majority of its products to those suffering from anxiety and brain fog, as well as those with a cosmetic need for cannabinoids.

As modern science continues to discover, there are a plethora of benefits from using CBD. It has been researched for its ability to manage symptoms related to a myriad of conditions, including anxiety, depression, inflammation, muscle spasticity, and even cancer.


One of the most common reasons for an American to self-medicate with CBD is for the management of anxiety. Pharmaceutical options for anxiety sufferers don’t work for everybody and often come with unwanted side effects.

With the CBD boom, many Americans made the switch to CBD or began to use it as a complementary medicine with their pharmaceutical treatment.


Interestingly, there are cannabinoid receptors all over the skin. Rubbing cannabinoids in the form of topical treatment on the skin can help to balance the fatty oils produced by the skin as well as managing inflammation.

This is invaluable to those with acne, who like anxiety sufferers, are often confronted with many treatments that don’t necessarily work.


Finally, CBD is a common treatment for those who need relief from chronic pain. Again, for many, the option of opioid medications is not ideal, and CBD offers a natural treatment line for those people. Whether applied topically or ingested orally, it has an analgesic effect.


Our Picks: Sera Labs CBD Products

The range of products at Sera Labs is the most interesting aspect of this company. Their line of products is quite large, providing CBD products for all different preferences. There are gummies, there is CBD oil and there is even CBD for pets.



Sera Labs provides CBD oil in two options: full-spectrum and pure-spectrum (CBD isolate). The pure-spectrum products are available in 300mg, 500mg and 1000mg and Sera Labs offers bulk-buying options for saving money.

The full-spectrum product is available in 250mg only, and from what the website suggests, there are no bulk-buying options for the full-spectrum product. Again, the term pure-spectrum doesn’t accurately describe the product, as there is nothing about CBD isolate that includes the concept of a spectrum.

The pure-spectrum pricing is as follows:

  • 300mg: $69.95
  • 500mg: $89.95
  • 1000mg: $99.95

The full-spectrum product costs $49.95.


Sera Labs’ pain relief cream with CBD and Aloe Vera is, as the name suggests, designed to be used as topical pain relief. The aloe creates a cooling sensation while CBD helps to manage inflammation and pain.

It can be purchased as a single product, in a 3 pack or in a 5 pack. When customers purchase more, the product is discounted. One tube of cream costs $49.95, the 3 pack costs $99.95 and the 5 pack costs $149.95.

Unfortunately, the ingredient list for this product contains some ingredients not really in line with Sera Labs’ natural ethos. Certain preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol are used, which are linked with allergic reactions or eczema. The product also contains a synthetic menthol substitute rather than menthol itself.


All CBD gummies manufactured by Sera Labs are made with full-spectrum CBD extract, with each gummy containing a whopping 20mg.

Each bag contains 10 gummies of different fruity flavors. The bag of gummies costs $29.95, making it slightly expensive for a grand total of only 10 gummies.

However, this product can also be purchased in bulk: 3 bags for $59.95, 5 bags for $89.95 and 10 bags for $159.95 (perhaps the amazing work of digital marketing genius, Nancy Duitch).


SeraRelief CBD capsules are all manufactured with full-spectrum hemp extract. The jar comes with 30 capsules coming to a grand total of 450mg CBD. Each capsule contains a single dose of 15mg.

As with all other Sera Labs products, customers save by buying more. A single bottle of capsules costs $69.95, while a 3 pack costs $139.95 and a 5 pack costs $209.95.


The Healing Pain Relief Cream by Sera Labs is different from the one mentioned above as it does not contain aloe-vera as an active ingredient.

The product is advertised as working instantly to provide relief from pain or inflammation. The product contains Hotact VBE for providing heat directly to the source of pain. The jar contains 300mg of CBD. A single jar costs $69.95, 3 jars cost $139.95 and 5 jars cost $209.95.


The Radiant Glow Facial product is a face serum made for hydrating the face and decreasing any skin inflammation that might be there. Interestingly, the product is advertised as being made with “hemp oil”, although the ingredient list doesn’t contain hemp oil, but crystalline CBD.

Aside from that, the ingredients for the CBD Radiant Glow Facial product is quite impressive, containing mainly oil extracts from various plants and botanicals. A bottle costs $69.95.


Sera Labs also manufactures CBD products for pets. There are two options to choose from: a full-spectrum CBD oil containing 150mg CBD and a full-spectrum CBD oil containing 250mg CBD.

The oils are not flavored with the kinds of things that pets like, so it’s best given in food rather than directly in the mouth (they probably won’t like the taste). Pricing is as follows:

Sera Pets 150mg CBD oil:

  • 1 bottle: $39.95
  • 3 bottles: $79.95
  • 5 bottles: $119.95

Sera Pets 250mg CBD oil:

  • 1 bottle: $49.95
  • 3 bottles: $79.95
  • 5 bottles: $149.95

Honourable Mentions 



The Seratopical Hydrating Treatment is designed for use on dry skin. As well as CBD, this product also contains Aquaxyl, a patented product that is said to allow moisture to flow through all layers of the skin. The jar is 15ml and costs $89.95.


As the name suggests, Seratopical Eye Serum is made for use around the eyes. The eye serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles that surround the eyes, especially crows feet. It tightens the appearance of the skin around the eyes and reduces dark circles or puffiness under the eyes. It costs $59.95.


Sera Labs’ CBD Serum is made with antioxidants, peptides, and plant stem cells. Made for reducing wrinkles, age spots and improve the overall look of skin.

There are cannabinoid receptors all over the skin, and topical CBD is said to improve the health of the skin. A bottle costs $89.95.


Sera Labs CBD: The Final Thought

Sera Labs offers quite a huge range of products to customers, which is perhaps why the company has achieved such success. On top of that, Sera Labs also provides certificates of analysis on all of its products, allowing consumers to know the quality and potency of their CBD products.

With all of that being said, some of the ingredients in their cosmetic products don’t necessarily line up with their branding story of using 100% organic, non-GMO, natural ingredients. They are also not transparent about where the hemp is grown. Finally, buying a single bottle of CBD tincture, for example, is quite expensive.

It’s obvious that Sera Labs aims for a more “wholesale” kind of transaction direct to the consumer, and for a medicinal substance, this touches on some ethical issues about the regulation of the cannabis industry.

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