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Palmetto Harmony: The Brand And Its Products

Palmetto Harmony has been developed to help children suffering from seizures. It has been designed to offer multiple health benefits associated with CBD, and this company’s range of products has a keen following.

The standard dosage of CBD is currently calculated at 25mg, however, the amount needed to treat conditions will vary and the amount needed for each individual will also be different.

It is recommended to start out with a lower dosage and then to work up as needed until you achieve the level which you require to obtain relief from your symptoms.

You can also use Farma Health’s CBD Dosage Calculator.

Palmetto Harmony: About & Story

Palmetto Harmony first appeared on the market back in 2015. The product was developed by a mother called Janel Ralph who was searching for a solution to help her daughter, Harmony. Harmony suffers from a condition called Lissencephaly which causes seizures.

She had tried numerous kinds of pharmaceutical medication but none had proven to be effective. Her mother was, therefore, looking for an alternative and had heard a lot of good things about using CBD oil for seizures.

Unfortunately, Janel found it very difficult to obtain CBD oils and couldn’t be convinced that some of the products that she managed to obtain were high quality or were really what they purported to be.

She realized that the only real way to be certain that she was helping her child was to manufacture her own legal form of CBD hemp oil.

Harmony’s Story


Janel Ralph’s daughter was born with a genetic condition which meant that her brain was missing a deletion of a chromosome. The result was that she suffered from many seizures. Having heard that CBD oil was beneficial, Janel set about trying to find some but realized very quickly it was hard to obtain.

Seizure Disorders written on sheet

The medicine was available on the black market, however, some people that she knew who were in a similar situation were getting products which weren’t high quality or even what they were supposed to be.

Janel finally managed to obtain some CBD oil and gave it to her daughter. She was delighted with the results. Harmony began to show signs of improvement and her seizures reduced. However, her supplies started to run out and eventually, Harmony had to come off CBD oil.

Immediately, she began to regress. This was the sign that Janel needed to take further action. She recognized that the only way to ensure a constant supply of high-quality CBD oil was to produce it herself.

Janel didn’t want to make a product that had a high level of THC. She wanted to make her CBD oil from hemp which naturally has a very low THC content that was also in line with the state law in South Carolina where she lived.

South Carolina has a law in place about CBD hemp oil which states that they are legal but then is vague about the details of how or where to obtain them. While the law said that it was legal to manufacture CBD oil, you had to be a licensed grower and there was no detail about the type of license required or how to obtain one.

Janel soon realized that law enforcement authorities and the agriculture department in South Carolina had no defined policies about this. They had merely copied the majority of its bill regarding hemp oil use from the state of Kentucky.

This led Janel to Kentucky where she teamed up with a licensed grower and returned to South Carolina with proof that she was adhering to the terms of the law in the manufacture of her own CBD hemp oil product.

Thanks to Janel’s legal and high-quality product, Harmony now enjoys a better quality of life than ever before, going for days without experiencing seizures and reducing her intake of pharmaceutical meds by 90 percent.

Janel has also obtained evidence from neurological physicians to prove her brain can function in areas which shouldn’t be possible due to her disorder, proving the effectiveness of her hemp oil.

Janel Ralph’s Rise to Success

Plant showing upwards trajectory

Janel set up her own company to produce legal CBD hemp oil that would help her daughter and countless others like her to improve their quality of life.

She sources her hemp from her sub-contracted farms in Kentucky and Colorado and her own South Carolina processing facility which has received legal approval by the Agriculture Department.

Within just a few months of launching her product she already had 65 customers, both adults and children, and her brand’s reputation was growing strong.

Today, Janel is the CEO of a respected American hemp company which produces high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil. Her other children and husband also work for her company and everyone on her team has a vested family interest in ensuring the product’s success.

The Palmetto Harmony product line has a strong following among those who are seeking a reliable and safe alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for either themselves or their children.

More recently, her Palmetto Harmony product line was the subject of the first-ever nationally televised advert for a cannabis-derived product.

This has only served to increase the strength of her reputation, to raise awareness of her beneficial product and to increase the profile of CBD hemp oil with a wider cross-section of people who could benefit from its health-restoring properties.

Palmetto Harmony: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

  • Palmetto Harmony is entirely legal CBD oil made from hemp.
  • This CBD oil has been developed to help relieve seizures and muscle spasms.
  • The product was created by a mother trying to find a solution for her daughter’s health problems.
  • Palmetto Harmony has an extremely low level of THC and cannot cause a psychoactive high.
  • This company’s products are fully tested by third-party labs and are pesticide-free.

With a diverse range of high-quality lab tested, legal CBD hemp oil products, Palmetto Harmony is definitely a brand to check out. The CBD tinctures, vape oils, topicals, capsules, and suppositories suit the needs of a wide range of users, and they even have pet products to help animals.

Having been created from a mother’s love, this product line has a genuinely ethical image, and the fact that the brand genuinely cares about the health of others shines through its products.

Everything is thoroughly tested at each stage of the process in an independent, 3rd party ISO certified lab, with tests checking not only for cannabinoid and terpene levels but also contaminants like residual solvents, herbicides, pesticides, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and mold.

With test results available on request, customers can have complete peace of mind. Palmetto Harmony only uses extractions from the premium parts of their organically-grown plants.

Palmetto Harmony vs Charlotte’s Web

Many people have already heard of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and its benefits for children who suffer from seizures. However, there is a difference between Palmetto Harmony and Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web is made from a high CBD strain of cannabis, whereas Palmetto Harmony is made only from hemp.

Where to Buy Palmetto Harmony Products

Palmetto Harmony products can either be purchased online or in health, wellness and vaping retail outlets across South Carolina and North Carolina. There are also a scattering of retail stores selling Palmetto Harmony products in West Virginia and Georgia.

Our Picks: Palmetto Harmony Products

The Palmetto Harmony product line encompasses a wide range of third-party lab tested products that suit the needs of many users. These include organic hemp oils, topicals, vaping products, capsules, and even products for pets.

Organic Hemp Oils

The Palmetto Harmony brand sells two organic hemp oils at present time. One is a 30ml product and the other is a 100ml product. Both are made from organic whole plant extracts with a broad profile of terpenes and the other natural compounds which occur in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.

The oil is mixed with pharmaceutical grade MCT oil and can be taken sublingually or added to food.



The Palmetto Harmony range includes four different topical products designed to serve different needs.

Their full spectrum transdermal patches are made in conjunction with Manna, delivering 30mg of CBD via a cutting-edge delivery method without harmful chemicals of any kind.

Made to be used as required, they are directly applied to the skin and have an effect lasting for as long as 12 hours.

There are also two creams which contain hemp oil and which are applied to the skin whenever required. The 2oz Cannascence Organic Shea Butter Cream contains organic East Africa Shea butter together with frankincense and organic hemp oil.

Their 2oz Holy Cannascence Organic Shea Butter Cream has added Holy Basil for even more benefits.

The 2oz Psorian Cream is made from organic East African Shea butter, natural herbs and hemp oil. It is applied to the skin directly as and when required and is designed to be beneficial for those suffering from skin problems like psoriasis.

All of this brand’s topicals are 100 percent fragrance-free.


Vaping offers a quick and effective way to deliver CBD. Palmetto Harmony has its own pre-filled rechargeable CBD vape pen with ceramic coils as well as two vape oil products (15ml and 30ml) which can soothe inflammation and calm the mind.

Made by combining organic hemp oil with 100% vegetable glycerin, they contain 10mg of CBD per ml.


Capsules are an especially quick, discreet and convenient way to take CBD oil. Palmetto Harmony sells their capsules in packs of 30 or 60. Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD and is packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as antioxidants.

The range also includes full spectrum CBD oil suppositories which are quickly absorbed and reduce inflammation rapidly. Each suppository contains 10mg of CBD and full spectrum terpenes, coming in packs of 7.


Although all of the products in the Palmetto Harmony range have a dedicated following, their suppositories are especially unusual and are ideal for those looking for anti-inflammatory relief while unable to take CBD oils via an oral route.

This makes them the go-to option of choice for cancer patients who suffer nausea and poor appetite. Their standard hemp oils are also very popular, as are the capsules which represent a discreet and convenient way to take CBD.

Honourable Mentions 


Pet Products

More people are now turning to CBD products to help their pets who suffer from pain or anxiety conditions.

Palmetto Harmony’s range comprises two Palmetto Paws full spectrum CBD oils in 15ml and 30ml sizes, both of which contain no artificial flavorings or additives and which contain 20mg/ml of CBD.

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50 words

Vaping is a process where a liquid is heated and turned into an aerosol that is inhaled. Although it is looked upon as a safer and healthier way to smoke, the verdict is still not completely out.

However, when using a clean vape oil like the one cbdMD provides, your risk of ill health goes way down. They offer 300, 750 and 1,500-mg bottles of vape oil. They cost $29.99, $59.99 and $99.99, and come in vanilla, mint and orange flavors.

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50 words

Vaping is a process where a liquid is heated and turned into an aerosol that is inhaled. Although it is looked upon as a safer and healthier way to smoke, the verdict is still not completely out.

However, when using a clean vape oil like the one cbdMD provides, your risk of ill health goes way down. They offer 300, 750 and 1,500-mg bottles of vape oil. They cost $29.99, $59.99 and $99.99, and come in vanilla, mint and orange flavors.

Palmetto Harmony: The Final Thought

CBD hemp oil is widely believed by its users to have a number of health benefits, and in Harmony’s case, Palmetto Harmony CBD hemp oil has been shown to have had an enormous effect in reducing the number of seizures she experiences and improving her quality of life.

Many other users also report that they have seen a big difference in their own children or in their own wellness after using this product. Since it is a reliable, safe and tested CBD product with no psychoactive effects, Palmetto Harmony could prove to have equally positive health benefits for you.

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