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Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil: Your Guide For 2019


Nano-enhanced hemp oils that are infused with CBD have become very popular among those who would either prefer not to use traditional medicine or for whom prescriptions do not work. CBD is a cannabinoid chemical found in cannabis that offers many of the same appealing effects of THC, such as pain relief, without the psychoactive reaction of also feeling “high.”

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil: Key Highlights

  • CBD/Hemp Oil is legal as long as they don’t have THC – the compound that makes you high. Good CBD Oil will never make you high.
  • Nano-enhanced hemp oils are smaller molecules, making sure that they are absorbed easily and therefore, more effective.
  • Hemp Oil is effective for a number of ailments such as ADHD,  Anxiety,  Arthritis, Autism, Back pain, Bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Nano-enhanced hemp oils can be expensive, look for user reviews before you buy.

What is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil is completely legal in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. While someone who enjoys the high would scoff at the thought of replacing a joint with a few drops of oil that do not produce any buzz, there are plenty of people for whom CBD hemp oil has been a godsend.

Hemp Oil

Traditional CBD hemp oil is made by extracting CBD concentrate from a plant that is some sort of hybrid between a strain of marijuana and hemp. The concentrate is then mixed with other oils and bases, such as olive oil, to formulate a particular potency.

Nano-Enhanced hemp oil takes this process one step further. The CBD compounds are coated with a layer of tiny, microscopic spheres of some form of fat, like vitamin E substrate. This allows the compounds to be delivered in a method called the Nano-liposomal delivery system.

Liposomes, or super tiny fat molecules, have been used for years as a way to improve the delivery of pharmaceuticals into the human system. In the case of hemp oil, traditional CBD hemp oil molecules are much larger than the molecules of nano-enhanced hemp oil.

Therefore, it is much more difficult for traditional hemp oil to be absorbed and broken down by the body.


How Do They Work?

Since the nano-enhanced hemp oil molecules are so small, they can move around and penetrate cells much more easily. It’s like trying to put an apple through a pasta strainer versus a cup of water. Both are made of a mass of physical molecules, but the much smaller water molecules easily separate and find their way through the mesh.

Since compounds that are delivered through a Nano-liposomal delivery system are so much more efficient at getting through to where they can be effective, this means that nano-enhanced hemp oil is many times more bioavailable than traditional CBD hemp oil.

Bioavailability simply means the ease with which your body can take a substance and make use of it. In fact, CBD hemp oil is only absorbed in around 10 percent whereas nano-enhanced hemp oil is almost 100 percent absorbed.

It is absorbed both faster and more completely so users of nano-enhanced hemp oil should theoretically be able to use less of these substances than they do of basic CBD hemp oil that is of the same concentration.

Here are different uses for CBD oil, click to learn more:

Nano-enhanced oils can be expensive

Since CBD hemp oil can be on the pricey side, the thought of being able to use less seems pretty enticing. However, it should come as no surprise that due to the extra science and processing behind nano-enhanced hemp oil, these products are more expensive than their more basic predecessor.

While pricing can vary, there are several good nano-enhanced hemp oils whose price range is not too much higher than the high-end traditional CBD oils.

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil

If you have tried other CBD hemp oil and been dissatisfied then definitely give nano-enhanced hemp oil a try. If, however, you are new to using CBD hemp oil for relief then it would probably be a better idea to start off with a product that is a bit less expensive.

Where to buy nano-enhanced Hemp oil?

“Nano enhanced” has become a bit of a buzzword in the CBD hemp oil industry, so if you are considering a product that uses this technology, it is important to do some research and be sure you are getting a legitimate and trusted hemp oil. These products are all sold as dietary supplements, so they are not vetted by the FDA.

Anyone can put whatever phrasing they want on their packaging in hopes of luring in unsuspecting customers with inferior hemp oil, and they are legally allowed to do so.

There are a few companies that have legitimate nano-enhanced hemp oils with positive reviews.

Prime My Body is a company that not only makes a reputable nano-enhanced hemp oil, but they also incorporate this product as part of an overall healthier lifestyle with guidance, rewards programs, and even partner programs for those who want to be more fully involved with the community.

Hemplucid is another highly recommended brand of hemp oil. They have several options in their line of CBD hemp oils, including a nano-enhanced version. Hemplucid also makes a traditional slow release CBD oil and even a vape juice for those who like having options on their delivery method.

CBD in Hemp Oil helps with a number of ailments

While nano-enhanced hemp oil is primarily comprised of CBD, which is legal, as well as other legal substances, there can be some concern about whether or not using these oils will cause one to fail a drug screening.

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil: The Final Word

Though these products are completely legal, the trace amount of THC that is found in them as well as other compounds that naturally occur in hemp, do have the potential to result in positive tests. It is therefore recommended that these products are not used if you have any reasonable expectation of an upcoming drug test.

It can take some experimentation to determine what product will work best for you. If you feel that you are not getting the right or any effect from a basic CBD hemp oil, then you might be interested in trying nano-enhanced hemp oil.

Perhaps the problem is that somewhere along the way your body is breaking down the oil more quickly or to a greater extent than other people.

As for the speed of absorption, while this may seem like an intriguing feature, many CBD oil users and makers can testify that the effects of this type of therapy come from regular use over time and not necessarily from a quick hit. Therefore the touted benefits may or may not be worth the added price.