Mary's Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals: A Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Mary’s Medicinals has been given the ‘Best Medical Advancement’ from The Cannabist two years in a row, and many deem it as a life-saving company thanks to its CBD-infused products.

But before moving on to Mary’s Medicinals, here are other CBD brands worth trying:

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Mary’s Medicinals: The Highlights

  • Mary’s Medicinals was founded in 2013 in Colorado
  • The company was awarded the “Best Medical Advancement” award twice, and they have also won the “2014 Invention of the Year” award.
  • They produce a wide variety of products that help people with a different medical issues
  • Mary’s Medicinals uses only the best CBD to manufacture their products
  • The company uses hemp-derived CBD, so their products are not psychoactive

About Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is a company based out of Colorado who sells medical marijuana-based products. They were established in 2013. They quickly gained notoriety because unlike similar stores in the cannabis industry, they focused mostly on selling CBD products that you can put on your body, not on your body.

Products such as:

  • Transdermal gel pens
  • Muscle freeze (a CBD-infused topical)
  • remedy oil
  • transdermal patches

This has led to a surge of popularity and a slew of accolades. In addition to been given the “Best Medical Advancement” award twice by The Cannabist, Mary’s Medicinals have also won:

  • “2014 Invention of the Year” at the prestigious Cannabis Business Awards
  • Best New Product at the High Times Cannabis Cup

Mary’s Medicinals Products

Mary’s Medicinals has a variety of medical cannabis products designed to help people alleviate a slew of medical issues.

Transdermal Gel Pen

According to Mary’s Medicinals, their transdermal gel pen is one of the fastest-acting, accurately-dosed cannabis products available. This gel pen is designed to relieve aches and pain quickly. It is accurately dosed at 2mg per pump with 50 doses per pen.

It is comprised of hemp-derived CBD, several terpenes — limonene, B-pinene, B-Carophyllene, purified water, some natural fragrance, and the PLO gel — a pharmaceutical grade transdermal gel.

You simply apply the gel to the veinous part of your skin. The pain relief allegedly lasts between 4 to 6 hours. The transdermal gel pen is available in 4 cannabinoid profiles: THC-Sativa, THC-Indica, CBN, and CBD.

Price: $50

Transdermal Patch

The transdermal patch is a very popular pain relief method from Mary’s Medicinals. These CBD patches are 2×2 laser cut squares that contain 10mg of CBD which is gradually released over 8-12 hours.

The patches are latex free and made with pharmaceutical grade adhesive ad hypoallergenic foam backer. You apply the patch to the venous area of the skin for best results. The transdermal patch is available in 6 cannabinoid profiles: THC-Sativa, THC-Indica, THCa, CBN, CBD and 1:1 CBD: THC

Price: $12

Remedy Oil

Remedy Oil is a concentrated CBD tincture based on a millennia-old recipe for the “Anointing Oil” referenced in the Bible. The recipe is derived from the sacred anointing oil described in the Old Testament and consists of 500mg of U.S. grown CBD, sweet almond oil, cinnamon oil, and myrrh oil.

According to Mary Medicinals, their remedy oil is one of the most concentrated and pure full-spectrum tinctures on the market. So it allegedly presents little to no psychoactive effect. Mary’s best-selling tincture can potentially provide pain relief from a wide array of ailments, anxiety and inflammation-related issues.

It is meant for proactive daily cannabinoid therapy. To use this, you place one single drop under the tongue in which will give you a 2mg dose. Remedy Oil is now available through medical and recreational dispensaries in Colorado.

Price: $110

Pax Pod

Mary’s Medicinals partnered up with the company, PAX, to provide their cannabis oil through a vape pen. According to Mary’s Medicinals, Pax Pod is 100% natural, PG and pesticide-free. Pods are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

This product contains:

  • THC Blend
  • 3:1 CBD: THC Blend
  • 1:1 CBN: CBD Blend distillates for PAX™ Era Pods

This product supposedly features heat control technology to ensure superior flavor and a great vaping experience

Price: $35

Remedy Oil 1:1

According to Mary’s Medicinals, Remedy Oil creates the sought-after “entourage effect”. Remedy Oil 1:1 provides you with 100mg CBD: 100mg THC tincture.

This product was developed in collaboration with Coltyn Turner, the first pediatric medical marijuana patient for Crohn’s disease. This remedy oil utilizes a unique terpene blend that potentially can improve digestion and lessen inflammation. It comes with a graduated dropper to allow for accurate dosing that you place under your tongue.

Side Note: The 300mg CBD: 300mg THC version of Remedy Oil 1:1 is available in medical dispensaries in Colorado and other states.

Price: $110

Transdermal Compound

The transdermal compound features a 100mg blend of THC and CBD.

According to Mary, it offers fast-acting, localized pain relief. It has the potential to offer relief to those suffering from:

This product utilizes similar transdermal properties as patches and pens, allowing the compound to go deeper beneath the skin than other traditional topicals. Pain relief can last up to 3 hours per dose.

Price: $50

Muscle Freeze

Mary's Medicinals

Muscle Free is a CBD-infused topical that provides a quick soothing, cooling effect. It combines CBD and natural plant extracts and provides users with a similar effect to Icy-Hot.

Most users use this to ease muscle soreness. It provides the user with a roll-on dispenser to apply to their skin. Muscle Free has the potential to offer pain relief and reduce inflammation up to 4 hours per dose.

Price: $70

Distillate Vape Kit

This product from Mary’s Medicinals utilizes distillation to produce 100% natural, PG and pesticide free oil for its vape kit. This product comes with a 500mg Pyrex glass cartridges that contain only cannabinoids and terpenes (no fillers, additives, cutting agents, etc.)

The distillate vape kit includes an adjustable voltage battery that displays battery life and draw time. The kit utilizes a vertical ceramic coil for superior flavor.

It is available in:

  • THC-Blend – Natural, refreshing flavor that offers a relaxing experience and can allow for one to continue their day feeling at ease
  • 3:1 CBD: THC – Earthy flavor with a fresh aromatic scent that offers relaxing relief without the intense high often associated with a straight THC vape
  • 1:1 CBN: CBD – Floral berry with a hint of citrus flavor and aroma that offers a relaxing, soothing effect; known for its sedative properties

Price: $90


These capsules are 100% plant-based, vegan, and non-GMO. It provides user 5mg per capsule. They are a great alternative for those who don’t want to use transdermal applications.

Enteric coating protects the contents of the capsules, ensuring high bioavailability while preventing unwanted stomach acid breakdown. The capsules can be used to support daily proactive cannabinoid therapy.

Available in:

  • CBN – these capsules reportedly mitigate anxiety and reduce inflammation
  • CBD – these capsules reportedly help ease sleep-related issues

Prices: $95

Is Mary’s Medicinals Safe?

Mary’s Medicinals has been seen as a viable alternative to relieve pain. But is it safe? It appears so.

As of now, there haven’t been any reports of any dangerous, abnormal side effects from using any of CBD products from Mary’s Medicinals. Also, Mary Medicinals are gaining partnerships with healthcare facilities nationwide.

A 2017 report stated that they partnered with Liberty Health Sciences, Inc. to produce and distribute their cannabis products to Florida patients. I can see further expansion as more states allow medical use of marijuana.

Mary’s Medicinals Review

Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals

Mary's Medicinals

As you can see, Mary’s Medicinals have received mostly rave reviews. Most reviews (including the ones not screenshotted) have given them either 4 or 5 stars. So it seems like their products are doing what it’s intended to do, depending on what the user gets.

How to Purchase Mary’s Medicinals

The company’s full range of products can be purchased in Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Mary’s Medicinals main website suggests that you call ahead to confirm that a specific product is available before you buy.

Also, you can use Get Nugg to see if any local dispensaries can deliver the product.

Final Word

Since medical marijuana has started to become legalized nationwide for the past few years, Mary’s Medicinals took advantage by offering quality cannabis products for the masses.

More and more people are looking for a natural, alternative treatment to deal with pain and other health issues. Judging from the reviews, it seems like Mary’s Medicinals is doing a good job of providing them that alternative.

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