Lord Jones

Lord Jones: CBD Oil Goes High Class

Gone are the days where marijuana products were only found among teens in their parent’s garages. With these changes came a need for higher quality and Lord Jones rose to the occasion and came rushing onto the scene, providing a wide array of products that should suit just about any consumer.

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Lord Jones: The Highlights

  • Lord Jones offers a wide variety of high-quality products, from CBD oil to edibles and apparel
  • The company is backed by high profile celebrities, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Mandy Moore, or Kelly Oxford
  • Lord Jones acquired a lot of positive reviews since its foundation
  • Unfortunately, all the company’s stores are based in California. However, everyone older than 21 can buy their products online
  • With high-end backers and solid products, we expect to hear more about Lord Jones in the future

About Lord Jones

Lord Jones boasts of the finest CBD infused confections in the world. While Lord Jones is not limited to being medical marijuana in nature the manufacturer does use high-quality pain and wellness formulas to develop lotions for pain relief. They are developed by a highly experienced and seasoned team and provides whole-plant medicine.

Lord Jones has not been developed to get the user high. It utilizes the non-psychotropic elements of the cannabis plant. THC is the element that results in the user getting high. At this point in manufacturing Lord Jones is not incorporating this ingredient.

How Lord Jones Came To Be

What began with a desire to provide high-quality THC and CBD products on the West Coast by fashion VP Cindy Capobianco in the early 2000s has become a multi-billion dollar company that is trending to make $57 billion dollars by 2020. This is a huge accomplishment in the cannabis industry. Growth like this is a reflection of the quality of both the product and the dependability.

After moving from the East Coast to the West Coast one would believe that a quality CBD dispensary would be a fairly easy thing to find. After having a bad experience at a location in California Capobianco was determined that no one else should have to experience a similar situation. Effectiveness and safety are both a high priority in the manufacturing of her products.

Celebrities Who Use Lord Jones

Whoopi Goldberg understands the benefits of medical marijuana. Her glaucoma and stress have been known to be relieved through the use of a vape pen. Mandy Moore is experiencing CBD’s topical benefits by applying Lord Jones to her feet prior to a high-heel red carpet walk. Sarah Paulson has joined Mandy with this handy sore foot cure. Kelly Oxford, author, and screenwriter has expressed that she regularly uses many of the Lord Jones products.

Lord Jones Products

Now that you are convinced of your need for Lord Jones’ products what version is right for you? There are four primary categories of the types of products available including tinctures, skincare, confection, and apparel. Each product has a unique use and provides varying amounts of CBD per serving.


Provided in two amazing flavors and natural, lemon and peppermint, this version of Lord Jones is one you will want to try. At a reasonable price of only $60 this bottle or product contains 25 drops of the tincture. At 10mg of CBD oil per drop, the entire bottle contains 250mg of CBD. The oil is naturally rich in the essential fatty acid Omega-3 is good for heart health, blood pressure, and preventing and reducing inflammation.

Tinctures are convenient because they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be added to teas and drinks to provide a delicious way to ingest them. The peppermint will spice up your hot chocolate and the lemon can be added to your favorite summer drink.

It is important to note that Lord Jones Is vegan, gluten-free, alcohol-free, and sugar-free. This makes is especially consumer friendly. It is manufactured without any artificial colors or flavors. These are important factors to consider when you are consuming or ingesting a product. The tinctures should always be stored at room temperature.


Lord Jones lotions, arguably the most popular product, boasts its signature fragrance, but also provides a fragrance-free option for consumers that prefer that. The signature fragrance has a hint of sage, mint, and green citrus. This combination provides a fresh and earthy scent for users. The lotions come in 1.7oz bottles that contain 100mg of the active ingredient, CBD. A pump of the lotion administers 1ml of the product at 2mg of CBD each.

This lotion is not just for pain relief, it provides soothing and moisturizing benefits, alike. However, this hemp derived formula is extra strength to provide quick penetration and relief of pain in many areas and skin conditions. Additionally, Lord Jones formulated this lotion to provide a cooling sensation upon contact. At $50 a bottle, this hemp lotion is a great deal and one you won’t want to miss.


Lord Jones

Lord Jones confections include edibles such as gummies and dark chocolate. CBD edibles are growing in popularity and Lord Jones is answering the call. Why are edibles so popular? They provide a quick, easy, delicious, and inconspicuous way to receive your desired dose of CBD. As of now, there are three primary confections; Lord Jones High CBD All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops, the Limited Edition High CBD Gumdrops, and the High CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews.

The All Natural Old Fashioned Gumdrops are a classic cannabis edible that will remind you of your favorite childhood candy. At $45 they come in a box of 9 gumdrops containing 20mg of CBD per drop. These delicious drops are also gluten-free and handmade. Most surprisingly they contain only five ingredients! Common illnesses treated with these drops are mood, menstrual cramps, and migraines.

The Limited Edition Gumdrops are slightly more at $65 per box. The box comes with 9 gumdrops at 20mg per drop and is flavored with wild blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Anxiety and inflammation are just two common issues known to be treated with these gumdrops.

The Dark Chocolate Espresso chews come in a box of 5 chews that have been handmade and crafted with care. They provide 20mg of CBD per dose and are made from Ecuadorian dark chocolate. At $30 a box, they are a delicious steel. These chocolates stick to the Lord Jones tradition of using no artificial colors and providing a gluten-free product.


Ranging between $40 and $50 Lord Jones provides super soft, stylish, and affordable shirts. These shirts make it possible to represent your favorite cannabis brand. There are currently 12 shirts available; 6 women’s, 4 men’s and 2 unisex. This shirt of 50% cotton and 50% modal blend will quickly become your favorite.

Lord Jones Review

We can go on about the benefits and overall quality of Lord Jones hemp, but isn’t it better to hear from those who have experienced the impeccable benefits for themselves?

Lord Jones

This may be the best product review yet. “It smells delish too.” On the surface, this may not seem to be a big deal. But if you have ever applied cannabis-infused lotion for a skin condition you know that smell matters. Even more than that, if you have ever lived with chronic stomach pain and inflammation then you know the miracle it is to gain relief of any kind. IBD is generally a condition with little to no treatment. Lord Jones provides relief through its organically grown pure CBD products.

Lord Jones

Within minutes! Almost too good to be true. This consumer had sore muscles from an injury and nearly immediately after applying Lord Jones lotion they experienced relief from their pain. That’s right, the lotions are not just for skin conditions.

Lord Jones

Chronic pain throughout the body is simply no way to live. Yet many people live this way daily. This Lord Jones consumer has experienced true relief through these CBD infused topicals. They were able to go from watching life pass them by and not getting to truly take part in jumping into the driver’s seat of their lives.

Lord Jones

Another pain filled Lord Jones consumer that was able to say goodbye to their chronic pain for good. From simply wanting to provide a high quality and trusted cannabis product to becoming a hero to many sufferers, Lord Jones continues to surprise the industry.

How To Purchase Lord Jones

Unfortunately, if you want to purchase Lord Jones in person you can only do so in California. However, so long as you are 21 or over you may purchase Lord Jones through the company website. Simply open the site, select the product size and quantity you desire, and have it shipped to your door. Do not trust other sources of Lord Jones.

Lord Jones: The Final Word

After reading the grand tells of help and relief from this hemp product one has to ask if it is too good to be true. Lord Jones continues to prove over and over that it should be just about anyone’s primary choice for chronic or persistent pain.

After speaking with your healthcare provider it could entirely be worth your time to invest in this product.

Lord Jones does not claim to bring ultimate healing, but if you have struggled for years to simply control your pain or mood symptoms it certainly has an impressive track record of doing just that.

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