Lazarus naturals

Lazarus Naturals: Brand and Product Review

Lazarus naturals is a company that is providing benefits at an affordable price without compromising all-natural products.

Lazarus Naturals: The Highlights:

  • Lazarus Naturals is a 100 percent employee-owned business who focuses on quality above all else.
  • Lazarus Naturals focus their products on quality, not quantity as their concentrations lie within offering a few products to users.
  • Due to using top-shelf ingredients, Lazarus naturals products provide an array of health benefits such as reducing chronic pain, anxiety, and many others.
  • Lazarus naturals products are free of heavy metals and undergo lab tests to make sure they produce premium quality hemp extract
  • Unlike many other cannabis oil companies, Lazarus naturals are showing they are a high-quality company by offering 40 percent off their products for veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income households.

About Lazarus Naturals

Hemp oil, cannabis, medical marijuana usage, and many similar other ingredients used to be something that was discussed and used in secrecy. Not anymore.

From capsules, topicals, and products precisely packed in a nice serving size dose bottle, hemp oil, and related products are exploding in popularity.

However, while making profits on your cannabis oil products are a necessity for survival, there is more to it. And Lazarus Naturals completely understands this as evident by their core company philosophy.

Lazarus Naturals is an American owned CBD brand that consists of a small team of cannabis industry experts, farm managers, and researchers dedicated to executing an extraction process that distills the highest quality ingredients and products.

Lazarus naturals source all of their organic hemp material from legal (and transparent) industrial hemp farms on U.S. soil. As mentioned earlier with the third-party testing, they offer laboratory verifications that their products come from quality strains that have been genetically bred for CBD richness

CBD Oil in green letters

Another noteworthy thing about their various cannabis oil products is the potency that they bring to the table per serving size. The average cannabis oil company doesn’t offer more than about 25 mg of CBD per serving/dose.

However, the dose of products for Lazarus naturals is a mind-blowing 60 mg tincture dose per serving size.

Lazarus products come in the form of a tincture, capsules, coconut oil, pet products, and topicals which are all vegan gluten-free products.

With so many people in chronic pain, suffering from anxiety, or just needing to mellow out, there weren’t many options for cannabis at high doses without the THC. Lazarus smartly focused on extract at high doses without THC to stand out in a highly competitive market.

This is in large part feasible due to Lazarus Naturals using Kosher alcohol as the extract medium rather than expensive CO2-based machinery, Lazarus naturals are able to provide massive benefits to consumers by being able to offer highly affordable prices.

Assistance Programs

Using hemp seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil infused with CBD, high potency tincture, or any other type of oil and product means very little if the people who need it most can’t afford the dose of hemp.

To help people with potential anxiety, for example, Lazarus naturals developed an assistance program for those in need.

While some are eligible for 40 percent off of their products, there is also the potential for a 60 percent discount to veterans, individuals on long-term disability or someone from a low-income household.

Lazarus Naturals Products

lazarus naturals products

While Lazarus doesn’t possess the most products in the industry, they do contain a high array of products ranging from coconut oil, potent tincture, pet products, capsules, massage oil, and balms free of THC (or trace amounts of THC).

Standard CBD Tincture

This tincture will have prices ranging from $12-70 depending on the size of choosing.  The options include a 225mg, 900mg, or 1800mg bottle that is full spectrum and comes with a graduated dropper for precision usage.

The ingredients include organic hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, and hemp extract. Lastly, it contains 15mg of CBD per 1ml (0.5mg per drop).

High Potency CBD Tincture

Bottle of Lazarus naturals cbd oil

If the standard isn’t enough, then you’ll have the option for a higher dose at 50mg of CBD that comes with varied flavor to suit your taste buds. Prices range between $32-200 in a 750, 3000, or 6000mg bottle.

Some of the flavors to suit your taste include chocolate mint, french vanilla, blood orange, tropical breeze, wintermint, or even flavorless. This 50mg of CBD product contains no THC.

Ingredients include fractionated coconut oil and CBD isolate. This comes in a 750 or 3000mg bottle. This also comes with a graduated dropper to ensure the accuracy of servings.

CBD Capsules

Bottle of Lazarus naturals

For this who are a fan of capsules, you’ll have the option of 10 (prices range from $6-100), 25mg (prices range from $15-200), or 50mg (prices range from $25-$360) capsules. They’re all made with full spectrum hemp extract and may take up to 2 hours for effects to kick in.

Energy Formula Capsules

Available in a 10 or 40 count, these capsules are gluten-free and contain caffeine. Prices are $15 or $50 dollars depending on the bottle of choosing.

Relaxation Formula Capsules

Just like the energy formula capsules, these capsules are priced at $15 or $40 depending on the choice of either 10 or 40 count bottle. However, the relaxation formula contains no caffeine.

Cycling Frog Capsules

These capsules are either 100mg or 200mg. The 100mg are priced at $30 or $100 depending on the choice. And the 200mg only comes with one choice and is priced at $50 for those who want higher potency.

CBD Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is already a daily staple among many people’s lives. Those who want CBD infused with it can choose a 1oz or a 4oz jar that contains 50mg of full spectrum hemp extract per teaspoon.

CBD Pet Tincture

Bottle of Lazarus naturals pet cbd oil

Made with full spectrum hemp extract and containing 15mg of CBD per serving, this is a great option to help your pets who may be in need to help alleviate any sort of minor ailment.

This also comes with a graduated dropper to ensure the accuracy of servings. Prices range from $12-38 dollars depending on the choice of a 225mg or 900mg bottle.


This is known as Rick Simpson Oil, which is a great option for those who want the ability to easily control their serving sizes. This is also great for mixing with food or making your own edibles.

You have the option of a 10ml or 50ml package and prices are either $40 or $180.

CBD Massage Oil

This is for topical use only and contains 50mg of CBD per 1tbsp. You should consult your doctor before use if you have been advised against eating grapefruit.

The choice of either 1600mg, 800mg, or 200mg is available with prices ranging from $12-$70.

CBD Balm

CBD Balm

For those who prefer something a little more mobile, the CBD balm is a great option. Flavors are lavender, soothing mint, and cedar citrus. Each 1/2 teaspoon contains 50mg of CBD (for topical use only) and prices range from $15-$50 depending on selection.

The selection includes choosing between 1,200 or 300mg of CBD.

Using A Lazarus Naturals Discount

As mentioned earlier, Lazarus is unprecedented in their approach with CBD products as they help veterans, long-term disabled individuals and low-income households.

The process is fairly straight forward to get the 60 percent assistance using a naturals coupon.

An individual with a long-term disability must provide either a certification from a physician or a disability income acceptance letter as proof of disability to receive 60 percent off full-price retail orders.

A U.S. military veteran must provide a scan or photo of their DD-214, State issued ID with Veteran endorsement or VA card to receive the 60 percent off full-price retail orders.

However, it needs to be noted that the discount is only for the specific veteran. Also, Lazarus doesn’t offer discounts for family members of veterans.

And concerning low-income household members, they would start by sending Lazarus a copy of their tax return for the previous year.

To qualify, their yearly taxes must state that their income is below the federal poverty level. Other forms of proof of income can be accepted on a case by case basis.

Lazarus Naturals: The Final Word

With great customer service responses and products that can be water soluble, Lazarus is well on their way to furthering their impact in the CBD industry.

With high potent products and a wide assortment of products that are effective, Lazarus is definitely worth a try.