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Ingite CBD: The Brand And Its Products

Ignite CBD co-founder Dan Bilzerian is helping this brand to quickly make a name for itself inside the cannabis industry with flair and style.

Ignite CBD’s co-founder Bilzerian rubs some people the wrong way, and if you’re one of those, there are other CBD brands to try. CBD Oil Blog recommends CBD gummies from Not Pot and Sunday Scaries and CBD softgels from Niva CBD.

Ignite CBD: About & Story

Ignite CBD is a company that is rapidly rising within the cannabis industry and CBD marketplace. CBD oil products, hemp oil, and other products are still in the infancy stage as far as popularity and awareness. Marijuana was initially thought for only slackers and lazy people.

Then the medical marijuana industry rose up and now, the awareness has finally arrived where people realized that these products are beyond recreational use. The awareness is seemingly ten-fold with the recognition of CBD oil. Whether it’s anxietypain relief or general chronic pain—there’s been continuous evidence mounting of the benefits of these products.

Recognizing the need to deliver quality to those with anxiety and chronic pain, Ignite Cannabis was formed. Ignite is available in dispensaries across California and they also have hemp-derived CBD products available online nationally.

Ignite offers both THC products and hemp-derived CBD products both of which are extract at the highest levels. This key because the levels of THC are what determines how “high” you’ll get.

There’s a lot of people who want to address their anxiety and chronic pain but without the high from THC. This is where Ignite capitalized as they start listening to what the marketplace wanted.

The Ignite team consist of a collective of individuals who are extremely knowledgable in this industry. And not to mention, they have a co-founder who has also dramatically helped the ascension.


Nicknamed the “King of Instagram” and possessing a natural blend and flair concerning marketing, overall business, and lifestyle—Dan Bilzerian is helping lead the charge in terms of delivering high-quality hemp extract CBD products (and THC related ones).

Bilzerian is also a professional poker player who has a taste for the finest things in life which is reflected in the Ignite CBD marketing and actual products being of high-quality industrial hemp.

Ignite CBD: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

Ignite launched in style as they introduced 40 products. This introduction of products was beneficial as it contained a plethora of high dose treat cure options for those with anxiety, pain, or looking for a healthy lifestyle.

With that said, here are a handful of these products coming from a hemp plant.

  • Dan Bilzerian is the co-founder and chairman of Ignite CBD who garnered attention initially for being nicknamed “The King of Instagram” along with being highly skilled in marketing.
  • Ignite CBD is moving hastily but with high-quality ingredients and products as evidenced by the launch of 40 Ignite products.
  • Ignite’s CBD vape pen range was the winner of the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup award in 2018 for best CBD vape pen.
  • By selectively hiring and partnering with the most experienced growers, cultivators, and manufacturers, Ignite has been able to deliver products that are effective, safe, and consistent in dosage quality which has led to a quick rise within the cannabis industry.
  • Early reviews for Ignite CBD have been stellar across the board with rave reviews from not only the CBD oil products and flavor but also the details such as bottle packaging and distribution.

With so many CBD brands in existence and many more on the way, it can be hard to decipher which one to choose. With that said, here are the claims Ignite CBD makes that could sway a users decision.


One of the things that many people use CBD is to be relieved of pain. Ignite CBD claims to be fast acting in both relieving pain, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping.

Many reviews clamored about the quality and quick effect of the products. Some people have stated in as little as 20 minutes were effects starting to be induced.


For example, each Ignite CBD vape pen contains a total of 0.5 grams (500mg) of pure CBD oil which equates to the average person getting 20 days worth of usage from one pen provided you use around 25mg of CBD per day.

Even if in severe pain and you double dosage, that’s around 10 days per pen and around $100 dollars for a monthly total.


Our Picks: Ignite CBD Products

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As mentioned earlier, Ignite was a winner of the 2018 cannabis cup for best vape pen. As with most of the vape pen options, the blood orange contains fractionated coconut oil, stevia, natural flavoring, and hemp-derived CBD oil.

This pen is 250 mg in its dosage with 1-2 mg in each 3-second puff. This is perfect for those who are looking for the health benefits of relieving stress. This blood orange vape pen is priced at $44.99.


Priced at $44.99 and giving off an apple-berry fusion taste is a favorite of users as evident by some of the reviews. This organic CBD isolate vape pen product contains no pesticides and free of heavy metals along with a natural high CBD count of 250mg makes this an excellent option for anxiety relief without THC content from the marijuana plant.


Priced at $44.99 with a spearmint flavor and possessing the same qualities as the other vape pens equate to this being a viable option depending on your preference of flavor.


One of the more popular ones is also priced at $44.99 and has more reviews that clamor about its taste and flavor makes this one a viable option. If you’re a fan of lavender along with looking for a natural way to help improve sleep, then choosing the Ignite CBD lavender vape pen is one to choose.


While the previous pens discussed were to relax, calm, and even help with sleep—this recharge pen priced at $44.99 is designed to provide a nice and clean energy boost with no negative after effects.


Containing the same composition as the blood orange drops and priced at $64.99, the biggest difference here is the infusion of a tropical fruit flavoring. Reviews are positive with many of these clamoring the fast-acting benefits taking effect.


Also priced at $64.99, these drops are infused with a lavender essential oil providing for a more soothing experience.


From athletes to people dealing with general anxiety, these tinctures are popular among a wide spectrum of people. If you’re more of a neutral person who prefers to forgo a flavor, this option priced at $64.99 is your ideal choice.


Some have described it as the next generation of vape design, this kit comes with Ignite CBD’s signature pen, charger, and a flavor pod of your choice. Priced at $56.99, you have the option of choosing blood orange or tropical fruit.



Priced at $39.99 and designed for vape enthusiasts as well as beginners, this pen works by having a disposable liquid CBD pod placed inside the vaporizer. Included are the pen and charger.

CBD Toothpicks

One of Ignite CBD’s latest products is CBD toothpicks. The toothpicks have CBD that is released into the gums and sublingual cavity. The company claims this allows for faster absorption into the bloodstream.

There are six flavors to choose from with each package containing 10 picks and 250 mg of CBD. Each individual toothpick has 25 mg of CBD.

The wood used to make the toothpicks is North American Birchwood.

One package will set you back $29.99

Honourable Mentions 



Priced at $44.99 and containing medium-chain Triglycerides is a favorite among those who are a fan of tangerines.


This particular vape pen contains the most reviews out of all of them with some of the reviews clamoring this is the best vape pen ever used. This pen is also priced at $44.99 like the others. The main difference comes down to flavor preference as they all will be natural and provide health benefits in addressing anxiety and pain.


Priced at $64.99, this CBD Oil blended with a natural Blood Orange flavor which includes fractionated coconut oil provides an herbal lift to the spirits along with the typical medicinal benefits. These CBD drops can be used orally as well as topically applied on the skin.

The composition of these CBD drops includes being comprised of a 30ml bottle containing 1000mg of CBD with 33mg broken down per serving.

Ignite CBD: The Final Thought

Ignite CBD presents a myriad of options and flavoring to choose from for those who prefer to have variety in their vape use. While the brand is new, it’s co-founder’s Instagram fame could be an asset as this brand grows.

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