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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? What The Science Says


CBD oil is the most widely used CBD-based product that is available in the market. And, understanding how long does CBD stay in your system can ensure your safety.

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How Long Does CBD Stay In You System: The Highlights

  • CBD or Cannabidiol has become quite a popular alternative remedy for a variety of issues like anxiety and pain.
  • Experts believe that CBD can stay in your system anywhere from 3-4 days.
  • No difference has been found in this case between men and women as it takes the same amount of time for both the sexes.
  • CBD oil is commonly mixed with other natural ingredients such as essential oils to help make it even more useful.
  • How long CBD stays in your system also depends on the amount of CBD you have consumed, how you have consumed it, and what your age and weight are.

What is CBD: An Overview

CBD is a cannabis compound that is mostly extracted from hemp-based sources and comes from the same species of cannabis where marijuana belongs. Amazingly, it does not have psychoactive effects that are normally present when marijuana is used.

That is why it is legal in some countries around the world and most states in the USA.

For this reason, patients find it suitable because it does the job naturally as you do not feel high after its use. There are various forms in which CBD is available for human use like balms and creams, but the most popular is CBD oil.

In fact, in such form, it can also be used as an alternative treatment for fungal ear infections. Despite its many claimed benefits, a lot of people worry about how long it may take for the substance to leave their system. That information can come in very handy for them to be mindful of the frequency of their intake.

Likewise, some also want to learn that since it may have an effect on their drug test results. However, one should not really worry about testing positive for CBD as most tests are actually looking for THC.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System: A Detailed Look

Although a lot of research on CBD is relatively recent, there is no definitive answer as to how long it last in the system. In general, it usually takes about five to thirty minutes for the product to begin working after you have consumed it and then its effects may last for about four hours.

Many people assume that after the oil’s effects have worn off, the substance is out of their system. This is not true as after this period, its quantity in your system reduces to the point that it shows no effects.

However, it may still take some time for the body to expel it from your system completely.

A Study that Supports CBD Clearance Time

Many experts suggest that it can take three to four days for CBD to be entirely out of your system. In one study, the data obtained estimated that the half-life of CBD is two to five days.

Several patients were given 700 mg every day for six days and then no dose for a whole week. When they were tested, CBD had almost cleared out of their systems.

Nonetheless, it may even take longer than the estimated time obtained since it is assumed that the amounts present are so scarce that they will go undiscovered.

In any case, it should not take longer than a week to come to the point of not getting a trace of it in your blood sample.

Why is THC Present in Some CBD Products: A Quick Look

Those who are cannabis enthusiasts and believe in its free use for medicinal purposes would already know that CBD is not even on the list of drugs people are tested for when they are applying for jobs.

They only check for the kind of drugs that can affect your performance or judgment.

Since CBD has no psychoactive effects, it is not considered a hazardous substance and you might get away with it even if it shows up in your drug test.

However, in some cases, since CBD is extracted from cannabis strains, you can expect tiny amounts of THC and some brands do not filter it anymore.

These amounts are very low but might be traceable in a test. That is especially true if the CBD oil is concentrated causing THC to be concentrated too.

Fortunately, it would only be detectable if you take large amounts of such products e.g. 1000 mg. It is highly unlikely that someone would be consuming this much of CBD oil, so the presence of THC in such minute amounts should not worry you.

If you are wondering how long THC from CBD stays in the system, the amount that would be present would be so small that it will leave rather quickly. If THC in marijuana can take weeks to be expelled from your system, THC from CBD is expected to be removed within one or two days.

Bottom Line

CBD products are said to help people with conditions like arthritis, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain because the compound has soothing and relieving effects.

Even though it comes from the same family as marijuana, it does not have the dreaded psychoactive results, which makes it more ideal for medicinal use in everyday life than MJ.

CBD works in your body for a couple of hours, but it can take up to a week to fully leave your system. Although research had given an estimated clearance time, such might be different for each one.

That is because there are a number of things wherein the duration depends on such as age, usage, and dosage.

Same applies to CBD oil products that have traces of THC. Nonetheless, even if there are traces of CBD in your system, you should not worry about taking a drug test as this substance is not considered problematic.

Likewise, the minimal amount of THC which may be present will also not cause you any hassles.

However, this should remind you that you should only take the oil as recommended to prevent overdosing yourself which can lead to a point that it will no longer work.

And if you’re wondering what CBD brands to try, Farma Health recommends the following brands and products:

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