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Honey Vape: The Brand And Its Products

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With an abundance of CBD options in the market, cbdMD is trying to stand out by providing what they claim to be CBD products of the highest quality.

Honey Vape: About & Story

Honey Vape is a California medical cannabis company that markets superior quality, smooth tasting, lab-tested, pure marijuana oil. In 2013, Honey Vape succeeded in becoming the first company to globally produce distilled, full spectrum, medical cannabis oil contained within vape cartridges.

This gave millions of people access to healthier, nicotine-free, smokable products that have many health benefits and relieves various body and mental ailments.

Their concentrated cannabis oil contains no solvents such as BHO Butane or additive liquid, such as coconut oil or essential oil. Also, their oils contain over 75 percent THC content with a 1.36 percent CBD concentration.

Additionally, their full spectrum CO2 extraction process allows all of the terpenes and other phytocannabinoids to remain in the oil, giving people the full, wholesome benefits of the cannabis plant.

The potent THC strength makes Honey Vape cannabis oil great for medicinal use, treating chronic pain and various inflammatory conditions.

Their vape products include many different THC and CBD oils with a wide variety of natural flavor and rich-tasting flavors as well as traditional Honey pens and disposable pens. All of these are available in dispensaries throughout California.

Honey prides themselves in manufacturing not only quality cannabis oil but also high-caliber design and packaging.

Their “elegant design [and] sleek packaging” makes a big statement about their dedication in seeking to deliver the best cannabis products.

It is well to note that although they have succeeded as a larger cannabis company, their products have nonetheless not been approved by the food and drug administration.


Honey Vape: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

It is quite evident that Honey Vape is a great choice for many who are looking for high-caliber cannabis oil who suffer from chronic pain, various inflammation conditions, and mental disorders.

Honey Vape oils can also be a great choice for people who simply enjoy a strong high.

Due to Honey Vape’s great variety of choice in their many different cannabis oil strains and flavors, there is likely an oil for everyone who wants a superior cannabis product with a great THC punch.

The Benefits Of Using Vet CBD  

Using CBD for medicinal purposes is not reserved solely for human purposes. Pets can benefit from the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant as well. Vet CBD has developed an exceptional product that has been specifically formulated to work with a pet’s ECS to bring about many health benefits. 


Neurological disorders occur in humans and animal alike. Luckily the Endocannabinoid System exists in animals as well making it possible for CBD products to bring relief from and protect against neurological conditions. Dogs can suffer from many neurological diseases and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Vestibular disease. 


Unfortunately, pets can develop cancer the same as humans and the symptoms associated with the disease are just as hard to live with. 

It is important for the owner to advocate on behalf of their pet who cannot speak for themselves and this is often done through pain and symptom-relieving interventions. CBD works to prevent and reduce cancer-related symptoms as well as cancer treatment-related side effects. 


Animals are not immune to the distress of epilepsy and seizures. A clinical trial conducted by the James L. Voss Teaching Veterinary Hospital found that dogs treated for epilepsy with CBD have an 89% reduction seizures. This is a groundbreaking discovery that brings new hope to owners of epileptic seizure-prone pets. 


There may not be anything more likely to produce feelings of helplessness than watching a pet in pain. This is common in pets with arthritis or degenerative joint diseases as a result of old age. CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory herbal remedy and can bring relief of a host of pain conditions in pets. 


Humans aren’t the only mammals that have issues with sleep at times. When a pet is unable to sleep the entire household is affected. CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System in the brain to trigger the production of sleep-inducing serotonin. 


Animals can experience a host of skin conditions, especially those who spend many hours outside exposed to sun and other harsh elements. Many skin conditions are associated with dryness or inflammation. CBD is high in Omega-3 fats making is great in lubricating the skin and reducing inflammation as in that with acne. 


Animals are prone to anxiety, especially those who have been rescued from bad living situations. CBD is effective in reducing anxiety and does not come with the negative side effects as many pharmaceuticals elicit. Giving a pet Vet CBD prior to a trip or during anxiety-producing events can help the pet process the situation with less anxiety and fear. 


Our Picks: Honey Vape Products

All Honey oil cartridges come in either a half of a gram or a full gram’s worth of pure, high-quality cannabis concentrates. All cartridges are made of elegantly-designed ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

Additionally, all of these oils have a different taste, or flavor, and are extracted from different cannabis strains. Depending on the person, these strains can have different pros and cons.

Below are detailed descriptions of Honey’s many potent and pleasant-tasting kush oil options.

If you live in California and decide to seek out Honey’s exciting variety of cartridge products, you can visit Honey’s Find Us page to find one of their many legal dispensaries nearest you.


This sativa-dominant, blueberry-scented kush oil is great for people who want symptom relief and a nice euphoria without the intense sedation that causes drowsiness and lack of motivation.

You can expect a nice cerebral experience coupled with a gentle body relaxation, all the while enjoying the delightful berry taste and smell.

Blue Dream is good for depression, pain, and nausea.

It is well to note that this kush oil can affect women and men differently.

Many women tend to experience more of the mood-lifting and the cerebral effects while many men find that it makes them feel slightly intoxicated.

Therefore, it is a good idea for new users to vape this oil in the evenings when there are no demands and also to go slow.



This blackberry flavored, Indica-dominant oil is a great product to have by your side during the evening hours when your starting to wind down and crave a deep relaxation.

Blackberry Honey Kush has a very strong body high that will bring on a pleasant euphoria and guide you gently into a restful night’s sleep.

For seasoned Indica consumers who aren’t as sensitive to the strength of Blackberry Kush, this might be a great resource to have during the day to aid in pain reduction and for those high-stress moments.


Honey’s Bubble Gum Kush oil is sweet smelling, bubble gum flavored oil that gives a strong euphoric high. This particular strain of marijuana is, as the Honey website puts it, arguably”

“one of the best-tasting cannabis vape oil of any brand of any brand, anywhere, period.”


This vape oil is a great starter for many because it is a perfectly balanced hybrid that allows for a pleasant high and relief from stress or pain without making one too groggy and sedated.

Bubble This makes bubble gum good for daytime use as well as in the evening. However, if you take too much of this oil, it can cause extreme drowsiness and an intense high so smoking cessation is a must for this one.


Grand Daddy Purple is an Indica-dominant, grape, and berry flavored strain of hash oil that can induce both an inspiring and focused energy that will keep you going throughout the day and also a highly sedative effect that can induce sleep.

Honey’s website claims that Grand Daddy Purple helps people to be more motivated and productive. However, this strand, in general, can make a person feel heavily sedated and high with no invigorating effects mentioned.


One likely cause to this difference in information is because the actual flower bud that is smoked – when smoking a joint – is stronger than if vaping this strain in oil form from a vape pen.

Therefore, Grand Daddy Purple most likely will produce the effects claimed by Honey but could also potentially do the opposite.


This spicey, pine-scented, Sativa-dominant strain of hash oil is a great choice for people who crave a mental pick-me-up.

Although it relaxes the body, it simultaneously uplifts the mood, creating a cerebral elevation that creates a clear-headed and blissful state. Therefore, this is a great strain for creative people because it inspires and encourages creativity.

Jack Herer is a great choice for people who deal with brain disorders such as anxiety or depression.

It’s also a great choice for people who are highly stressed. This is because it helps to elevate mood, thus helping individuals deal with stress in a more positive and productive way.

However, as with any of these oils, too much can cause an extreme sedative effect. If this is what you desire, take it at bedtime.

Honourable Mentions 



GG4, or Gorilla Glue #4, is an extremely potent strain that makes for a euphoric joy ride when taken. This earthy and sour-tasting oil has both strong sedative qualities and mood lifting capabilities.

However, when referring to its general effects, the term “glued to the couch” is no joke.

So, although it definitely creates a happy and blissful high, it can also make for a thoroughly chilled and sleepy evening.

This kush oil is great for those who are seasoned marijuana consumers that can enjoy a strong cannabis hit and still carry on with their daily responsibilities. Due to its strength, it is great for people that suffer from pain and other inflammatory conditions that cause bodily discomfort


Green Crack Kush oil is derived from a 75 percent Indica-dominant strain that has a great tangy and fruity mango taste. This oil has wonderful energizing effects, helping people to focus and feel highly motivated.

This is a great option for people who want an energized high instead of the sedative effect. It is also great for people who struggle with fatigue, stress, and depression. It is also good for pain.

Expect to experience a highly pleasurable mental buzz as you experience that sharp focus you need to help you conquer the world.


This sweet and citrusy kush oil is a great balance in offering both mood lifting and relaxing effects. This strain of oil is great for both mood struggles and physical discomforts of the body.

This strain is also great for creating enhanced awareness while partaking in yoga or meditation.

Honey Vape: The Final Thought

Vet CBD promises to provide their customer’s with high quality, organically grown, all natural CBD tinctures. The customer can give their pet Vet CBD products with confidence knowing the formulation and manufacturing process was overseen by a Veterinarian with their pets best interest in mind. 

When it comes to selecting a CBD company to use for a pet’s CBD needs quality should be a primary factor and with Vet CBD the pet parent can be confident in choosing their products. 

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