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Honest Paws: CBD Treats For Your Pet

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. And everyone who is conscious of this will do everything to take good care of them. Same as the humans, dogs can experience a range of mental and physical conditions and they can feel less great.

So, what are your options when this happens? Can you treat them effectively and naturally?

The benefits of CBD or cannabidiol are known for some time now, and it is really impressive what changes can do CBD to the human’s body. And believe it or not, now there is a way for your dog to get the benefits from this natural treatment also.

About Honest Paws

Honest Paws is a brand that was started by the dog owners themselves. Their main goal was to spread awareness about the possible ways to improve the life quality of your pet. They were hoping to invent a product that can help the pet through their physical and mental ailments.

This brand is committed to delivering CBD solutions for your dog and they have different types of product available, including tinctures, oil and chew treats. Their products are about preventative care and treating issues that are already there.

It is truly painful to see your own dog suffering from a certain condition and losing their energy day by day.

If you don’t like seeing your dog suffering and you are looking for a natural alternative, Honest Paws is the right option for you.

A Hemp-Derived CBD Product

All of the products are made of fully pure and natural CBD oil that provides numerous benefits for the animals, especially dogs, and treats them in a natural way. Every product is with 100 percent full spectrum CBD oil, and that is an amazing source which won’t get your pet high.

Honest Paws conduct a process where carbon dioxide is involved and allows them to extract only CBD from the hemp plant and take with it the flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes that are the most important.

After that, they emulsify the extraction in 100 percent natural MCT oil that is taken from renewable coconut farms.

In this way, the product can be easily absorbed by the pets and gave a greater impact on their digestive system. Stringent lab testing is done in order to give a guarantee of the highest quality for your pets.

CBD and Pet Health: The Research

Pets are having a range of health problems that lower their quality of life, just like us humans. These problems can even affect their mental state.

There are plenty of products available for dogs, but they don’t fully specific work into their sensitive physical state and digestive system.

Honest Paws had created every single product with maximum care. The benefits of the Honest Paws products are many, including conditions like:

  • Anxiety and Nervousness
    • Dogs can be really nervous when being washed, going to the vet or traveling in general.
  • Inflammation and Pain
    • Pain and inflammation can result by other injuries or they can part of getting old.
  • Mobility Issues
    • It is a normal part of aging to see issues with the bones and joints in dogs. CBD can bring some mobility back.
  • Aging and Body Wellness
    • Aging is a natural process, but its effects can be reduced by using CBD oil. It can bring more energy into their older years.
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
    • They can be a result of aging or a side effect of any condition.
  • Skin and Allergy problems
    • Dogs that have sensitive skin and common fur problems can cause irritation or sore spots.

Giving any type of medicine to your pet is the same as treating your child – you want to be sure in the safety of the medicine. Honest Paws’ product guarantees absolute safety.

Honest Paws Products

Honest Paws

Honest Paws has a slew of products available for your furry friend.

CBD Treats

CBD treats not only can help with certain issues that your dog is facing, but the treats are tasting like heaven to your dog. So, here are some of the CBD dog treat products by Honest Paws.

Honest Paws Calming CBD Dog Treat

These treats have a peanut flavor and help the dogs to chill out. You shouldn’t worry anymore whether your dog has fear from car riding, nervous licking or can’t sleep at night.

Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treat

Is your dog in pain and you don’t know what to do? The pain can be caused by cancer, arthritis, joint problems, or inflammation. Some dogs are prone to liver and kidney diseases. Everyone who has a dog knows that it hurts a lot to see your pet in this condition.

The Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treat, you can reduce the pain and provide more comfort for your pet. This treat can’t cure the actual condition (like cancer or some other disease), but it will help them to feel better.

Honest Paws Restore: Coconut Flavored CBD Dog Treat

If your pet is refusing to eat anything new, this treat with peanut butter and coconut will do the opposite. The Honest Paws Restore Coconut Flavored CBD Dog Treat also helps with epilepsy and allergies.


CBD oil can be added to your pet’s food or you can put several drops onto your dog’s tongue for relief. Purity level 1 of the CBD oil can be also used for cats. The dosages depend on the weight of your pet, and there is a reference chart on the Honest Paws official website.

CBD Soft Chews

The CBD Soft Chews contain fatty acids, omega 3, omega 6, gamma linolic acid and tocopherols. They provide calming support for your pet when going through stressful situations or having anxiety.

Some dogs are scared of thunderstorms, and if you give your dog this type of treatment before the storm, it will no longer have anxiety during thunderstorms. It also improves problems with joint health and mobility, pain and inflammation and sore muscles.

CBD Infused Coconut Oil

Numerous studies have shown that coconut oil is a highly effective treatment for dogs that suffer from inflammation, weak immune system, allergies, and aging problems. You can add a spoon or two of coconut oil into your dog’s food. Coconut oil helps a lot in skin treatments.

CBD Infused Peanut Butter

The CBD-Infused Peanut Butter is made with 100 percent pure full spectrum CBD oil and all the ingredients are natural. This butter reduces the stress of flying, anxiety issues and provides a better night’s sleep.


Honest Paws

Honest Paws also offers bundles, which offer a great way to try the multiple products the company offers.

Forever Young

The Forever Young bundle is made of malted barley, peanut butter, eggs, MCT oil, and 100 percent pure CBD oil. It helps your dog by improving arthritis or some other chronic disease that your pet is suffering from helps with chronic allergies and digestion issues and loss of appetite.

High Impact Health

This is another type of 100 percent natural bundle that guarantees to improve conditions like a chronic or degenerative disease, deterioration or loss of mobility and helps pets that suffer in their final months or years of life.

It is made of turmeric, malted barley, peanut butter, 100 percent pure CBD oil and MCT oil.

Relaxation Bundle

This product is made of organic peanut butter, organic eggs, barley flour, 100 percent pure CBD oil and MCT oil. It helps in improving the aggressive behavior of your pet, improving the appetite (if your pet is having a loss in the appetite), relaxation due to surgery, and irritation of the skin.

Honest Paws Reward Program

Honest Paws have a loyalty reward program available for their customers. The program allows for all the members who have already completed the membership enrollment steps according to the terms and conditions, to collect points with every purchase they make.

These points can be later redeemed for reward, benefits or rebated that are offered by the Honest Paws Company.

There are four levels of prizes that you may win. You will start with the bronze tiers reward (for every $1 spent to get 1 point). You need 1000 points in order to unlock the silver reward. At this level, you get 2 points for every $1 spent. 2500 points are needed in order to unlock the golden level.

At this point, you earn 3 points for every $1 spent. The highest prize is the platinum tier. You need 5000 points for unlocking this level. You can also get credit by using your points.

Honest Paws Coupon

If you are buying online from the Honest Paws’ store, you have to be sure that you are getting the best deal. Pick a coupon code from the Hallo coupons. Honest Paws are having continuous deals available, especially if you follow its online newsletter.

You can get great discounts by using the coupons. It is very easy – just search through the coupon codes and see if there is a coupon that can save you big on the item that you want to buy.

Treating Your Furry Friend With Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD products have the ability to help your pet and give some quality of life back in a safe and natural way.

Every pet owner should take care of its furry friend. Thinking every day, whether the pet is in pain or not can be really stressful both for the owner and the pet.

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