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HempMeds: The Brand And Its Products

HempMeds is a company that has a large number of brands that sell a wide array of CBD products. The company is owned by Medical Marijuana, Inc., who was the first publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S.

HempMeds: About & Story

HempMeds is a company that is owned by Medical Marijuana, Inc. Additionally, HempMeds is the parent company of many cannabis brands, including:

  • Dixie Botanicals
  • Cannabis Beauty Defined
  • Cibaderm
  • Cibdex
  • Real Scientific Hemp Oil

So if you’ve been using CBD long enough, chances are you may have come across HempMeds’ products.

The company was established in 2012 and claims to have created the “CBD pipeline” in the United States. In other words, kickstarting the initiative to make CBD and other cannabidiol products available legally throughout the US and other parts of the world.

Their focus was to derive these products from hemp to ensure the legalization process goes smoothly. In addition, HempMeds became one of the first companies to start bringing CBD oil to Brazil and Mexico.


HempMeds: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

  • The company was founded in 2012 and claims to have started the “CBD pipeline” in the United States.
  • HempMeds bills itself as one of the first companies to distribute CBD oil to Mexico and Brazil.
  • HempMeds brands sell products like tinctures, edibles, topicals and more.
  • Aside from individual CBD products, HempMeds sells in wholesale and bulk.
  • HempMeds also has CBD products for pets.

Our Picks: HempMeds Products

HempMeds is mostly known for their CBD hemp oil but they provide other hemp products as well. They sell

  • tinctures
  • edibles
  • spritzers
  • isolates
  • body care products
  • hemp bedding and cat litter
  • concentrates


HempMeds provide quality products that they claim:

  • NO genetically modified ingredients
  • NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers
  • NO dangerous contaminants
  • Rigorous testing for cannabinoid content


Hemp oil tincture is a dietary supplement that combines pure CBD with a carrier oil. The most well-known product HempMeds sell is the hemp oil tincture (or CBD hemp oil).

Each bottle is made of minimally processed full-spectrum CBD hemp oil has 500 mg of CBD and is rich of:

  •  terpenes
  • essential omega-3
  • omega-6 fatty acids
  • chlorophyll
  • vitamins and minerals
  • other cannabinoids naturally found in hemp

Their hemp oil tincture is made with all-natural decarboxylated hemp oil and combines it with medium-chain triglyceride oil derived from wholesome coconut oil and sustainably sourced palm oil.

You can use the hemp oil in food or take it by itself. It comes in flavors: Green Liquid, Gold Liquid, and Blue Liquid. The price for the HempMeds hemp oil tincture range from $69 to $85.




This product is if you deal with aches and pains on a daily basis.

Active Relief now comes in a 50 mg hemp extract roll-on for even more comforting effects to get you back to your day. It costs $49.99.


HempMeds even provides hemp-infused body lotion that hydrates, restores, and protects your skin. It provides you with a combination of CBD oil, Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil.

It costs $29.99.


RSHO CBD isolate is extracted from non-GMO hemp using supercritical CO2.  The resulting CBD hemp oil is then purified using a proprietary process to filter plant material and remove excess waxes, producing a pure isolate powder with 99% CBD.

This costs between $49 to $439.



Each capsule contains 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and is minimally processed.

Each capsule is cleanly filtered and decarboxylated to activate the plant’s CBD while also containing 200 mg of calcium and 200 mg of our proprietary blend of powdered turmeric root and white willow bark.

This costs $99 to $119.


HempMeds has blended their pure CBD isolate with energizing caffeine and B vitamins to create a healthy, low-calorie energy edible chew. Each chew provides a user with 100 mg of caffeine.

Their edibles come in the following flavors: Chocolate, Mango Citrus, and Sour Apple. Each costs $49.99.


Their RSHO Hemp Oil Salve helps to nourish and hydrate dry, worn, tired areas of the body, from muscles and joints to rough elbows and cracked cuticles.

Each jar contains 50 mg of CBD, essential oils, and other herbal ingredients.

It costs $39.


HempMeds has a purifying hemp shampoo that provides a gentle cleansing experience, leaving you with hydrated and healthy hair.

It combines pure CBD with natural extracts like Argan oil and Goji Berry. Their hemp shampoo is color-safe, gentle for daily use, and perfect for all hair types. It costs $24.99


HempMeds has a Hemp Conditioner that pairs well with their shampoo.

Their nourishing hemp conditioner is rich and luxurious and will replenish moisture, strengthen hair, and nourish the scalp. Like their shampoo, it combines pure CBD with natural extracts like Argan oil and Goji Berry.

It costs $24.99.


HempMeds has a Hemp Conditioner that pairs well with their shampoo.

Their nourishing hemp conditioner is rich and luxurious and will replenish moisture, strengthen hair, and nourish the scalp. Like their shampoo, it combines pure CBD with natural extracts like Argan oil and Goji Berry.

It costs $24.99.


HempMeds Dew Drops come from their Dixie Botanicals division.

The Dew Drops provide users with high-quality pure CBD hemp oil that’s grown in Northern Ireland. Each bottle contains 500 mg of CBD so a person can use 1-2 drops per day to get enough CBD.

Each 2 oz bottle of Dew Drops provides 4.16 mg of cannabidiol and 8.66 mg of conjugated linoleic acid. This product is lightly sweetened with Stevia so it provides the user with a nice taste.

It comes in the following flavors: Natural, Peppermint, and Cinnamon.

Each 1 oz bottle cost $29 and each 2 oz bottle cost $99. (Note: The 2 oz bottle is about 2 and a half more potent than a 1 oz bottle.)


One of the purest ways to get CBD oil is using HempMeds oral applicator.

Extracted using supercritical CO2 and Triple Lab Tested, their hemp oil is an impeccably clean way to add CBD to your diet.

This oral applicator is naturally abundant in CBD, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Each tube contains 300 mg of CBD and is GMO-free. Each serving contains 50 mg per CBD.


Oral Applicators contains the following flavors: Green Label, Blue Label, Gold Label, and Special Blend.

The cost range from $69 to $329.

Honourable Mentions 



Their full-spectrum Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) gold liquid features a botanical powerhouse combination of 1000mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

One 4 oz bottle cost $139.


Their RSHO Special Blend CBD hemp oil is their 38% highly concentrated oil. It has less color and viscosity than the Blue Label formula. It provides users 380mg of CBD per 1 gram container. This costs $49.


The company’s Max Strength Label RSHO gives users all the benefits of the RSHO Green and Gold oils but combined into one. Each 1 g jar contains 450 mg of blended CBD. This costs $55.

HempMeds: The Final Thought

HempMeds has a wide range of CBD products for adults as well as for pets. With so many products to choose from, those that opt to shop with HempMeds should be able to find one that suits their needs.

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