Fab CBD: Reviewing The Rising Player In The CBD Marketplace

Thanks to their transparency and high-quality products, Fab CBD is earning high praises and leaving a strong impression on its customers. Despite being a relative newcomer, Fab CBD is making a strong impression with its various natural products ranging from oils to edibles, and topical cream.

Fab CBD: The Highlights

  • With over a quarter of a century in wellness experience, the team at Fab CBD was founded by a group of health-conscious individuals whose mission is to help people look and feel great through their quality products.
  • Despite being new compared to other CBD companies, Fab CBD has bolstered their profile in rapid fashion thanks to their quality products undergoing rigorous lab testing.
  • CBD (aka cannabidiol oil) products have become even more popular among users thanks to its ability to help with chronic pain along with anxiety and depression.
  • Despite bolstering natural quality products —Fab CBD prices are significantly cheaper compared to other companies.
  • Fab CBD has been featured in the ‘best CBD oil’ lists of numerous publications along with passing the authenticity lab test to ensure little-to-no THC is present.

About Fab CBD

With each passing year, it seems more and more people have muscle and joint issues, anxiety issues, or in general—are seeking to get pain relief from a particular issue. With this knowledge in mind, more people have been searching for alternative answers besides medications.

This has led to a rise in marijuana consumption. In particular, it’s led to a rise in CBD products of various sorts which stem from the hemp plant.

CBD products (especially CBD oil), has risen in popularity thanks to it being free of THC or at least containing trace amounts of THC. The CBD market as a whole is only going to get bigger.

With that in mind, Fab CBD was born out of the mission to pioneer a new generation of people living a preventative healthy lifestyle. The Fab CBD team bolsters a veteran team of health, fitness, and pharmaceutical experts.

They’re many cannabis oil companies whose sole focus is to get you to buy CBD oil and that’s it. However, Fab CBD sees their products as merely a piece of the big puzzle in changing your awareness around health.

Their focus is to have you operate from a preventative mindset instead of a reactive one where you only take action once an illness has arrived.

Think prevention, not cure.

While having a mission sounds great, it ultimately comes down to possessing quality products derived from a quality hemp plant.

And with that said, Fab CBD passes that test with flying colors thanks to it being tested and passing the authenticity lab test. This test ensures that their products contain high CBD amounts with minimal amounts of THC present.

Fab CBD Products

if you’re going to stand out among CBD brands, it’s imperative that your gummies, topical cream, and oil for sale are top shelf. Fab CBD focused on introducing a select few tested products, all of which contain little THC.


Fab CBD Oil

A staple among CBD brands is their tested CBD oil products. First and foremost, it’s important to know that Fab CBD oil is free from pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizer, and residual solvents.

Knowing that not all individuals possess the same taste buds nor preferences for potency, Fab CBD does a great job through offering an array of options. In regards to flavor, you have the option of citrus, mint and natural.

All of which are made from all-natural flavor organic sources.

When it comes to the potency, you have four choices ranging from 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, or 1200mg. A fun fact is that these organic oils are also good for pets (stick to the 150mg however).

Prices are going to range from $39-$129 depending on the size of the bottle that you get. As far as which one to choose to enlist the benefits of CBD, it depends on various factors such as your weight, genetic makeup, general physical condition, and many other factors.

Lastly, when using this natural and highly tested CBD oil, shake it before using and place the drops (15 drops = 0.5ml) under your tongue. Wait for 30 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Chews

Fab CBD Gummies

Sometimes, individuals prefer to use an edible as opposed to the traditional forms of drops. And what better way to do this than through gummies?

However, make no mistake about it, these CBD gummies are anything but ordinary. Naturally flavored, vegan, and organic, these gummies come in a fruit flavor and contain a total of 750mg priced at $59. With 30 chews in total available, each of these gummy bears contains 25mg of quality CBD.

Some people have also found the CBD gummies to be of particular use close to bedtime to help them relax.

CBD Topical

Fab CBD Topical cream

Chronic pain, especially in the form of muscle and joint issues is steadily growing.

According to JAMA Internal Medicine, it was discovered that an estimated 80 percent of Americans experience some sort of back pain at least once in their lives. It’s with that notion in mind that finding ailments to help with muscle and joint issues become even more of a focal point.

For those looking for pain relief sans medications, Fab CBD topical cream is a viable option. It’s made from rich hemp oil and then infused into everyday pain relief cream. Not to mention, this hemp CBD features a subtle Blood Orange scent along with a silky-smooth texture.

The Benefits Of Using CBD

CBD didn’t gain popularity by accident. It gained popularity for the nagging and potential threatening problems that it helps alleviate. While we could write down a plethora of them, let’s focus on a few of the bigger ones.

Pain Relief

First published in 2015 in the European Journal of Pain, cannabidiol oil was shown to help alleviate muscle and joint issues along with lessening inflammation.

In fact, besides help with pain and inflammation, CBD could help in regards to affecting how certain neurotransmitters that perceive and regulate pain react in the body. Particular medications also operate with the same behavior.

Lastly, CBD oil could also play a critical role in helping protect immune cells, which in turn, helping your body become better adept at handling stress, inflammation, and potentially even disease.

Anxiety Relief

image of wooden dummy with worried stressed thoughts

When it comes to anxiety-related disorder, around 40 million American adults are affected. The good news is that CBD oil is starting to be shown to effectively help alleviate anxiety according to a 2015 study appearing in Neurotherapeutics.

If you have chronic indigestion, excessive worry, trouble focusing, and numerous other anxiety related issue, trying CBD is a viable option.

Helps With Sleep

Sleep plays a critical role in every facet of our lives. However, it’s also something that gives many people issues. Whether it’s having issues with staying asleep or falling asleep, CBD could be an effective tool in this regard.

However, it must be noted that the THC: CBD ratio is of importance since a lot of THC can interfere with sleep quality. This is all the more reason why Fab CBD tests their products for THC.

Helps With Skin Conditions

The biggest organ is our skin. While many forget this and neglect it, it’s important that you don’t since your skin plays a vital role in how everything in your body operates.

One key way to help with that is through CBD. However, when it comes to the skin, topical application is much more of a preferred method compared to capsules, droplets, or even edibles due to the absorption rate.

CBD topical cream can quickly absorb through your skin which will not only help maintain optimal skin moisturization, skin revitalization, and conditioning. But also provide quicker relief and recovery to your muscle and joint situations.

Fab CBD: The Final Word

Knowing about a cannabis plant, hemp seed oil, or any other organic hemp products is one thing. It’s another thing to be actual experts in health and fitness, which the Fab CBD team claims to be.

Using Fab CBD is a viable option since they’re choosing to focus on a select few products instead of throwing the entire kitchen sink to the marketplace. This is a great sign that they value premium quality over needless quantity and volume.

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