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Eaze Wellness: The Brand And Its Products

The CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace and Eaze Wellness has taken the opportunity to provide CBD consumers with exceptional products in a timely manner. This CBD delivery app turned national distributor has CBD from the highest quality manufacturers with quick shipping and excellent customer service. 


  • Eaze Wellness began in 2014 as a CBD mobile app and has seen success as a CBD product distributor. 
  • The products available through Eaze Wellness range in variety, price, and milligrams making it possible for any level of CBD enthusiast to find what they are looking for. 
  • Eaze Wellness is located in California and ships to 41 states and Canada.
  • As a result of current CBD laws in California Eaze Wellness is choosing to not ship within their state, but they still have their mobile delivery service for customers there. 
  • Eaze Wellness offers unique CBD patches as well as pet products.   
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Eaze Wellness: About & Story

Eaze Wellness began as a mobile app company, Eaze, that provided an on-demand delivery service of legal cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products throughout the state of California. The app works much like Uber or Lyft employing drivers to make deliveries and connecting customers with marijuana and cannabidiol dispensaries. 

The growing company is based out of San Francisco and was founded in 2014. What is now known as Eaze Wellness, Eaze’s secondary site, is the arm of the company that has begun shipping nationally and internationally to Canada. Eaze Wellness stocks and ships approximately 93 products from 21 different CBD product brands. 

At this point in time Eaze Wellness ships to 41 U.S. states. Those states excluded include Idaho, Nebraska, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Ohio, Oregon, and, California, strangely. Due to a recent ban by California’s Governor concerning CBD infused alcoholic drinks Eaze Wellness is not currently shipping within its own state. 


Eaze Wellness: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

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Our Picks: Eaze Wellness Products

The CBD product industry as a whole was on pace to generate $591 million dollars in sales for 2018 alone. This number pales in comparison to the expected total of $22 billion dollars that the CBD industry is predicted to earn by the year 2022. 

Eaze Wellness is a major player in this CBD product growth by offering a wide assortment of CBD product types making it convenient and easy for just about any CBD consumer to get the product that is right for them. 


The G Pen Vaporizer is a button-less vaporizer that works with Gio cartridges only. This vape product provides smooth vape experiences with a dense vapor cloud. For just $20 the rechargeable pen can be purchased to go along with the Herbology cartridges. 

Currently, these vaporizer cartridges are available in Peach and Strawberry Mint flavors at $30 and provide 40% CBD to the consumer. Organic and natural ingredients are used to create these unique flavors and are extracted from the real fruits they represent.




CBD Drops are quick and a quick and convenient way to get in the desired CBD without the need for added accessories. Eaze Wellness offers 16 varieties of CBD drops from nine different brands. 

At prices ranging from $20 to $69 and doses between 250mg to 1000mg, there are options to meet just about any CBD enthusiasts preferences. Flavors vary greatly from unflavored for those who want the benefits of CBD without added flavor, sweet options like chocolate mint and savory varieties like lavender, lemon ginger, and cardamom rose. 




Traditional forms of CBD, capsules and tablets, are an easy go-to option for those wanting to skip the experience of CBD and just get right to the benefits. Eaze Wellness has a wide assortment of CBD capsules and tablets ranging in price from $5 to $90 and every price in between. 

The lowest milligram option is 30mg full spectrum CBD from Ananda Hemp and the highest option is 900mg extra strength full spectrum CBD from 2Rise Naturals. Whatever strength, price, or amount is desired, Eaze Wellness has an option for every need.


A major benefit of CBD is the cannabinoid’s ability to bring relief to acute and chronic pain conditions. For those acute pains that occur throughout the body, CBD patches can be effective in eliminating them. 

They work much like a heating pad or topical solution where they are applied to the site of pain. Eaze Wellness provides 9 options from five brands at prices ranging from $10 to $22 making them available at different affordability levels. 

The Good Patch company offers CBD patches at $12 targeting at different ailments using the names The Period Patch, The Hangover Patch, Be Calm Patch, and Nite Nite Patch. These patches come in 15mg doses.



Topical CBD is becoming increasingly popular for its convenience, discretion and effectiveness. Transdermal CBD passes what is known as the “first pass metabolism” process and allows the product to have greater bio-availability in the body. 

Topicals include moisturizers, balms, sprays, and creams making it easy for anyone to find a product based on their preference of application. Eaze Wellness offers 15 varieties ranging in price from $24 to $100. Wildflower brand has the CBD Cool Stick at 100mg and the CBD Healing Stick 160mg for $25 and $30 respectively. 

Dr. Kerklaan makes four CBD creams in tube form in the $62 dollar range at 120mg aimed to treat period pain, sleeplessness, skin conditions, and general pain.






Eaze Wellness has not the four legged family members. The supply 9 different CBD pet options from four brands ranging in price from $10 to $75 depending on need and amount. 

Bluebird Botanicals is offered with an 83m and 250mg dosage option in drop form. Therabis provides their large and medium dog chews for $12 and $15 at 35mg, 49mg, and 56mg doses for calming or joint pain relief.


Honourable Mentions 



With 13 different product types, Eaze Wellness has made sure to offer the beauty benefits of CBD through face and lip product types. with 13 options from 6 brands ranging from balms, masks, face oils, and lip butter there is something for anyone wanting to amp up their beauty regimen. 

Products are reasonably priced ranging from $22 to $85 depending on need. Vertly’s Lip Butter provides 25mg of CBD in either rose or peppermint flavor for just $22.  Kana Skincare offers their Sleeping Mask in either purple rice hemp or lavender hemp which provides 50mg of CBD for just $65 or $55 respectively. 



Eaze Wellness takes the bath and CBD experience seriously by offering 5 different bath bomb options, 6 bath bars, as well as salts and scrubs. 

Prices are reasonable ranging from $13 to $59 depending on product type. Kush Queen offers 5 varieties of bath bombs for $13 which provides 25mg of CBD each. Scents are based on the desired outcome including relaxation, awakening, sleep, and relief. 

Eaze Wellness: The Final Thought

As the CBD industry continues to grow a rapid pace it is good to know that high-quality CBD companies and distributors still exist. Eaze Wellness makes only the highest quality CBD options available to their customers and can be trusted to get the product to the consumer in less than a week. 

As CBD laws change with continued research showing the impressive benefits of this herbal remedy more states will be able to receive CBD products from Eaze Wellness.

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