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CW Hemp: The Brand And Its Products

CW Botanicals – now also called CW Hemp, is created by the people who operate the Realm of Caring Organization in Colorado. CW Botanicals strives to help people, making it their top priority.

CW Hemp: About & Story

Their care to make people happy is more important to them than the profit. This makes them one of the top 3 companies that do worry about the human being and its health.

CW Botanicals guarantee for the safety of their products. They are having an internal and external lab where they are testing the product for toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.

The Laboratories of CW botanicals are an FDA registered production facilities, and they’re also approved and licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. All the products meet the guidelines stated by the American Herbal Products Association.


The Stanley Brothers are the creators of Charlotte’s Web. They started working when their uncle was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, and they were looking forward to finding alternative cancer treatment.

That is how they managed to make products that are offering exceptional quality.

In 2011, the Stanley Brothers met Paige Figi who has a daughter called Charlotte and she was suffering from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet’s syndrome. And, from here, the history of Charlotte’s Web will begin.


CW hemp is related to the non-profit organization called Realm of Caring, found by The Stanley Brothers and the family of Charlotte Figi.

CW hemp has a program called “A Loves rewards”, where every person who will buy a certain product gets bonus points and credits that can be used for some future purchase.

Extra points and credits are given if you leave feedbacks and product reviews as well. CW Hemp together with the Realm of Caring is helping the cannabinoid research and education, and they are offering financial help also.



Charlotte’s Web is a whole plant, hemp extract founded by The Stanley Brothers in Colorado. Charlotte’s Web is the leading company in the world that makes products from pure hemp extract.

This company is well known for its quality, safety, and the responsible approach to the thousands of lives that they have helped over the years. Charlotte’s Web products are CBD hemp oil, capsules, pet products, and topicals.

Charlotte’s Web is made right after when the Stanley Brothers met little Charlotte’s father.

Charlotte’s parents were searching for an alternative cure for their daughter who was suffering from epilepsy and had common seizures. The Stanley Brothers had already developed proprietary hemp genetics.

Together they made a hemp oil extract which was added to Charlotte’s diet. Nowadays, Charlotte is a happy 9-year-old girl, and she has recently finished her second grade in school. She looks forward to meeting new adventures in her life.

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CW Hemp: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

  • CW Botanicals was founded in 2011 and became one of the leading CBD manufacturers since then
  • Thanks to their top-notch processing facilities and their attention to detail, CW Botanicals produces some of the best CBD products on the market
  • The company sells a lot of different products, making it suitable for both beginners and veteran consumers
  • CW Botanicals, along with a non-profit organization called Realm of Caring, helps the cannabinoid research
  • The company developed a line of products specially formulated for pets


Our Picks: CW Hemp Products

100 words


The Isolate is a great dietary supplement for those who want a little more Hemp extract in their daily intake. It is a THC free extract that can be added on a daily basis.

The bottle contains 30 ml, and one serving size equals to 2 droppers (which is 1 ml). For adults, it is recommended to take two full droppers, 2 times per day maximum.

The product is tested to ensure that it contains less than 13 parts per million tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So, if you feel like your body needs a daily charge, the isolate is a good option for that. Balance your body and well-being properly.

Price: A bottle of 30 ml costs $99.99.


The recommended serving size for this type of oil is the same as for the MCT oil, and that is 25 mg per serving and it should be taken three times a day.

Price (for both types of oil): – 5000 mg bottle costs $695;
– 1500 mg bottle costs $250;
– 500 mg bottle costs $100;
– 200 mg bottle costs $50;

Oils are also available in three different strengths – full strength, extra and original formula.


This type of oil is beneficial for everyday stress activities. It calms you and makes you more concentrated and focused during the day. The Full Strength Oil is made from pure Hemp extracts, with premium quality.

If you can’t stand the flavor of the oil, you can mix it with your favorite drink or food. Keep it in a cool and dry place. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

Price: $39.99 per bottle of 30 ml.


The Hemp CBD Extra Oil is twice the strength of the basic CBD oil. This type of oil is used as an addition to the drink and foods. Get your maximum energy during the day with the Extra Strength CBD OIl.

Price: A bottle of 30 ml costs $74.99.


This is the original and primary product of the company. It contains the most extract and cannabidiol content per serving. It is great for everyday intake if you want to relax from your busy days. It has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Price: A bottle of 30 ml costs $149.99.


Yes, you’re right. Dogs can consummate this as well. It keeps the dogs calm and helps with their hips and joints. The Hemp extract for dogs is easily digestible and 100 % healthy and secure for the dogs. The Hemp that is used is grown in the USA.

There are two different types of packages available – 30ml or 100ml. Per 1 ml of serving, there is approximately 25 mg of hemp extract. The recommended dosage is one serving, twice a day. You can give the hemp extract oil to your dog orally or you can add it in the food.

Price: A bottle of 30 ml costs $74 and a bottle of 100 ml costs $189.

Honourable Mentions 



This hemp oil is available in four different size bottles. The suggested serving size by CW Botanicals is 25mg, three times a day. The Hemp Extract MCT Oil comes in 2 different flavors – mint chocolate or unflavored.


The Charlotte’s Web gel pen is the best option if you want to apply the Hemp extract certain areas of your body that are exposed to physical activity during the day or to daily stress. The product is non-psychoactive and has a natural fresh smelling.


The CW Botanicals Hemp Capsules come in a bottle of 150mg. What contains 5 mg of Hemp extract, which is equal to one serving size. Capsules should be taken twice a day. The bottle is small, really compact and easy to take.

The capsules come in two forms – as Full strength Hemp Extract Capsules and as Extra Strength Hemp Extract Capsules.

Price: $34.99 per bottle (150 mg=30 capsules) for Full Strength Hemp Extract Capsules and $69.99 for a bottle of 150 mg of Extra Strength Hemp Extract Capsules.

CW Hemp: The Final Thought

CW Botanicals is the company of the future! There is no doubt that the goals and visions of this firm are one step further from now. Their products are beneficial to all the people, no matter their age or condition.

Improving your own well being is important! Don’t let the others talk about it. Do a good thing for yourself starting now! Let nature speak its own unique language and gain the advantage of it.

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