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Your Ultimate Guide on CBD Vape Cartridge [2019 Update]


Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, is responsible for inventing the e-cigarette in the early 2000s. By 2006 the company Dragonite International brought the invention to the rest of the world and by 2007 it made its first appearance in the United States. By adding the atomizer and cartomizer, which are responsible for creating the vapor, Lik’s e-cigarette became known as the vape.

While inhaling nicotine was the original intended purpose behind the vape, CBD and medical marijuana enthusiasts are recognizing the benefits and convenience of the vape pen as a means of taking in the beneficial herb. With this realization, the CBD vape cartridge is quickly becoming the preferred method of ingesting CBD oil.

Seeking chronic pain relief, eluding prescription medications, avoiding harmful chemicals, and simple relaxation are among the many reasons users will turn to this means of taking in hemp oil. Vaping CBD oil is convenient and quick without the need to wait for edible CBD products, like gummies, to be digested and absorbed before entering the bloodstream to be effective.

How To Choose The Best CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridge

The current CBD market can be overwhelming and choosing the right CBD vape cartridge can seem to muddy the waters a little more. It doesn’t have to be confusing, however.

To be fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to choose a CBD vape cartridge it may be good to understand the two basic types of vapes. All vapes have four primary parts; battery, atomizer (to heat the liquid), mouthpiece and a chamber to hold the material of choice.

The first is the CBD vape pen, of course, CBD doesn’t have to be the inhalant of choice. This option heats by a metal coil. However, the coil becomes corroded and has to be changed frequently which can cost around $20 each time. To slow the corrosion pure CBD oil can be used.

The second is the “tank style” of vape which is what the CBD vape cartridge is and is what is traditionally associated with the clouds of billowing smoke everyone thinks of when they hear the word vape. This type of vape requires the e-liquids most people are familiar with.

This is a mix of propylene glycol (pg), vegetable glycerin, and any flavoring if that is desired along with CBD oil. This type of vape is also available in two forms; cartridge or disposable. When making your choice on what CBD vape cartridge to purchase there are a few things to consider; portability, ease of use, dosing, and refillable versus disposable.


Pre-filled CBD vape cartridges are extremely portable and don’t carry with them the worry of having to take CBD oil along or fill and risk making a mess. They allow for discreet CBD vaping without smoke or odor. Many users prefer to take their CBD in through a discreet means and vaping CBD is just the way to do so. Vape pens are more inconspicuous than a large pipe or dab rig.

Ease Of Use

It’s almost unbelievable how easy pre-filled CBD vape cartridges are to use. There is a presence of guessing on amounts and are easy as pressing a button and inhaling. The battery is the main concern in these types, but some are even being made without the need to charge them.


Dosing CBD can be another overwhelming aspect of vaping CBD oil. With pre-filled cartridges that issue is eliminated. The dose is controlled and there is no fear of overdoing it and ruining the whole experience. However, if the consumer chooses to go the non-prefilled route being able to customize the amount of CBD being dosed is a major benefit.

Because many users turn to pure CBD to mitigate health issues it is convenient to be able to purchase the milligrams of CBD vape juice desired and dose for those health conditions.

Vape Cartridges vs Disposables

As mentioned before, the traditional CBD vape cartridge comes in two forms; cartridge (refillable) or disposable. Pre-filled vape pens can come as disposables. They are disposable in that they come with a battery that is will only keep the pen charged until the prefilled tank is empty.

Then it can be thrown away. One of the main conveniences of disposables is that they do not require charging. The non-disposable type comes with a pre-filled cartridge and battery that can be charged.

Best CBD Vape Cartridges

When a consumer goes to buy CBD vaporizers there are some important factors to consider. What CBD vape cartridge will give the best CBD vapor, flavor, price, milligrams, and purity of the CBD it contains are some of the essential questions any vape user will want to ask. Some of the greats come from Pure CBD, CBDistilllery, and Vape Bright.

Pure CBD Calm CBD Vape Pod

Pure’s Calm CBD Vape Pod is a great deal that doesn’t cut corners on quality. There are a selection of three cartridges and come as 2 pods of 1000mg 5 percent, 10 percent, or 20 percent CBD. For just $69.99 this vape is full of full spectrum organically grown hemp CBD.

Pure promises their product is THC free and will provide approximately 300 puffs of natural flavored CBD vape juice.

Pure offers CBD vape cartridges and starter kits for the novice just starting out. Their X2 cartridges come in 500mg or 1000mg at 65 percent CBD starting at $60 and offer a variety of flavors, white fire, blue cheddar, white widow, and Durban sour. These cartridges are known to be the strongest full spectrum organic CBD cartridge available!

CBDistillery Cartridge

With two locations in Colorado and the United Kingdom, this company proves distilleries are no longer just for making alcohol. CBDistillery offers their CBD vape cartridges in 5 flavors ranging from $25 to $28.

Grand-daddy purp, lemonade, grape, and lavender vanilla are available for those who like the sweeter side and a natural option for anyone who wants a classic taste. Their prefilled vape pens are 200mg each with a sleek and design for portability.

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Vape Cartridge

This Brighton, Colorado CBD vape cartridge company, Pure Hemp Botanicals, offers their customers a 500mg prefilled CBD vape cartridge with 12 flavors to choose from! Sweet mint, Fruity Pebbles, and Bananas Foster are just a few of their unique flavor options they have been providing since 2015.

How do they get such strong flavor varieties? Pure Hemp uses the terpenes found in other plants to get the full flavor effect in their CBD vape cartridges. At just 49.95 there is a high CBD quality vape for anyone.

Vape Bright Thrive CBD Cartridge

This international company has locations in Carlsbad, California and Manchester, England. Vape Bright offers high-quality CBD in regular and extra strength. The Thrive starter pack with battery is only $65 for 250mg of CBD or 200mg for $55. Need more than one?

Choose from a 3 pack of 600mg at $128 or a 5 pack of 1000mg at $202. The 1000mg is the extra strength customers need to tackle those difficult and chronic ailments.

Jolly Green Oil Cartridge

Pure CBD vapes offers 11 CBD vape cartridges. Providing 700mg of 70 percent CBD at just $59.99, energy and excitement are what Pure CBD promises to give its customers. Sour diesel, pineapple express, orange cookies, and the classic Grand Daddy purp are just a few of the many flavor options available.

Sunset sherbet is like a dessert in vape form. It is clean, earthy, and slightly sour. Strawana is an earthy flavor combining the classic fruit combinations of strawberry and banana.

Fresh Leaf CBD Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridge

Operating since 2016 with East Coast and West Coast locations in California and Massachusetts. Fresh Leaf has come on the CBD vape cartridge scene with three flavors at an affordable cost of just $34.99. Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Clementine are the essential flavors anyone needs. Their prefilled cartridges are filled with 500mg of THC free CBD oil.

The Benefits Of Vaping CBD

Now that the choice is made to purchase a CBD vape cartridge it is interesting to know the benefits of inhaling CBD this way There are major benefits of vaping CBD versus smoking or other means of ingesting the hemp plant. CBD is known to provide relaxing benefits and vaping CBD provides a discreet way of inhaling or ingesting CBD.

Any CBD vape user should always speak with their physician before starting a CBD regimen. There are potential health concerns with any herbal or medical intervention.

Getting high is not a benefit of vaping, in fact, it won’t occur at all when you inhale CBD. CBD comes from the hemp plant and contains less than .3 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana. CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant, cannabis sativa, but CBD is not intended to get the user high.

Hemp is grown for its seed and stalk for use in industrial hemp ventures such as textiles and CBD hemp oils.