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CBD Tampons- 4 Facts to Know


You may be shocked to hear, but marijuana tampons are new and making waves in both the feminine hygiene and cannabis industries.

If you’ve ever wished for a realsolution to end those awful cramps you experience each month, chances are you’re going to want to learn more about CBD tampons, also called marijuana or cannabis tampons.

As you’ve probably guessed, these are tampons that are somehow infused with marijuana.  But there’s so much more to the story – and once you learn about the benefits, you’re going to want to pick you up a package ASAP.

There’s so much to learn about these new products, but it can feel natural to become confused amid all the information (some of which isn’t true).  To help you and make things easier, we’ve put together the top four facts you mustknow about CBD tampons before even thinking about making a purchase.  From the benefits to who actually sells these tampons, everything you need to know about marijuana tampons is here.

If you’ve ever suffered from horrible cramps or severe period pain and are desperately looking for a way to relieve some of that pain you’ve been feeling, say hello to your new best friend.  The marijuana tampon.

You can also try CBD Oil for relief from the pain.

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The Benefits List is Long

To start off, let’s talk about the benefits that CBD tampons can even bring to your life and your very horrible, no good period week.  First of all, it should be known that, while the benefits do seem to be plentiful, there has been no study or trial on these products.  So, while all the reviews and customers seem to like the product, companies haven’t put on studies to see just howthese tampons help women, nor who they help.

There isn’t a way to calculate just how useful these tampons can be (well, yet, anyway).  If in the future, there was a study or trial done where how women felt were recorded, we could see just how the stats line up.

Until then, it’s still pretty great to see all the benefits.  If you suffer from anypain during your period, these tampons are supposed to wash it all away.  Inflammation?  Gone.  Cramps?  Gone.  Lower back pain?  Gone.  The tampons help relax your whole body, especially your nerves, so you don’t feel the pain that you might typicallyfeel during your time of the month.

You Won’t Get High

Here’s the thing about CBD tampons:  they’re made from CBD, with deficient levels of THC.  CBD is a cannabinoid and a part of the leaf that doesn’t get you high at all.  In fact, CBD oil itself is actually legal throughout all states in America and often used for medicinal purposes.  You cannot get high by using CBD oil or CBD products.

THC, on the other hand, is what gets you that “high.”  When you hear people talking about a high they experienced from marijuana, they had a high THC level in their products.  While these tampons aren’t THC free entirely, there’s such a low level of it that the CBD almost cancels it out.

The ratio of CBD to THC is quite high (with there being much more CBD), so there’s practically no way you can get high from using this product.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel a bit odd when you use them.  Some people who have used these products have said they feel a bit lighter, a bit giggly, a bit not like themselves.  There could be many reasons for this.

You might feel like this once you get the full effect and all the benefits CBD tampons can offer.  They relax your body and help with pain, which may make some people feel a bit light.  However, that doesn’t mean you are high.

Everyone Loves It

Everyone Loves It

This isn’t an exaggeration.  Sure, there might be a few people that didn’t experience any benefits and didn’t care for the product, but we haven’t heard from them.  Every review, every article, every person that has tried CBD tampons has absolutely loved them.  There’s nothing more encouraging than when products you wish would work actually do.

Reviews and customers galore have come to the defense of this product.  Women that have used these tampons are becoming lifelong customers, especially those who experience quite horrible cramps or period pain that over the counter painkillers just don’t seem to help with.  Plus, they say that these tampons work, and they work fast.  Some even say that you can feel the benefits – and less pain – after only the first few minutes!

It’s Expensive, a Bit Exclusive, and not Legal Everywhere

There is where the real bummer sets in not everyone can reap the full benefits of these products, no matter how much they might want (or need) them.  Foria, the leading producer and creator of CBD tampons, only selltheir products in California and Colorado at the moment.

They also tend to run a bit pricey, with a four-product package equaling about $44.  Because there is only one brand out there that is considered “trustworthy,” this makes purchasing CBD tampons that much harder.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still try to get these benefits!  Many blogs and websites have created DIY marijuana tampons if you don’t want to spend the almost $50 on Foria’s brand.

If you’re not looking to DIY your own and you don’t live in either California or Colorado, it might be best to wait.  The only good thing about not having these products readily available as we speak is Foria has more time to study and enhance it to be the best CBD tampon around.  And hopefully, as a result and as people see just how significant the benefits are, more and more will gain access to purchase it.

We all wish our cramps and our horrible period weeks could go away in the blink of an eye.  With the outstanding reviews and outpouring of support that CBD tampons have been getting recently, we feel like, maybe, these issues we face could be solvedin the near future.  Here’s to hoping!