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CBD Oil for Sleep


If you have ever spent a night tossing and turning, checking the clock every half-hour with dread as you see there are only a few short hours left until the alarm sounds, you know the misery of insomnia. Sleep disorders are a burden for many and lack of sleep can interfere with quality of life and eventually lead to some serious health concerns. Not to mention the impact it has on our families and loved ones. If you are desperate for a better night’s sleep, and tired of relying on medicines that no longer seem to work, CBD hemp oil may be the safe and natural alternative you are seeking.

What Is CBD Oil?

What is CBD?Derived from the cannabis plant, Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound gaining widespread attention for its numerous health benefits. Unlike another compound found in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD has no euphoric effects. Simply put, CBD will not get you high like THC will. But its lack of “benefit” to a recreational cannabis user is its only lack: CBD has abundant healing properties and is a safe and natural alternative to many prescription medications.

Scientists are continuing to explore the way CBD works in our bodies. We know that it interacts with receptors in our brains to impact a wide variety of bodily functions. CBD can play a part in everything from the way we regulate our emotions (and is, therefore, used to treat anxiety and depression) to inflammation and pain (making it a popular remedy for everything from skin conditions to arthritis and even the side effects of cancer treatment).

Our body’s endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids. And while you can’t produce CBD yourself…or THC for that matter, you can introduce these plant-derived cannabinoids into your bloodstream to act in a therapeutic way with your own natural cannabinoids.

CBD oil derived from the hemp plant contains minimal amounts of THC (versus oil derived from the marijuana plant); it is worth pointing out here that depending on the product you use, you may still test positive for THC, regardless of the fact that the product did not create a user high. Do your research carefully before using any CBD hemp oil and other CBD products if this is a concern for you.

How Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

How Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?When CBD oil interacts with our endocannabinoid system, which helps us maintain homeostasis, it helps us regulate bodily function. In other words, it contributes to a calming state of stability, which in turn can promote quality rest.

A number of conditions can prevent us from sleeping well: insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or even restless leg syndrome. CBD oil and other CBD products can provide relief for anyone who is losing sleep because of such ailments.

One of the greatest benefits of using CBD oil to promote healthy sleeping habits is that it is all natural, non-addictive, and users will not build up a tolerance to it. Over-the-counter and prescription sleeping pills carry many risks and even unwelcome side effects. They can even lead to anxiety and depression (which may have been at the root of insomnia in the first place). CBD oil is also a cost-effective remedy that may save you money in the long-term if you are dependent upon an expensive prescription medication. It’s also worth pointing out here that you should always speak with your doctor before discontinuing a prescription medication abruptly, which can cause harsh side effects and withdrawal symptoms. As part of that discussion, let your physician know if you plan to use CBD oil for sleep. While it has very few side effects and is safe and natural, CBD oil use, or any other natural remedy, should still be part of your conversation.

How Much Should I Take and When?

While CBD oil is touted as a “miracle cure,” it is by no means a one-size-fits-all cure. Our bodies react differently to the ingestion or topical applications of CBD, and this will take some trial and error.

The safest bet is to start out slowly, with smaller doses and increasing the amount if you need more. Consider trying your first dose on a weekend or a night where you do not have to work the following day, allowing yourself time for extra sleep if needed. Adjust slowly each day until you find the dosage that provides the maximum benefit to you.

Some recommend a dose up to 160 mg of CBD oil for sleep; however, this is a general recommendation only and your own body may need more or less.

CBD for Anxiety and Depression

Because anxiety and depression often go hand in and with insomnia, the use of CBD to treat mood disorders could also result in better sleep. Just as CBD oil presents a safer alternative to sleeping medications, it is also a great option for those who are burdened by both the costs and side effects of prescription medications intended to treat anxiety and depression. If you long for the cloud of anxiety or depression to be lifted, and you long for a restful night’s sleep, CBD oil may be a great choice for you.

What is the Best CBD Oil for Sleep?

Choosing a CBD oil can be overwhelming. Due to the growing popularity and demand, the market is flooded with choices, and buyers need to do careful research on any product before purchasing (and again: discuss it with a physician!)

There are a number of things to look out for when investigating CBD oils and the cheapest option should usually be avoided. A quality oil will cost more, but will also provide maximum benefits (versus a cheaper oil with low concentrations of CBD). If THC presence is a concern, you will need to study the product and whether or not it claims to be THC free. Some more specific guidelines and tips for reviewing different CBD oils can be found here and some specific products to consider are here.