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CBD Living Water – Review 2019


CBD Living Water is one of the newest forms of CBD available on the market. Thanks to its superior availability and its nano-sized CBD particles, CBD Living Water is a great product for both novices and experienced CBD users.

CBD Living Water: The Highlights

  • CBD Living Water is a new product in the CBD industry that offers a lot of benefits
  • Thanks to the small CBD particles in its composition, CBD Living Water ensures a superior absorption
  • The nano-sized CBD particles can penetrate the cells better than regular-sized ones, so the CBD drink should be more effective than other products
  • Even though CBD Living Water is better than regular CBD oil, it can cost twice as much.
  • CBD Living Water can help with various ailments and illnesses.

What Is CBD Living Water?

If you’ve been following the trend of medical marijuana, then you’ve probably been following the development and improvement of the fantastic medicine, CBD. CBD is one of the most important cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and it’s known for the impressive number of health benefits that it can provide.

There are so many different forms of CBD available that it can be hard to decide which ones will work best for you. One of the newer forms of CBD that’s become available on the market is known as CBD Living Water. According to the company that makes the stuff, they create ‘nanoparticles’ of CBD, which are distributed in the water and allegedly more bioavailable. Other claims suggest that they use the ‘laws of quantum physics’ to benefit their products.

The Benefits Of Drinking CBD Living Water

Naturally, you’re going to want to know why exactly you should choose CBD Living Water over any other product. What, if anything, makes this product superior to any other form of CBD?

Superior Bioavailability

The makers of CBD Living Water claim that the product has superior bioavailability. According to the claims on their website, they use ‘quantum physics’ to turn the CBD into ‘nanoparticles’ which are absorbed better by the body. Further claims say that this helps to get the CBD past the blood-brain barrier (a mechanism in the brain which filters out potentially dangerous chemicals) faster.

Unfortunately, aside from the use of these buzzwords, there is little to no information available about how exactly this procedure works. Furthermore, CBD passes through the blood-brain barrier fine on its own.

Refreshing Taste

One of the best things about CBD Living Water is that it comes in a refreshing format. Sure, taking a CBD tincture or a few drops of oil is easy, but it’s not nearly as refreshing as downing a bottle of water. This is certainly one of the areas where CBD Living Water outperforms some of its counterparts.


According to the website, the manufacturers use nanotechnology to help reduce the size of the CBD molecules. The science here is questionable because a cbd molecule is a cbd molecule. Molecules don’t change size. If a molecule changes size that’s the result of a structural change which means that the molecule would no longer be CBD in the first place.

They also claim that their technology helps to bind the CBD molecules to the water molecules. This apparently increases the absorption rate and minimizes the amount of CBD lost during the digestive process. This, again, needs more clarification because for the CBD to pass through the blood-brain barrier the majority of it would be broken apart from the water molecules before its absorption.

Is CBD Living Water Better Than CBD Oil?

So now you understand a bit about how the manufacturers say CBD Living Water works. Why should you choose this product over CBD oil?


Not everyone likes the flavor of CBD oil. Aside from the flavor, there isn’t anything particularly refreshing about using CBD oil. The idea of being able to drink your dosage of CBD is very appealing – particularly during those summer months when slamming a bottle of water sounds much better than eating oil.

Absorption Speed

CBD diffused in water – thanks to nanoparticles or not – will be absorbed through the stomach faster than it would be otherwise. Many customers have reported that they feel Living Water to be absorbed much quicker than oil when taken orally. However it’s important to note that you shouldn’t be using CBD oil orally in the first place – sublingual absorption (under-the-tongue) is much more effective, hits you faster, and saves you money.


CBD Living Water is much more expensive than CBD oil. You’ll be paying $39.95 for a 6-pack of bottles which only have 25 mg of CBD in them. This amounts to 150 mg of CBD for $39.95. A bottle with 1,000 mg of CBD would cost you less than twice this.

How Much CBD Living Water Should I Drink Daily?

The dosage in a bottle of CBD Living Water is quite low. Many people experience some benefit from using 25 mg of CBD but others need to take this same dose several times a day to feel relief from their problems.

Will CBD Living Water Get Me High?

No. CBD is different from THC, which is the molecule found in cannabis that is most responsible for its intoxicating effects. CBD is not considered psychoactive and does not get users high, which is one of the reasons that people prefer to use this medicine instead of cannabis.

Does Drinking CBD Living Water Have Any Side Effects?

Generally, CBD does not cause any side effects. The most common side effect of CBD is sleepiness, and this generally occurs only at higher doses – higher than those that you will be getting in a bottle of CBD Living Water.

CBD is known to interact with different medications, though. It’s important to check with your doctor to see if you are taking any medications that are metabolized by the enzyme CYP450 – CBD affects this enzyme, and this can lead to dangerous circumstances.

What Conditions Can CBD Living Water Help With?

CBD is known to be useful for helping to manage a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. These are some of the most common issues treated with CBD:

  • Anxiety and depression. CBD has shown immense potential for helping people manage all different forms of anxiety and for helping people manage their depression.
  • Pain and inflammation. CBD has proven itself to be useful for fighting inflammatory conditions like arthritis and IBS and for fighting general chronic pain.
  • Digestion. CBD can improve digestion and fight conditions like Crohn’s and IBS.
  • Cognitive ability. CBD has been shown to help people with ADHD maintain focus and clarity.
  • Sleep. CBD has been shown to fight insomnia caused by a number of different issues ranging from PTSD to stress.
  • Stress. CBD is known to be useful for helping people fight off stress from work, school, or their home life.

These are just some of the many things that CBD Living Water can be useful for helping.

CBD Living Water Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

It’s important to see what other users say in regards to CBD Living Water. Regardless of where the research stands, anecdotal evidence is often the most important thing to consider – and most people seem to love CBD Living Water.

This reviewer had a great time using CBD Living Water for treating painful conditions and is quite happy with the company and their customer service.

cbd living water review 1

Another review posted on the Better Business Bureau praises the company for having fantastic customer service.

cbd living water review 2

This review, posted on a page that sells CBD Living Water, shows that the customer was very happy with the product quality and the benefits that his daughters have received from it.

cbd living water review 3

Where Can I Buy CBD Living Water From?

There are a number of different places that you can buy CBD Living Water. As the product becomes more popular, more and more marketplaces begin to carry it.

Naturally, the first place that you would want to check is the company’s own website, CBD Living. Here, you’ll find the most accurate and up-to-date information on CBD Living Water and other similar products that the company is making.

CBD Living Water can also be found on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, though they often come under different brand names. There are also a number of independent retailers that sell the stuff, such as the Better Health Store.

The Benefits Of Drinking CBD Living Water

CBD is a fantastic medicine, and there’s no way around that. The way that you choose to get CBD into your body is up to you.

Drinking CBD Living Water can be very useful for people struggling with anxiety or depression. It can be great for helping to soothe the pain of inflammation or muscle soreness. It can improve digestion, quality of sleep, and the quality of life in general.

Hopefully we’ve cleared up some of the confusion surrounding CBD Living Water in this article. Good luck medicating and stay healthy, safe, and well-informed!