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CBD Juul Pods: How Vaping CBD Juul Pods Can Help Smokers


As CBD oil gains popularity thanks to its effects and various benefits, one of the popular ways people take CBD daily is through vaping. More specifically, they use CBD Juul Pods to vape CBD.

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CBD Juul Pods: The Highlights

  • CBD Juul Pods are Juu Pods that contain CBD and can be used in Juul vape pens.
  • CBD has been hailed for its potential benefits for different ailments, such as anxiety and depression to name a few.
  • Smoking CBD Juul Pods may help smokers quit cigarettes and nicotine.
  • Using a CBD vape device keeps things discreet along with being extremely portable and convenient.
  • The Juul is currently one of the most popular vaping devices in the marketplace.

What Is Juul?

In older times, when adult smokers consumed tobacco, it was through a pack of cigarettes. However, in less than two years, the JUUL has become a phenomenon within the smoking arena. Except it’s not the typical smoking you’re accustomed to.

The JUUL is a new type of e-cigarette that is rapidly taking a substantial share in the e-cigarette market place. The JUUL works by heating up cartridges containing oils to create vapor, which quickly dissolves into the air.

These types of vaping devices are small enough to fit in a closed fist and possess a sleek, tech-inspired design that resembles a USB flash drive.

The Problem With Juul

In the big picture, the JUUL is helping people eradicate consuming packs of cigarettes. While this is helping those who want to quit smoking, not all is well since a common issue has been the influx of underage people using these vaping devices.

Up until recent developments, the Juul wasn’t a multi-purpose vapor device, unlike the other vaporizer devices in the marketplace. To use it, you had to buy the original nicotine-filled pods which were far from being cheap.

Getting to the core of this vaporizer, the predominant issue with this kit is that it’s a true closed-system vaping device. There isn’t an ideal nor efficient method to refill these products without leaking and ruining of the product.

For those who want to use CBD vape juice or CBD oil, this is clearly an issue because using CBD oil especially presents numerous positive effects.

Why CBD?


CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol is 1 of 104 chemical compounds known as a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. The benefits of CBD oil are appealing to adults because of the myriad of benefits from it.

CBD oil has become popular for many reasons, one of those being the food and drug administration approving a drug derived from it to treat cure serious forms of epilepsy.

Despite this announcement from the food and drug administration, the increasing usage of CBD oil has effects extended far beyond epilepsy. From anxiety to mental health and other benefits to your brain, CBD oil offers something for everyone.

Perhaps the biggest revelation is to adult smokers who want to curb their smoking habit.

How CBD Helps Smokers

While helping alleviate the effects of anxiety and mental health is valuable, another benefit is to help those who want to curb their tobacco and nicotine usage.

According to a 2013 study in Addictive Behaviors appearing in the September issue, CBD oil showed great signs of reducing smoking rates by up to 40 percent in people that were active smokers.

In another separate blind study appearing in a 2018 issue of Addiction, participants were given either 800mg oral CBD or placebo. The results from this study were that those given the CBD supplement reduced their “salience and pleasantness of cigarette cues.”

With research such as this offering hope to people who use tobacco, present options to use CBD through tools such as a vape pen has tremendous upside with very little to no downside. And that’s the reason why the CBD Juul pods are attractive to many people.

Introducing CBD Juul Pods

For people who frequent vape shops, enjoy hemp oil from the highest quality hemp plant and other similar product offerings, the CBD Juul Pods are a breath of fresh air. People are already spending their hard earned money on a Juul and to have to shell even more to get the benefits of CBD is unnecessary.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that these CBD Juul Pods are especially attractive to those people who are desiring to take fewer puffs from tobacco. CBD as mentioned earlier can help with reducing cravings, reducing withdrawal symptoms (and anxiety), and reducing smoking cues.

With this notion in mind, filling CBD oil into these pods is a game changer due to the refill issue among many things. These CBD Juul Pods are of course compatible with your Juul device.

Another good thing about the CBD Juul Pods is that they possess the highest quality just like the original nicotine Juul devices.

Who Are The CBD JUUL Pods For?

The obvious answer is that the CBD Juul Pods are for everyone who already possesses a Juul. However, vaping CBD possesses numerous benefits to your brain, body, and overall lifestyle. Boosting your endocannabinoid system shouldn’t be overlooked.

To expound on the benefits, one should immediately start with the ease of use with using this device. From beginners who aren’t the least tech-savvy, beginning to use CBD Juul Pods is much more easier than one would expect.

Lastly, a cool trait about the CBD Juul Pods is the ease of tracking your dosage and amounts. For example, one of the CBD Juul Pods contains 200 mg and approximately 200 puffs. With this knowledge in mind, vaping CBD is met with extreme precision and effectiveness.

What Makes Hemp Pods Special?

The unique advantage point stems from already being a reputable manufacturer with a pristine reputation in the established closed-system device industry, you’re going to get high-quality industrial hemp along with everything else being of premium value.

Think of the initial ingredients as a starter kit that is pivotal for the success of the entire process, especially when it comes to eradicating problems dealing with leaking pods.

The CBD Juul Pods are wickless and contain a ceramic coil. This simply means that your flavor is going to be enhanced.

Therefore in addition to the highly beneficial health benefits, you’re getting to enjoy the terpenes further leading to a positive flavored experience.

You Benefit From The Entourage Effect

Another underrated benefit of using these CBD Juul Pods is due to the manufacturing process of using only the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD oil that retains all the terpenes and additional cannabinoids (besides THC).

This simply leads to the entourage effect taking place. Think of the entourage effect as all of these compounds working synergistically to create an even better user experience which benefits potential pain and other issues.

High Terpenes Concentration


Thanks to the terpenes in this proprietary oil formula, you receive Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, and Linalool.

The benefits are vast, but some of the noteworthy ones include anti-inflammatory properties, muscle relaxer, mood elevator, antifungal and antibacterial properties, and boosting the immune system.

How Much Will A CBD JUUL Pod Last?

No matter how good a product may be, it still wouldn’t be ideal if you had to constantly refill it and spend more money each time. Thanks that isn’t the case with the CBD Juul Pods as they will last for two fills.

CBD JUUL Pods: The Final Word

Nicotine salts and other similar tools were once the mainstays to helping people curb their tobacco.

One of the newer and more effective ways to help with smoking is to use CBD. While trends come and go, this trend of using CBD is here to stay since it’s already starting to show benefits that are backed by research instead of hearsay.

With that in mind, CBD Juul Pods are a much welcome addition to the overall CBD marketplace.

Using these CBD Juul Pods is beneficial since they come in three different strength levels to cater to those individuals specific weight and specific condition being treated. These CBD Juul Pods come in a 50mg dose, a 100mg dose, or a 200mg dose for the most intense of situations.

A revolutionary smoking cessation aid that is convenient and easy to use is a no brainer to try for those who want to curb their smoking habit. And also not to be left out, a no brainer to use for those who already enjoy CBD.

But if you prefer to enjoy CBD in other ways, Farma Health recommends the following brands and products:

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