CBD Gummies: The Benefits And The 10 Brands To Try [2020 Update]

CBD Gummies: The Benefits And The 10 Brands To Try [2020 Update]

There are tons of CBD products available on the market, and CBD gummies are one of the most popular kinds.

CBD gummies are easy to take and makes taking the right dosage a breeze.

While there are 10 brands worth considering further down in the article, here are three additional brands that are highly touted and worth checking out.

Farma Health recommends gummies from Chill Plus Bears, Not Pot and Sunday Scaries.

CBD Gummies: The Highlights

  • CBD gummies are made using CBD oil. They have the same flavor and texture as regular gummy bears.
  • CBD gummies may be able to treat an array of ailments like cramps, pain, and anxiety to name a few.
  • CBD gummies normally do not contain THC, but if they do, they will have at most 0.3%. Not enough to get a user high.
  • Some of the effects that a user can expect to experience from cannabidiol gummies may include a calming and relaxed sensation.
  • CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways to ensure a user gets the proper CBD dosage.

Best CBD Gummies To Try

When deciding which CBD gummies to buy, you’ll need to take a few factors into consideration:

  • CBD concentration
  • Effectiveness
  • Flavor
  • Price

Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies

Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies

Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies offer consumers a high-dosage CBD gummy that is 100 percent vegan.

Each gummy has 25 mg of CBD isolate which ensures consistency and purity of CBD. One package contains 5 gummies for a total of 125 mg CBD per package.

Independent lab tests by Farma Health shows that they have 25.9 mg CBD per gummy.

Green Roads Gummies Reviews

Green Roads Gummies

Green Roads Gummies have good flavors and are all manufactured from 100 percent Organic Industrial Hemp, without any trace of THC. They are a bit pricier, which is why they got an 8.2/10 on Vapor Vanity:

Green Roads CBD Gummies

Here are some CBD Gummies from the Farma Health store:

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

Bag of Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies offer a sweet and sour way to get your daily CBD dose. 

They are sugar coated and offer an intense, yet sweet flavor. They have a very mild aftertaste, but all in all, they are quite tasty and delicious.

Since they can be a bit pricier than some of the other items I mentioned so far, it would be best to buy them in bulk so you can save up.

What consumers seem to like the most about these gummies is their extraordinary flavor as well as their performance. On Vapor Vanity they were given a 9.1/10 judged on performance, packaging, pricing, and flavors:

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies review

Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD gummies are the favorite choice of many consumers.

Highland Pharms uses the whole hemp plant when making their famous gummies from natural ingredients and since they use the whole plant they include other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBN, CBG.

The only downside about this brand is that although they claim to use ultra-high-grade hemp, there is no laboratory testing or any certificates to prove their claims.

However, customers seem to like their variety of products, so let’s see what one satisfied customer had to say about the product:

Highland Pharms CBD Gummies review

Chill CBD Gummies

Bag of Chill CBD Gummies

Chill CBD Gummies are tasty and chewy and a bit more affordable than the first few products I mentioned. They have a lot of healing properties and can boost your overall body’s health.

The gummies are free from THC, they are naturally and artificially flavored to give you that very familiar gummy bear taste and they can be taken daily without causing any side effects or harm.

The Chill CBD Gummies are only sold online which might be seen as an inconvenience by some, but it actually makes things even easier, if you ask me.

Relax CBD Gummies

Bag of Relax CBD Gummies

Relax CBD Gummies come in a lot of different and appealing flavors. They taste great and are a very easy way to get your CBD from organic hemp plants.

You’ll finally have a snack that’s also good for you and will get you relaxed and calm. What most customers love about them is the fact that they really help with sleep, anxieties and to a point with depression as well.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scarie

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are a safe and natural alternative that will help you get a good night’s rest and will ease your anxieties and stress.

They are made from high-quality hemp products and take only about half an hour to affect you.

They come with all the positive benefits from CBD without the unwanted high from THC, which means that they are safe, legal and available to use in all 50 states.

Here’s what a few customers had to say about the product:

CBD Gummies

Medici Quest CBD Gummy Bears

If you’re looking to eliminate stress, reduce pain and anxiety and get some well-deserved sleep, then you might want to give this brand a try.

They’ll help you reach a calmer, more relaxed state in a fast and most of all safe manner and you’ll be able to notice improvements in less than a week, as some consumers say.

Captain CBD Gummies

Captain CBD Gummies do wonder for pain and anxiety. They come in sweet and sour flavors and are more affordable than a lot of today’s popular CBD gummies that you’ll find on the market.

They are fresh; they taste good and do not have that weird aftertaste that some CBD edibles have.

You can experience visible results after 20 minutes of your dose, and you can expect them to last for at least a couple of hours.

Although these products aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, they are extremely popular among CBD consumers, and people seem to have an amazing experience with the products and the company as well.

PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies

CBD Gummies

PureKana makes CBD gummies that are 100 percent vegan. They make a wide range of different CBD oil products, but they are most famous for their vegan gummies.

Part of this fame is from their extreme transparency. Every product lists every single ingredient that it contains. Furthermore, they even list the measurements of the ingredients.

This level of transparency is what makes them one of the most trustworthy brands in the industry.

Fab CBD Chews

CBD Gummies

This brand might be most famous for their hemp oil. However, they make equally impressive CBD gummies from the same oil.

Fab CBD calls them chews instead of gummies, but they are still gummies. They are the usual organic, non-GMO, and vegan product that you would expect.

They use CO2 to extract the CBD from the hemp plant, which leaves no residual chemicals.

Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies

Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies

Thanks to a thick and rigid consistency, you can cut these into smaller portions as needed if 25mg is too much for you to handle.

With a very short list of ingredients, you’re left with a very lean and clean product. You could read the entire ingredients list in 15 seconds.

Infinite CBD Asteroids don’t use any artificial flavors, as those would tarnish the effectiveness of the CBD. Every ingredient is natural, and void of sugar.

Unlike other gummies that have an unnecessarily sweet coating, these are mildly sweetened, but nothing overpowering.

Green Roads Gummies

Green Roads Gummies

Being derived from hemp, Green Roads gummies have a high concentration of CBD without being overpowering.

You can get these in sugar bears, or relaxing nighttime CBD gummies to help you get better sleep when the sun goes down.

One of the best aspects of Green Roads is that they’re constantly developing new CBD gummy flavors and varieties, and doing what they can to cut down on costs.

They even have some 25mg packs of gummies that are designed for on-the-go use, sporting their fantastic flavors and recipes.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Review

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Apart from their excellent ratings, Hemp Bombs are also available in three different intensities.

You have original, high-potency, and sleep gummies, so you can customize your CBD experience based on what you need.

With their lineup of capsules, oils and other edibles, Hemp Bombs is constantly innovating their recipes and getting more concentrated CBD into their products to help you with your anxiety and sleep.

They enrich their sleep gummies with melatonin to help you fully relax at night.

Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms

And while their gummies are excellent, and reviews like these really help solidify their effectiveness, Highland Pharms also uses CBD in a variety of other ways.

From waxes to superfoods, vape oils and pet treats, they incorporate it into just about everything you can imagine.

Their gummies and extracts can be extremely cost-effective, especially compared to some other brands that we’ve discussed on this list.

If you’re going for a budget-friendly approach, Highland Pharms is a good place to start and discover if you enjoy their products.

Chill CBD Gummies

Chill CBD Gummies

Chill is a good CBD gummy company, but it’s important to know that they’re a growing company and subject to make mistakes.

That’s why they offer a free two-day shipping policy just like Amazon, as well as a 15-day return policy, which is longer than you’ll find with most edibles online.

Everything they make is created in the United States, so you’re not getting sourced from a bunch of sketchy areas.

While Chill makes some excellent CBD gummies, they also make excellent K-Cup variety CBD coffee and liquid.

Relax CBD Gummies

Relax Dietary Supplement

They’re an excellently inexpensive way to get up to 100mg of CBD for an alarmingly low price, which can help out anyone on a shoestring budget who needs CBD to relieve anxiety and stress in their lives.

Apart from the flavors and price, they’re also very sustainable. Relax CBD gummies have a high melting point, so if you get these shipped to your home, they should hold up in the mail even in warmer climates.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries are known for the CBD oil, but when they transitioned over into gummies, the world of CBD changed.

They even offer vegan sour gummies if you want to get that healthy dose of CBD with an enjoyable, sweet and tangy flavor to it.

They’re big on the scientific studios behind CBD, and with the boost of Vitamin D3 found in their gummies, they’re good for sleeping as well as keeping negative, angry thoughts at bay.

They’re the perfect price and dosage to mellow you out and reduce stress without being harsh on your wallet.

Medici Quest CBD Gummy Bears

CBD Gummies In Bowl

One of the main reasons people vy for Medici Quest is their price. If you can get 10mg of CBD per gummy without having to spend a lot of money, you would look for the exact same thing.

These come sugar-coated, so you’ll have a nice sweet chase with that potent CBD inside each gummy.

Medici Quest is also known to make CBD vaping products, which they guarantee has no THC whatsoever in them.

If you’re still on that vape and the gummies are just a little too sweet for you, they have other options. It’s fair to say that for the budget-conscious CBD buyer, Medici Quest hits the nail on the head.

Captain CBD Gummies

Captain CBD Gummies

Apart from being affordable, Captain ensures that everything they do comes with a zero THC guarantee, particularly because of how they extract CBD from the cannabis plant. It’s all about the medicinal qualities here.

Captains should be enjoyed one at a time, but it’s not uncommon for some people to need a second one to feel that effect if nothing occurs in the first ten minutes.

While they’re hailed by many, sometimes the CBD strength can change depending on your order.

PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies

PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies

A lot of the products that usually go into gummies are not vegan-friendly, but their attention to detail and lack of additives makes us believe that each 25mg gummy really packs as much of a punch as they claim.

They do have a slightly longer shipping time than most are used to, and one other thing you need to think about is their sustainability.

Vegan gummies expire quicker than normal gummies, so you need to plan your ordering times and bulk quantities accordingly.

Fab CBD Chews

Fab CBD Chews

With a nice bite of sweetness, these naturally fruit-flavored vegan gummies come in packs of 750mg (25mg per chew), in a nice light-blocking bottle so that they don’t become tarnished or expire in transit.

That being said, you shouldn’t leave this in direct sunlight just to be safe. Vegan products are slightly less sustainable than standard gummy products and ingredients, and you don’t want these to melt on you.

What To Look For In CBD Gummies?

Choosing the right CBD gummies can be somewhat difficult because of a large number of manufacturers on the market.

The most important things to look for in a manufacturer are that the CBD is natural, it does not have THC, and no synthetic chemicals are used.

If you follow those guidelines, then you can easily find good CBD gummies.

Do CBD Gummies Make You High?

CBD Gummies will not get a user high. CBD gummies, if they have THC, will at most have 0.3%, which is not enough to get a user high.

Can CBD Gummies Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Drug Test Result form

Both CBD and THC are types of cannabinoids that can be isolated from the cannabis plant, but their properties are very different and therefore belong in two different classes.

Regular drug tests normally look only for THC, the psychoactive constituent in cannabis that makes users high.

If your CBD-rich gummies do not have any traces of the psychoactive constituent of cannabis this usually means that you are good to go.

If the CBD edibles you’re eating are made from full spectrum CBD oil, then the gummies will have very low amounts (0.3%) of THC.

This low amount is not enough to produce a high or cause a user to fail a drug test.

Hemp Oil Gummies: Are They Different Than CBD Gummies?

Hemp Oil gummies are essentially the same as CBD Oil gummies.

The significant difference is that Hemp Oil gummies are made from the hemp plant.

The downside to hemp oil is the extraction process is more difficult and yields less CBD than the cannabis plant, which is where CBD oil comes from.

Much like CBD Oil gummies, Hemp Oil gummies do not contain THC. At least not enough to produce the ‘high’ associated with THC. Hemp Oil gummies can have maximum 0.3 percent THC, which is the legal limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of CBD Gummies

Woman Eating CBD Gummies

There are a lot of health benefits associated with CBD gummies.

They are an easy and convenient way to get CBD, without dealing with the side effects that would normally come with THC gummies, for example.

CBD products are not only associated with medical benefits, but with psychological as well.

Let’s have a closer look at all the advantages that come with using CBD gummies on a regular basis:

CBD Gummies For Pain and Cramps

Many of us have experienced pain in one form or another, and although most of us were always used to reaching for the pills, once you realize that there is a much better, safer and sweeter option available, you will not want to go back.

CBD Gummies have anti-inflammatory effects and act as natural pain relievers, proving to be very useful in chronic pain treatment.

Helps With Anxiety and Depression

CBD products have been proven to work very well in treating anxieties and depression.

CBD gummies can be used to help patients with social anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD as well as panic disorders.

Works For Back Pain

CBD Gummies

As I mentioned before, CBD cannabidiol has been proven to work very well as a pain reliever, which includes back pain as well.

CBD has been found to be very effective in back pain treatments and treatments of chronic pain. It significantly reduces the pain and enables the person to get back to a normal life.

Effective With Arthritis

CBD oils or hemp oils can play a huge role in arthritis treatments. Arthritis is a serious disease that affects almost 50 million Americans. It causes inflammation, pain, and even stiffness.

It can be a very difficult condition to live which, which is why people are looking into alternative medicine and a lot of them are finding that in medical marijuana as well as CBD products.

The way CBD hemp works is that it helps calm down the swelling releases some of the pain and eliminates the feeling of stiffness in the joints.

Although so far there is evidence of all of these three effects of CBD in the treatment of arthritis, more research needs to be done to see exactly how beneficial the hemp plant is in the treatment of this disease.

CBD Gummies for Better Sleep

Man sleeping in bed

With the busy lives that we’re getting more and more used to leading, there is absolutely no chance for most of us to get a proper night’s rest these days. That’s where CBD gummies jump in.

They are the best way to enjoy the benefits of CBD while satisfying your sugar cravings as well.

I already mentioned before that there are a lot of calming and relaxing benefits that are associated with cannabidiol, and what else do we need to sleep well, if not to be relaxed and in a balanced state of mind?

CBD that’s available in supplement form and in the form of edibles can affect many of the body’s functions and can help you regulate your sleep cycles, physiological processes as well as your appetite, your mood, and cognitive functions.

Should You Take CBD Gummies During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Although CBD has shown much promise when it comes to treating some medical issues that may occur during pregnancy and nursing as well, there simply isn’t enough research to show whether or not women can safely use the oil and all its derivations.

Doctors are still not quite sure what to tell their patients when they come in with such inquiries, simply because they do not have enough information to base a firm opinion on.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

Today, you can find CBD products in many forms, including CBD gummies. Unlike medical cannabis, they, and all other CBD products are legal in all 50 states.

Even if medical cannabis isn’t legal in the state you live in, CBD products can be purchased legally.

The only important thing you have to consider if you live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal is whether or not the CBD edibles that you’re trying to buy are derived from marijuana or from hemp.

Can CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

Woman Holding For Her Head

Absolutely. CBD gummies generally contain about 25mg of CBD on average, which could be enough to reduce stress and light levels of anxiety.

However, it’s important to understand that for some people, 25mg isn’t enough to ward off high levels of acute anxiety.

There was a study which provided anxiety patients with a placebo, or 400mg of CBD to relieve their symptoms. It turns out that placebo didn’t really work here, and CBD actually does work to cut down on anxiety.

So what does it mean for you?

It means that you should try out CBD gummies can offer just enough to mitigate your anxiety and subsequent stress levels, but only if you use them properly.

If it turns out that you need more CBD oil to handle your anxiety, try dealing with two gummies at the same time. Just be sure to monitor cost and effectiveness.

Can You Get High Off CBD?

No, you cannot get high off of CBD.

Pure and simple, CBD is the medicinal part of the cannabis plant, while THC is the psycho-active compound (one of 113 total compounds).

CBD makes up about 40% of the cannabis plant, give or take, which is all of the oil.

I will say this: it’s impossible to guarantee 0% THC in these, just like how decaf coffee still has a very small amount of caffeine in it. However, the quantity is negligible.

Some gummy companies and CBD products in general will state that there is 0% THC, but when you dig in, you’ll find small numbers like 0.1% to 0.3% of a total potential THC volume.

That’s because extracting CBD oil is a tenuous process, and throughout it, small tidbits of THC might get inside.

Even if you took five gummies at once for a total of 125mg of CBD, that’s still a max of about 1mg to 1.5mg of THC in the worst-case scenario, which isn’t enough to make you high.

However, that’s why CBD products are not legal for minors to use outside of extreme medical situations, such as acute seizures.

Do CBD Gummies Make You Gain Weight?

Man Measuring Waist

We’ve all heard about “getting the munchies” from weed, and some of those appetite-inducing effects do in fact come from CBD.

You may have noticed an increased appetite, but you might also experience a lowered appetite because of how CBD reduces stress in the body, and many people stress eat.

In itself, CBD is not going to make you gain fat, and the gummies that they come in aren’t chock full of a high calorie count that will make you fat, either.

It’s all about how you handle the potential appetite increase.

For this, it’s a good idea to have CBD after you’ve eaten something for two reasons: it’s hard on some people’s stomachs, and if you already have food in your system that you chose during a moment of sound mind, you may feel less hungry in the long haul.

CBD Gummies: The Last Word

CBD gummies are an excellent way to get all the benefits of hemp without having to consume the concentrated oil. Some CBD enthusiasts do not like oil, which makes edibles the next best choice.

Especially for those that need to consume CBD to reduce pain or sleep.

Vaporizing works well for immediate relief. However, the relief is relatively short-lived, which means that you must continuously inhale more oil. This process is impractical, or impossible, for some.

Fortunately, edible CBD gummies are widely available, and everyone already likes normal gummies.

To start taking CBD gummies, Farma Health recommends giving these brands a try.

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  1. Hello I would like to know if this product the CBD gummy bear would help with epilepsy seizures in a six-year-old ? we have tried every medical medicine on the market , they have such terrible side effects and still no relief thank you for your time . Betty

    1. Farma Health Editor

      Hi Betty,
      Studies and many of our readers say that CBD works very well to fight seizures in all ages. Here is a quote from https://cbdoil.blog/cbd/

      With epilepsy specifically, there are two sub-conditions known as Lannax Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and Davet Syndrome. Research has shown that kids suffering from these conditions that were administered a CBD medication showed a 39% reduction in seizures.

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