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 CBD For Sale – Where Should You Buy CBD From?


Due to the rising demand for CBD oil products – increasingly being discovered by the masses who are experiencing the many healing benefits of CBD oil products the demand for CBD oil products is higher than ever before. Therefore, as a consumer who might benefit from CBD oil, it is important to be educated on where you can purchase CBD oil and what constitutes an effective, pure, high-quality CBD.

CBD For Sale: The Highlights

  • Both the legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill and the increasing numbers of people experiencing improved health after consuming either marijuana-based CBD oil or hemp-derived CBD oil have caused an ever-increasing demand for CBD oil products.
  • The rising demand for both CBD oil is causing the need for more shops, chain stores, dispensaries, and online stores to have CBD oil for sale.
  • Easy places to look for hemp-derived, as well as marijuana-based CBD products, are places such as dispensaries, head shops, vape shops, regular chain stores, and online stores.
  • As more and more brands of CBD oil become available to consumers, it is well to note that not all CBD oil products are created equal and should be considered a product worth purchasing only if it meets certain quality standards.
  • Quality standards that ensure high-caliber CBD oil products include making sure the CBD oil product line is third-party tested, proof of the exact THC content, knowing where the company sources its cannabis or hemp plants, the type of CBD oil it is, that its CO2 extracted, and that there is a clearly stated dosage per serving.

Where Can You Buy CBD?

The demand for both hemp and cannabis-derived CBD oil products continue to rise. Many of these popular CBD oil products include tinctures mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or MCT oil, CBD isolates, CBD gummies, CBD vape oils, and now even CBD alcohol and tobacco products.

The reason for this drastic rise in demand is two-fold. First, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for nationwide cultivation, production, and marketing of industrial hemp and hemp oil products. 

Also, increasing numbers of people are seeing inflammation and pain relief related to health disorders or diseases and other tangible health benefits. This recipe undoubtedly makes for big CBD business.

Now, not only is the word getting out about the power of both cannabis and hemp-derived CBD oils, but hemp itself is now legal in all 50 states. This ultimately means that there is a need for more and more shops, chain stores, dispensaries, and online stores to have CBD oil for sale.

All the different ways you can obtain your preferred type of CBD oil have their benefits and their pitfalls. Therefore, it is necessary to be educated not only about the various ways you can purchase CBD oil but also of what qualifies an oil as high-quality to ensure the wisest purchase choice. 

Should You Shop CBD On Large Consumer Marketplaces?

Although CBD oil under common labels such as “hemp extract” or “hemp oil” – is available on marge consumer marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, it is smarter not to buy from these places.

The reason for this is because the people who sell their unique brand of CBD oil on these platforms can claim that their oil has all the commonly-known health benefits and quality standards without these claims actually being wholly true. 

In order to avoid questionable CBD oils, it is best to purchase from companies who have proven quality standards and have plenty of positive feedback via customer reviews. 

Regular Shops That Sell CBD Oil

Due to CBD oil’s increasing popularity, it is now easier to find than ever before to buy CBD oil. Although most of the following commonly known stores do not carry CBD oil products containing THC, they now offer hemp-derived CBD oil products designed for topical use or as a dietary supplement:


You can now buy CBD products in Some Kroger stores throughout the U.S. Although Kroger will not be carrying ingestable CBD oil, they will offer topical hemp-derived CBD oil products such as lotions, creams, oils, and balms. The price will range from $3.99 up to $59.99. Brand names are not known as of yet.


Many Walmarts are now carrying hemp-derived CBD oil products. These include products such as hemp protein, hemp oil soft gels, hemp capsules, raw hemp seeds, and hemp oil-infused topicals. 


CVS stores in eight states now carry hemp-derived CBD oil products. These states include California, Alabama, Illinois, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Maryland and will be available in 800 stores.

Their CBD oil products include Sprays, creams, and roll-ons. 


Walgreens is now carrying hemp-derived CBD and cannabis-based CBD oil products in states where marijuana is legal. These states include Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky, New Mexico, South Carolina, Vermont, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana.

Hemp-derived CBD oil products include patches, creams, and sprays and will be carried in 1,500 stores nationwide.

Dispensaries Sell CBD

If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that can legally have marijuana dispensaries, then visiting your nearest dispensary is a great option. Having an in-store, in-person experience is great for answering any questions you might have and being thoroughly educated about CBD products. 

Most CBD oils in dispensaries will contain THC, albeit in varying strengths. Therefore, make sure that if you want a CBD oil with the least amount of THC – so you do not experience a psychoactive high – you ask the dispensary clerk for a CBD oil with three percent or less THC concentration.  

Head Shops Might Store CBD

Cannabis head shops are also a great option in your search for high-quality CBD products for sale. However, like the dispensary option, head shops will only be found in states where recreational or medical cannabis is legal.

Head shops are cultural retail stores that will carry both recreational and medical marijuana products along with other cannabis products and paraphernalia. Due to the fact that many head shops tend to concentrate more on the recreational value of THC-heavy cannabis products, Low-THC CBD oils may or may not be available. In this case, giving the shop a call beforehand is the best course of action for people who do not wish to experience a psychoactive high.

Buying CBD Online (What To Look Out For)

Buying CBD oil online is by far, the most convenient and easy way to obtain your favored CBD oil product. There’s no travel time and expense. Also, prices can sometimes be cheaper, reflecting more of a wholesale price versus a retail one. 

However, in your quest to buy CBD oil at its highest quality, it is good to keep in mind that not all CBD oils are created equal. 

As CBD becomes more popular, the demand rises. This ultimately means that as more and more companies within the cannabis industry make their own CBD oil, there will be increasing numbers of companies who are not willing to adhere to the high-quality standards that constitute a pure CBD oil. 

They simply desire profit in a high-demand market without regard to individuals health or even to the effectiveness of their product.

Therefore, the following criteria will help you to determine which companies to buy your CBD oil from:

Third Party Lab Tests

It is important that companies not only have their CBD oil lab-tested by third parties but that they also provide the results on their website or their educational materials. A third-party lab report, or a certificate of analysis, should be able to prove that a company can live up to its claims. 

This means organic hemp or cannabis oil that contains no harmful contaminants and will accurately reveal exactly how much THC is contained within it.

If a brand does not openly share lab results, it either means they do not conduct third-party lab testing or that their results were less than excellent. 

THC Concentration

Knowing the exact THC potency is an extremely important factor. Some people who do not wish to experience psychoactive highs or who live in a state where THC-containing CBD oil is illegal will want to rest assured that the CBD oil for sale is either free of THC altogether or that it contains only trace amounts.  

Hemp Source And Cultivation

Knowing what quality of cannabis or hemp plants a company is utilizing in the production of their CBD oil is also crucial. The way to ensure that a company uses hemp farms that produce clean and full-spectrum hemp or cannabis oil is to research whether or not the industrial hemp or cannabis plants used are organic. 

If they are not, you can be assured that the plants are most likely GMO and contain heavy metals as well as chemical residues such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Type Of CBD Product

Another big factor is knowing exactly what type of CBD oil products your thinking of purchasing. Is it derived from the cannabis Sativa hemp plant or the cannabis Sativa marijuana plant? CBD oil products derived from the hemp plant will not produce any unwanted psychoactive effects. Cannabis oil products, on the other hand, will produce such effects. 

Also, as stated previously, CBD oils that contain THC have varying levels of THC. A THC concentration of point three percent or less won’t give you a buzz. Anything above that will affect the brain and body in a drug-like manner.

Extraction Method

When searching for an effective CBD oil product, you want to go with a company that uses the best extraction method to ensure the highest purity without adding contamination to the oil. The best extraction method is called the CO2 method.  

CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide – which is a clean, organic compound  to extract full spectrum oil from cannabis plants. It then uses the same carbon dioxide to compress the oil into a supercritical cold liquid which preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids within the oil. 

CBD Dosage

Companies should always provide the exact milligram dosage per serving for their CBD oil. This ensures that people do not get too much or too little CBD. 

CBD For Sale – The Final Thought

As the CBD industry continues to expand, it is important to not only be well educated on the best places to buy CBD oil products but also to make sure the CBD oil product you decide to purchase meets all the above-mentioned quality standards. This ensures the chances of experiencing improved health and an overall better quality of life.