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CBD For Athletes: What You Need To Know


Athletes around the world are using CBD to enhance their performances, and multiple manufacturers sell products specially-developed for this purpose. CBD offers all the medicinal benefits of marijuana without getting you high.

CBD For Athletes: The Highlights

  • Athletes are always searching for ways to improve their performances, so it was only a matter of time until they incorporated CBD into their routine.
  • Several world-class athletes are already using CBD to better themselves, and experts estimate that more will follow.
  • CBD helps athletes overcome the pain resulting from daily training.
  • With the help of CBD, athletes can control their appetite and lose weight when they have to fit in a weight category.
  • Several products have been helping athletes improve their performances.

Why Professional Athletes are Using CBD

Athletes are always looking for the next best product to integrate into their athletic regimen whether it be different powdered enhancers, the next best pain relief cream, or that new food that has to be part of their diet. Too often are these alternatives costly and sometimes harmful to the body over time.

This has naturally led athletes down the path of CBD. Recently the stigma around cannabis-related products has begun to ease and people are discovering the incredible health benefits you can obtain from taking CBD. Don’t know what CBD is? That’s okay, let me break it down for you quickly.

CBD is a cannabinoid (just a fancy word for a chemical compound) that is found inside of cannabis. Instead of getting you high (like its counterpart THC), CBD provides a multitude of health benefits that an athlete can benefit from, which I will cover in more detail later on.

Professional athletes have begun to use CBD as an alternative to historic performance supplements. The core reason why athletes have begun to gravitate towards CBD is the lack of side-effects. This allows athletes to take CBD and still perform at the extremely high level they are expected to.

Not convinced yet? Let me present to you 3 professional athletes and give a small summary on why they take CBD to see if I can change your mind.

Athletes Who Use CBD                      

 Sketch of man jumping over hurdles

Eugene Monroe, Former NFL Offensive Tackle

Monroe was formally a Baltimore Raven Offensive tackle. We decided to start with Mr. Munroe because of the contributions he has made to the CBD community. He was the first pro athlete to talk about the health benefits that CBD can provide athletes.

Munroe was part of the ‘When the Bright Lights Fade’, a research study conducted to look at the effects CBD can have on head injury. He has gone on the record in countless occasions raving about how incredibly beneficial CBD had been in treating head injuries.

Nate Diaz. Professional Fighter, UFC

Diaz is another large personality who has forever impacted UFC and has been a long time advocate of CBD related products. Diaz famously attended a media event vaping CBD oil during his interview last year after his defeat against world champion Connor McGregor.

When asked about why he uses CBD oil Nate often describes its anti-inflammatory benefits and how it helps him recover after fights.

Leonard Marshall

Another professional football player to crack our top three list is Marshall, who was a Defensive End for the New York Giants. Like most football players, Marshall began to develop signs of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), an injury to the brain that is the results from repeated concussions.

Marshall became an advocate for football safety focusing on player’s health before anything else. Not surprisingly Marshall has repeatedly advocated for player’s use of CBD for traumatic head injuries as well as other benefits such as inflammation.

CBD for Athletes: What the Research Says

A study conducted in April of 2018 by Joseph Maroon of the University of Pittsburgh regarding CBD demonstrated that people who are involved in athletic performance can have incredibly beneficial effects from integrating CBD into their daily routine.

CBD For Athletes Benefits

Here are the key benefits of CBD for Athletes.

Pain Relief

CBD Oil For Pain Relief spelled out

When it comes to pain relief CBD is at the forefront of natural health solutions. CBD has been proven to be effective at treating pain related illnesses in animals.

For example, a study that was conducted in the European Journal of Pain showed an oil-based CBD product helped increase the range of motion of the animals as they developed a lower pain threshold.

Currently, researchers are looking to conduct the same tests on human’s but the statistical probability of finding its benefits are extremely high! This would be a large breakthrough for the athletic community as CBD would be a reliable replacement for ibuprofen.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

According to recent studies, it was found that inflammation is part of a cell’s natural life cycle. This means that all humans will naturally deal with inflammation at some point in their life.

The reason why it occurs is that our red blood cells block off a part of the body that it thinks has been overtaken by foreign “toxic cells”, so in reality, we should be thanking inflammation.

At some point, inflammation becomes an issue when the pain becomes chronic. This can be extremely painful due to the high amounts of toxic chemicals in your cells. CBD helps unwind this process by helping your red blood cells break down the invaders and help lessen the pain.

Most athletes have become accustomed to the painfully nagging effects of inflammation due to repeated injury. CBD can provide a steady flow of relief for the user which can help improve your training routine.

Stress Reduction

Many athletes won’t want to admit it but their bodies are not the only thing that they put under stress. Athletes are subject to incredible amounts of mental stress that are a result of their coaches, teammates, and fans pressure.

As stress mounts, an athlete’s performance has been proven to drop. CBD can be a helpful solution to this issue. CBD interacts in the way our brain receptors communicate with each other. It lowers the number of anxious thoughts that can be transmitted through the brain and results in a better flow of thought.

Appetite Control

Hungry meter from low to high

Losing weight to increase speed and performance is a common goal for many athletes. To achieve their ideal weight, some athletes struggle to not consume too much food. This is another area where CBD can really help users.

A part of the brain called the hypothalamus is what is connected to your stomach and tells your body you are hungry. Although studies cannot provide concrete evidence it seems as though CBD interacts with the hypothalamus the same way it does with stress receptors.

Thus it can effectively decrease the amount of hunger you feel in a given day.

Improved Recovery

When you are recovering from that last game or just your last workout it is important to give your body the attention it needs to perform at its peak levels.

CBD can help put the human body into a deeply calming state and allow your muscles to relax. Do not get this confused with the typical couch potato high you get from smoking typical cannabis, CBD has no psychoactive effects thus you get the relaxant state without the laziness.

Head Injuries

Treating head injuries with CBD is not a new topic. As I discussed above with Leonard Marshall and Eugene Monroe, some football players have already taken advantage of the incredibly positive health benefits of CBD.

The body naturally produces neuroprotectant, a type of chemical that is produced that helps decrease neurological damage to the brain following trauma. CBD was found to be a helpful neuroprotectant thus can reduce the pain felt after injury and help protect your brain of further damage.

Five CBD Products Athletes Should Try

If you are thinking that maybe a CBD product could be right for you then try out some of the best CBD products that athletes should try in 2019   

Everhemp Bar

The Everhemp Bar is a non-GMO, gluten-free, non-dairy meal health bar that is a perfect meal replacement. In the ever-changing snack market products are constantly being loaded with additives and unnatural supplements.

The Everhemp bar is a perfect all-natural snack solution that provides you with your daily dose of CBD.

CBD Protein Powder From Floyd’s of Leadville

Floyd's of Leadville Protein Powder

Athletes always struggle to find a protein powder that is lean and still able to provide them with sufficient protein after a workout. Floyd’s of Leadville has hit the mark with this one providing the user with 27 grams of protein per scoop and 25 mg of CBD.

An added benefit of this product is that you get the post workout protein that your body craves while benefiting from the therapeutic health benefits of the CBD as discussed above.

Hemp Health Pharma Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has historically been an incredible source of fiber, potassium and all the healthy fats that allow your body to run on peak efficiency. Not only does this product provide you with all those benefits in also contains a portion of full spectrum CBD.

Most food products that incorporate CBD into their product have a un-satisfying taste but the way that the CBD oil and peanut oil mix has an incredible flavor.

Strava Craft Focus Coffee Beans

Struggling to get up for that morning practice? Strava has you covered. It has made Focus, the hemp oil infused coffee so that you can perform at your optimum level.

This product provides you with a dose of caffeine while providing calm and alert properties.

Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is a perfect solution for your aches and pains. It is loaded with tons of natural ingredients such as Aloe and Chamomile to provide pain relief. Add this one to your next Amazon order as it is available through the online retailer.

Using CBD To Be Your Best Active Self

Athletes hold their bodies to the highest possible standard. It is incredibly important that we give the body the necessary ingredients for it to succeed. CBD is a property that has been in the dark until researchers begun to find its previously unknown potentials.

Whether it be to aid in your next recovery, help with a nagging head injury, or to improve your overall health, adding CBD to your daily routine might help you become your best self.