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CBD For Acute Stress Disorder: What You Need To Know


You can never predict or fully control what will happen in your life or the live’s of your friends and family. The only thing you can do most of the time is reacting in the aftermath.

Everyone reacts differently in traumatic and stressful situations, whether it be for better or for worse, it is not a matter of will or choice. After traumatic and stressful events, the support of friends and family is vital and very important for recovery and health.

But, sometimes you need a little extra help from sources such as medicines and mental exercises, let us guide you towards a natural, healthy and effective tool.

What is Acute Stress Disorder?

Acute stress disorder (ASD) is one form of anxiety-based disorders. ASD usually occurs within a month of a traumatic or very stressful event. It can last anywhere from a few days all the way up to a month.

ASD is usually mistaken for the very similar symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ASD can be triggered by experiencing and/or witnessing traumatic events such as death, serious threats, and dangerous situations.

A study has reported that around 6 to 33 percent of people develop ASD following a traumatic event, with rates varying for different types of situations.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shock?

Shock happens when a person experiences trauma, blood loss, an allergic reaction, severe infection, poisoning, a stroke, critical burns or other severe cases. The shock comes with a multitude of symptoms such as:

  • Changes in mental state or behavior, such as anxiety or agitation
  • Weakness and fatigue in the body
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Pale skin
  • Cold or clammy skin
  • Rapid breathing
  • Enlarged pupils
  • Fainting or dizziness.

On top of these symptoms, when a person is in shock, their organs are not able to get enough blood or oxygen. If left untreated, a person can suffer from permanent organ damage and even death.

Nervous Breakdown Symptoms

A nervous breakdown can affect your physical and psychological state, including your behavior. Nervous breakdowns can be triggered by:

  • Constant work stress
  • Traumatic events
  • Injury or illness
  • Pre-existing anxiety disorders
  • A major life change
  • Inadequate rest
  • Financial issues.

The most common symptoms of a nervous breakdown are:

  • Flashbacks, similar to PTSD
  • Panic attacks that include loss of reality, extreme fear, chest pains and difficulty breathing
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Severe mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety, including raised blood pressure, tensing, shaking and upset stomach
  • Symptoms similar to depression.

What is CBD?

CBD For Acute Stress Disorder

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many compounds known as a cannabinoid that is naturally found within cannabis. Contrary to popular belief, not all parts of cannabis will get you high and many of them have beneficial uses towards medicine.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids that does not provide a psychoactive high, but rather a calming effect. There are currently ongoing studies being conducted on CBD due to its strong links towards the reduction of ailments related to pain, seizures, neurological disorders, and anxiety.

CBD is a safe, effective and easy to administer (ingestion, inhalation and topical) natural cannabis product.

Is CBD Legal?

The production of CBD is particularly tricky in some states due to regulations regarding hemp and cannabis growth for research and higher educational purposes.

However, there is a rule of thumb that states any cannabis or hemp product with 0.03 percent or less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is legal.

With that being said, the use of CBD is completely legal in 46 states, which vary on their laws regarding THC. Although 92 percent of the United States has ruled CBD as a legal product, there are still 4 states that are firmly holding out against cannabis as a whole.

These states are South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Idaho.

How Could CBD Help With ASD?

CBD has been known to help remedy basic anxiety and its symptoms, however, more experts and patients are looking towards CBD as a treatment for more severe cases of anxiety-based disorders.

A growing number of studies are currently underway with the mission to dive deeper into the positive connections between CBD and important systems of the body.

Aside from the obvious positive effects which take place on the surface, there are many reactions taking place within the body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors.

This system and its receptors play a key role in allowing CBD to alter the body’s state for the better.

CBD And The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system that is made up of lipid-based neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids.

These endocannabinoids bind to the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors that allow cannabinoids such as CBD to react with the body.

The ECS is known to be an important player in regulating the function of the brain, endocrine and immune tissues of the body. It has also been linked to the regulation of the hormones that are related to reproductive functions and stress response.

Studies On CBD And ASD

CBD is one of the two major cannabinoids (The other being THC) that have been found to help sufferers of anxiety-based disorders manage their symptoms.

These studies have covered many specific instances of the positive effects that CBD has on the human body.

These specific instances include the relationship between cannabinoid use and the termination of conditioned fear, the effect of cannabinoids and facilitating averse memories, the use of cannabis as a long-term anti-depressant and studies in relation to real-world events such as the attacks on the world trade center.

The Benefits Of Using CBD For ASD

Using CBD to treat any anxiety-based disorder, especially ASD is an important first step towards finding a healthy, long-term remedy.

The biggest benefit towards using CBD rather than prescribed medications is the reduced risk of creating another problem while trying to fix one. This is commonplace when using medicines that involve the altering of mental states.

What usually ends up happening is that the patient must take a daily cocktail of liver toxic, dependence inducing synthetic drugs.

CBD Stimulates Relaxation

In numerous studies involving stress and anxiety, participants have noted numerous improvements. Many reported a noticeable and pleasant rise in mood along with deep relaxation when using CBD at the end of a long day.

One trial tested participants who suffered from social anxiety and found that a dose of 600mg CBD reduced their worrying and stress in events such as public speaking.

CBD Improves Sleep

CBD For Acute Stress Disorder

CBD has proven to benefit users who suffer from sleep disorders that stemmed from PTSD to Parkinson’s Disease.

CBD was also found to help reduce abnormalities in REM sleep cycles in those suffering from disorders that stem from anxiety, chronic and regular pain, depression, addiction, and neurological problems.

CBD Inhibits Fear Expression

Studies on conditioned fear along with CBD have produced results that certain cannabinoid receptors can help regulate and enhance the emotional learning that is related to those who suffer from PTSD and ASD.

Aside from these studies, there are many testimonials from veterans who suffer from PTSD that vouch for the effectiveness of CBD in managing their hyperarousal for fear.

CBD Lowers The Emotional Impact Of Memories

In anxiety-based disorders, memories can play a big role when inducing a fit of anxiety and fear along with other symptoms. CBD has demonstrated the ability to regulate the creation of fear memories by interacting with the body’s serotonergic transmissions to the mesolimbic system.

Any disorder stemming from anxiety can become a chronic impairment toward living a meaningful and productive life. Sadly, many remedies towards these disorders can create bigger problems such as increased mental instability, organ damage, and even death.

The Last Word

Fortunately, CBD has been studied and continues to be studied for its benefits towards those suffering from ASD and PTSD. CBD affords patients an improved quality of life by reducing the arousal for fear, flashbacks, sleep trouble and anxiety.