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CBD Drug Test: Will CBD Use Produce A Positive Result?


The popularity of cannabinoid-rich oil created from the cannabis plant is on the rise across the globe. Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of the 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis. It is reported to provide several health benefits and for those tired of high priced pharmaceutical drugs offered by greedy pharma, it may be an answer to a prayer.

However, there are possible risks when deciding to hop on the CBD bandwagon. You just might have to weigh the pros against the cons when figuring out how much it could hurt or help you.

What is CBD?

As stated up above, the technical name for CBD is cannabidiol. It comes from the cannabis family. It can either be attained through hemp plants or marijuana plants. This is when it gets a bit tricky as we discuss its legality later on.

CBD is non-psychoactive as it will not get you high like many uninformed people believe goes hand in hand with using cannabis-based products. But instead, it is reported to improve your health.

There is a CBD explosion happening right now with much more expected in the next couple of years. It is estimated to be a $2.1 billion by 2020 and more growth is predicted after that. On top of that, CBD has been removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list.

The Food and Drug Administration has even approved its use to treat epilepsy, so there are obviously big things around the corner for CBD oil.

One of the best things about taking CBD is the ease of use. CBD oil can be rubbed directly on the skin. It can be consumed as a drink as well. If that wasn’t enough, there are actually CBD gummies you can take. For those that have trouble taking ordinary prescription capsules or pills, these are great options to have when taking your medication.

The Benefits Of Using CBD

It seems like using CBD oil will cure whatever is ailing you. There are many that swear that CBD has changed their lives for the better almost overnight. Below is a list of some of the most talked about benefits that CBD can provide.

  • Reduce Anxiety: A study conducted in 2011 by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology reported that anxiety can be treated with CBD.
  • Control Seizures: In a study completed by the American Epilepsy Society from 2015 showed promising results in controlling seizures in children and young adults.
  • Pain Relief: Many people are suffering from constant pain and turn to big pharma to help them handle the problem. Even those just having the normal aches and pains of life will turn to prescription or over the counter medications. CBD could be a better alternative as it has been shown to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. A study conducted in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2012 demonstrated that CBD could definitely benefit those that are in distress from pain.
  • Reduce the Chances of Diabetes: The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is getting out of control. Once thought of as an adult disease, it is now striking every age group. Quite a bit of the time it is due to an unhealthy diet. However, a study published in Neuropharmacology in 2008 was promising as it reduced the chances of diabetes in mice by about 70 percent.
  • Beneficial for Alertness and Sleep: Rarely will you find any medicine that in small doses is said to increase alertness, but in larger doses is responsible for helping someone achieve a good night of sleep. Is there anything other than CBD that can provide this?
  • Stimulate Appetite: Whether you have lost your appetite from nausea, sickness, or some other reason, CBD has been reported to help make you hungry again.
  • Cancer: While CBD continues to be looked at for treating cancer, it can help with the side effects like loss of appetite and pain.

Does CBD Show Up In A Drug Test?

CBD use is rare to show in a drug test, but that is not to say it does not happen. Drug tests are looking for the presence of THC. THC is found in pot, but it also has a very small trace amount that can be found in CBD.  While CBD will be less likely to show up in a drug test if it came from hemp, it still happens.

There is reportedly more of a possibility of it causing a positive for pot if the CBD is used frequently and it came from marijuana.

CBD Drug Test: Myth vs. Reality

The truth of the matter is that it appears CBD shows up very little in drug tests. And if there does happen to be a positive for THC and you are willing to fight it, there are expanded drug panels and multiple testing methodologies that can enhance common drug testing and demonstrate that the positive came from using CBD in an effort to improve your health.

Reasons For Failed Drug Test After Taking CBD

CBD Drug Test

By law, CBD oil must contain less than 0.3 percent of THC. There are some brands that will contain no THC at all. Most high-quality brands will have much less than 0.3 percent of THC in it. The problem occurs when certain brands decide to cut corners and actually have more THC in it than the law states.

Another reason for a failed drug test is that the person is taking an immense amount of CBD and that small trace amount of THC starts to add up.

Low-Quality CBD Products

The number one reason you would fail a drug test while only taking CBD oil is that the products you were taking were not processed correctly. While 0.3 percent of THC is allowed under law in CBD products, sometimes more can slip in there, especially when it is coming from dispensaries that sell legal marijuana.

There could be a chance of cross-contamination between the two products leaving you with CBD products that have more than that 0.3 percent of THC. While a slightly higher dose than 0.3 percent is probably not enough to get most people high from the THC, it could end up with it showing up on a drug test.

Stomach Acids Interaction

Science is a strange thing sometimes. While this is extremely rare to ever happen, CBD can be broken down to THC after interacting with the acid in your stomach. The CBD can be converted over to THC in small trace amounts because of the chemical interaction occurring inside your body.

Interestingly enough, a pharmaceutical company tried to warn anyone who would listen that this happens more frequently than people believe.

They made it sound like an everyday occurrence. They were “informing” people that this would make them high and unable to function properly. However, all of this was not shown to be true by a study they did, instead, they just had a few employees of theirs create this narrative.

Anything that big pharma can do to ensure their profits and sales are high, they will definitely do.

THC Contamination

THC contamination can happen in another way that is different than the one described up above. Once again, it would happen in a dispensary that also provides legal marijuana or medical marijuana to the public.

Although it would be extraordinarily rare, perhaps someone that was handling marijuana that had THC heavily contained in it could accidentally transfer some of it to the CBD oil. This would mean that there would be no safety precautions in the business at all, which is unlikely.

Second-Hand THC Exposure

Have you ever heard of second-hand smoke? People can come down with diseases and disorders from inhaling smoke produced by other people smoking close to them. Second-hand THC exposure could happen in theory as well. Do you have friends that tend to smoke pot around you? You might be breathing in enough of it that you could end up testing positive for THC.

This would require you to be in a room that is not well ventilated and have someone next to you smoking marijuana. In some of the places where marijuana is totally legal and people are toking up all over the place, second-hand THC exposure could happen.

Consider Your Chances

If you are worried about testing positive for pot, then you have to weigh your chances and ask yourself some questions. If you are not actively smoking marijuana or hanging around anyone that is, of course, the chances that you test positive are rare.

If you are taking CBD products frequently, even though they are supposed to contain 0.3 percent or less of THC, there is a rare chance for a positive drug test to come back from it.

Again, if you do test positive and know that you are not in the wrong, you can ask for a more thorough test and explain the reasoning behind it. With all of these regions across the globe legalizing marijuana, soon enough this may be a topic that no longer has to be visited or be concerned about.