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CBD Drops: Health Benefits

Cannabis and related products have long been used around the world for a whole host of reasons that go well beyond the euphoric buzz and high that most people associate with marijuana use. In fact, there are actually quite a few health benefits associated with various compounds found in both marijuana and hemp plants.

As the years have progressed, our attitudes and regulations surrounding the use of marijuana and its related products have begun to change, allowing us to take advantage of many of the positive health and wellness benefits associated with many elements of this highly varied plants.

Where it used to be almost impossible to find any products that contained even components of marijuana, it is now a lot easier to find than ever before. Especially in places that have enacted more cannabis friendly laws, you can find a whole range of marijuana-related products, including those that contain the psychoactive substance THC, and those that contain the purely therapeutic substance, CBD cannabidiol.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a substance that is derived from marijuana or hemp plants and is just one of the many different active ingredients found in this plant. Unlike many of the other components of marijuana, CBD does not produce a high or “buzz” like the more well-known THC does.

Found in high concentrations in marijuana and hemp plants, CBD is a naturally occurring chemical that has been shown to be highly effective for a wide range of health and wellness contexts.

CBD is most commonly taken in an oil form. The compound is extracted from the plant via alcohol or some sort of fat-based compound and concentrated. It also available in other forms, but oil is the most common and easy to find a form of CBD available in most places, so this is likely what most will have access to.

Now that we have touched on the basics of what CBD oil is, let’s touch on some of the most well-known health benefits associated with its use.

Like with medical marijuana, there has been quite a bit of research into many of the active ingredients found in cannabis as the laws surrounding its use have become laxer over the years. One of the first reported benefits of using CBD oil was that it provided users with a general sense of calm and wellness, as well as a bit of a boost in their energy levels. These positive effects are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, however, as we have found with more research that it is actually incredibly effective at treating a wide range of health conditions and even has beauty benefits.

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While there are no psychoactive compounds found in CBD hemp oil or other CBD products, it has proven to be quite effective at treating a number of different psychological conditions. It shows great promise as part of an effective treatment plan for schizophrenia and it also has been shown to be highly effective at helping people with anxiety better manage their symptoms.

There is also recent research that indicates that CBD may be an effective anti-seizure treatment, perhaps reducing chances of seizures on its own or working in tandem with medication to reduce the incidence of seizures in people suffering from epilepsy. A recent study found that people with epilepsy that added a daily dose of CBD to their treatment plan had some 36% fewer seizures a month. However, it must also be noted that there as a sizable portion of those studied who also had adverse reactions, so a lot more research needs to be done.

There is also research that shows that the daily use of CBD oil may be effective for helping to reduce the risk of developing or even used for treating Alzheimer’s, MS, and stroke victims.

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People who suffer from chronic pain can also benefit significantly from the use of CBD oil. People who suffer from chronic muscle pain, arthritis, a variety of MS symptoms, and even pain associated with spinal cord injuries have seen significant relief from CBD oil.

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CBD oil is known for being high in antioxidants, which means it is good for the skin as well. A lot of people who make homemade skin creams and serums will add some CBD oil to their mixture as it helps to improve the tone, look, and feel of the skin and may help reduce the visible signs of aging. Some people also swear by it as an effective acne medication.

CBD oil has also been shown to provide a wide range of positive gastrointestinal effects as well. Cancer patients who use CBD oil report far fewer problems with appetite issues than those who don’t use CBD oil. There is also research that indicates that CBD oil can have a positive effect on other issues as well.

Some research is indicating that CBD oil may be an effective treatment for Crohn’s Disease, which is a painful gastrointestinal disorder. Research shows that CBD oil, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can provide a lot of relief of the painful symptoms associated with Crohn’s. More research needs to be done in relation to the efficacy of CBD oil on Crohn’s Disease, but the initial research looks promising for those who are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

These widely varied benefits are not an exhaustive list of the positive health benefits that are associated with CBD hemp oil use. A lot of people swear by it for a whole host of reasons and as more research is done on these types of substances, the more evidence we will have to support some of these claims. As it stands, CBD oil is not habit forming, has few side effects, and has been shown to provide relief for people dealing with a number of different health issues. It’s ability to help reduce the symptoms of chronic illnesses and its effectiveness at managing chronic pain alone are reasons enough to promote its use, the more we find about other benefits, the more widespread its use will become.