8 CBD Drinks That You Should Try

8 CBD Drinks That You Should Try

If you’re not familiar, CBD drinks are basically anxiety-reducing, inflammation-cutting, healthy methods to infusing CBD into your life without taking oil directly or smoking marijuana.

CBD is just one of 113 chemicals found in cannabis, and its effects are something that almost anyone could benefit from. These 8 CBD drinks show off just how delicious it can be to incorporate CBD into your life.

1. Recess CBD Sparking Water

Recess CBD Sparking Water

If you don’t enjoy the slight flavor that CBD adds to water, then you’ll be happy to hear about Recess CBD sparkling water.

Masked in the bubbly and sensation of added flavors, such as blackberry, pomegranate and peach, this delivers a total of 10mg per can.

While their variety packs are a good way to enjoy each flavor at once, you can get a discount on their 24-pack (240mg of CBD in total) where it only costs you about $2.50 per can.

CBD drinks can get expensive, but Recess water always keeps costs as low as possible.

2. DWiiNK

DWiiNK Drink

We like to think that this is a clever play on the way he speaks, because this drink is literally made by Mike Tyson, which just goes to show how far CBD beverages can go.

Made to be premium, DWiiNK beverages come at a fair cost of around $4 per 16.9 oz bottle, making it affordable for everyone.

With exotic flavors and a heavy influence in tasting as premium as their ingredients are, Mike Tyson states very clearly that he only wants to deliver the highest quality cannabis products around. DWiiNK lives up to that, and then some.

3. Kickback CBD Cold Lemonade

Kickback CBD Cold Lemonade

They have ice-cold lemonade with CBD: can the world get any better at this point?

They go from Lemony Lemon (which is a very original name, if you ask me), to Mellow Mango and Strawberry Sunshine.

If you’re going to try any of them, I suggest their CBD survival kit: it comes with each lemonade, as well as hemp infused coffee and CBD oil.

It’s basically a full Kickback-branded CBD experience that gives you so many ways to enjoy it.

4. Green Roads CBD Coffee

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee?

It’s the most popular drink in the world next to tea, and with companies like Green Roads out there, we get to enjoy it in our coffee.

Available in multiple roast varieties, you can enjoy coffee in your standard way with the added benefits of CBD.

They also have peppermint CBD tea for those who don’t enjoy coffee. Despite the presence of CBD, it’s just like enjoying your normal coffee, except you’re hit with anxiety-reducing, calming CBD and caffeine at the same time.

It takes your sense on a wild ride. You’re awake and peppy for the day, but in a mellow mood.

5. Kill Cliff CBD

Kill Cliff CBD Drink

Founded by a Navy Seal and branded to be just as fierce, Kill Cliff is basically the ultimate CBD drink.

Whether you get their ridiculously sweet mango tango, orange kush, or go for the variety pack, you’re getting 25mg of CBD in every 12 oz can.

I’ll warn you: this doesn’t come cheap. You’re getting 12 cans for a higher price than the 24-pack of Recess that I was talking about earlier.

The quality and flavor difference is present, and the electrolyte boost and enhancement of vitamins and minerals is also a nice added bonus that puts Kill Cliff’s quality a notch above the rest.

6. Alkaline88 CBD

Alkaline88 CBD

No chemicals, no cloudy bottles to change your perception of the product, none of that garbage. Alkaline88 is all about keeping things clean and pure, and their up-and-coming CBD water is expected to blow us all away.

If you’ve ever had their products before, then you know just how high-quality they are.

The upcoming flavors of lime, pomegranate, blackberry and lemon all look promising, and if they’re able to pull off CBD water like they pull off their other products, it’s going to be a good day for us CBD drinkers.

7. Flow Glow

Flow Glow

This is a personal favorite, because they just hit a high note on flavor that many companies cannot possibly reach.

Flow Glow is available in Goji+Grapefruit and Raspberry+Lemon, and despite being subtle, it just hits your taste buds like a little tap of magic.

We already know that we like the alkaline water that’s notoriously famous across Canada, but the good news is that if you live in Canada, there will eventually be THC-infused water products, so you can get the other half of cannabis consumption and all the relaxing effects that go with it.

8. Vybes Peach Ginger CBD Tea

Vybes Peach Ginger CBD Tea

This is a “Treat Yourself” kind of drink, because it’s a lot of money for a small amount. However, if you need the healing effects of CBD in your life, and want to try something healthy and premium, Vybez is the way to go.

Their peach ginger tea comes with 25mg of CBD, 30mg of caffeine, and natural ingredients such as stevia leaf, and Peruvian ginger.

Overall, it’s a very health-conscious drink straight out of L.A., and packs all the design of it you’d expect. It’s high-end, so if you’re feeling the itch to try the full spectrum of all the CBD drinks out there, keep Vybez in mind.

CBD Drinks Are A Game-Changer

If you want to incorporate the anxiety-reducing, inflammation-killing benefits of CBD into your life, but you’re nervous about gummies and other edibles, CBD drinks are the way to go.

Available from water to coffee, protein shakes and more, there’s a way to infuse it into your diet and reap the rewards today.

This scene is exploding: there’s always something new to try, to come on back here when you’re itching to try the newest CBD drink on the market, and we’ll do our best to keep up to date on it as well.