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CBD Coffee Info and Guidelines


While most of us consume coffee to kick-start our mornings or survive that mid-afternoon slump at work and our caffeine habits can leave us feeling jittery and anxious, the world’s newest coffee craze might turn our java jolt into an entirely different experience. Coffee that keeps you alert AND relaxed? Is this even possible?

Thanks to one magic ingredient—CBD oil—it’s not only possible, but it is a growing trend likely to appear soon in a coffee shop near you.

CBD Oil: Healing Without the High

Cannabidiol (CBD) is naturally derived from the cannabis plant. It is found in both the female and male plants, marijuana and hemp, respectively, though it is more dominant in hemp. Its counterpart compound THC is responsible for the high associated with cannabis. CBD has no psychoactive properties, unlike THC, but it was unbelievably effective healing, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic properties. CBD oil extracted from cannabis has a wide variety of health-related applications: it is used to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis, from epilepsy to acne.

While the research and studies are still relatively new, and there are no long-term clinical research results available, early anecdotal evidence points to CBD as a “miracle cure” of sorts for a variety of conditions.

CBD products come in all forms these days, from oils to edibles, as many people prefer to avoid the negative effects associated with smoking. Thus, it was only a matter of time before entrepreneurial visionaries in both the cannabis and coffee industries joined forces to bring the two together. The health benefits associated with caffeine coupled with those derived from CBD can take your next cup of joe to a whole new level.

How CBD and Coffee Work Together

How CBD and Coffee Work TogetherCBD, which is touted by many as the perfect way to achieve the “relaxation” provided from cannabis without the high, makes for a great pairing with coffee as it reduces the jitters while the caffeine still keeps you alert. We all know what it feels like to be on caffeine overload when your brain is moving too quickly, your heart is beating rapidly, and what was intended to become a period of “focus” almost becomes something more manic. That kind of frenzy can be relieved by infusing CBD into coffee and the result is something CBD coffee drinkers have called being “blissfully alert.” Some drinkers say they are able to maintain long periods of focus while staying relaxed, though this is still a relatively new trend so there is no conclusive evidence yet about its effects.

How CBD Coffee is Made

In this new and growing market, there are two primary ways that coffee companies are infusing CBD into their product: some are infusing the CBD into ground beans before they are brewed, while others are coating the whole coffee bean with oil. Obviously, those who use CBD oil in drops at home may have tried adding some to coffee or other beverages, but this new process of infusing the CBD into the beans or ground beans represents a new market entirely for cannabis products.

All coffee producers would be wise to pay attention to this growing trend; a recent article predicted cannabis will outsell soda in the United States by 2030. It seems there is no end to the potential for cannabis-infused products, and CBD oil will continue to become a part of daily routines for many, whether in the first morning cup of coffee or as a topical lotion applied before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Where Can I Buy CBD Coffee?

Where Can I Buy CBD CoffeeWhile CBD-infused coffee beans aren’t yet lining the shelves of mass market grocery stores unlike many other CBD products, there are still a number of ways to purchase it. Many independent coffee shops in larger cities are beginning to serve the coffee and there are also sites where you can order it online. SteepFuze claims to be the original and first hemp coffee and GreenRoads is another popular choice. You could also check with your favorite local barista to see when it might be making its way into your neighborhood coffee shop.

CBD beyond the Bean

CBD-infused coffee may not be for everyone. Some wish to avoid caffeine altogether, and others may not have a taste for the pungent flavor and aroma of hemp in their coffee. Luckily, there are numerous other ways to benefit from this “miracle compound” and its many healing and therapeutic properties. CBD can also be ingested in these ways

  • Tinctures or capsules for a daily dose of CDB
  • Edibles such as gummies
  • Topical creams infused with CBD

With its growing popularity and numerous health benefits, it is likely we will continue to see new products infused with CBD in a variety of ways. And because it is legal to purchase and consume CBD oil in most areas (unlike THC), more products will eventually reach mass market status. In fact, one recent report predicts cannabis will outsell soda in the United States by 2030!

Some Final Tips on CBD

Whether you consume CBD in coffee or capsule form, if you inhale it with a vaporizer or enjoy a daily edible, it is best to discuss the use of CBD with your physician if it is intended to treat any health-related issues. CBD hemp oil is safe and natural, with minimal side effects and no psychoactive properties. However, it can have trace amounts of THC, which means it can still result in testing positive for THC. Bear this in mind before using any CBD oil products and research them carefully if this is a concern for you.