The 5 Best Cannabis Dog Treats for Your Pupper in 2018

The 5 Best Cannabis Dog Treats for Your Pupper in 2018

As controversial as cannabis use for humans is, it should come as no surprise that people are even more torn about whether or not cannabis can be given to pets. One of the reasons marijuana use is so debated in humans is that there simply have not been enough scientific studies to prove what short and long-term effects this has on the human body. There has been even less work done in this arena for pets, so make sure you consult with your veterinarian before giving them any sort of cannabis product.

While there is not much scientific data to go on, we do know that dogs can get high and that unlike humans they can die from marijuana poisoning. Dogs are particularly sensitive to THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana, due to their greater number and sensitivity of neuroreceptors. Long story short: do not hotbox your dog and do not feed them edibles made for humans from traditional weed.

Just like us, our pets get aches, pains, sickness, and even cancer. Those of us who have experienced relief from these types of things through the use of cannabis or cannabinoid products might wonder if the same thing can work for our dogs who might be listless or ill. In fact, there have been quite a few anecdotal occurrences of owners whose pups went from down and out back to their old selves once they were given cannabis products.

We even know that dogs have the same types of cannabinoid receptors as humans which the chemical compounds from cannabis go to work on when we smoke or consume it.

Cannabis that is legal for humans is not approved for pets, and there is no state in which veterinarians are allowed to write dogs a prescription for cannabis products. That being said, since THC seems to be the major issue that causes the motor control and breathing problems that can become life-threatening in dogs that have ingested cannabis, some veterinarians support hemp supplements that are THC free.

In response to this grassroots movement of pet owners and vets who want to give their dogs the opportunity for a better quality of life, there are now several brands of dog treats on the market that include CBD and less than 1% THC. These are the two main chemicals in cannabis that give humans the range of good feelings that we come to expect from marijuana.

As mentioned before, THC is the psychoactive chemical which produces the traditional high, while CBD on its own has been observed to result in many of the same effects without the buzz. More importantly, CBD is also legal in the united states.

Here are some human grade CBD oil you might want to try.

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Though they are not cheap, there are several varieties of treats for your pupper to choose from, and even the pickiest of good boys would find it hard to turn their nose up at these. Aside from having a percentage of hemp-based CBD, an added benefit to these treats is that they are all made from high-quality natural ingredients. Even if they did not include CBD, these dog treats would be able to sell for a pretty penny based on their high quality.

1. RxCBD CBD Dog Treats

RxCBD CBD Dog TreatsRxCBD makes several varieties of dog and cat treats and extracts so that you can find the right product for you and your pet. They adhere to strict quality control practices with lab testing of each batch of treats and veterinarian consultations. These original treats come in three different size jars and are flavored with chicken broth to appease all doggos. If you need any help distinguishing your cannabis dog treats from others that might be in your pantry these even come with a little marijuana leaf engraved on each treat.

2. Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for dogs

Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for dogsThere are several flavors to choose from when buying treats from Canna-Pet, as well as different levels of hemp which can be helpful depending on your dog’s needs. These are made with only five ingredients, with three of them being organic, the fourth is bacon (who doesn’t love bacon?),and the final is hemp. Good luck trying to find something more simple and effective.

3. Treatibles Large Turkey 4MG Grain Free Chews

Treatibles Large Turkey 4MG Grain Free ChewsThe largest selection of flavors, sizes, and products, in general, can be found from Treatibles. Their products specifically state that they use Pytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, which means that it does not just use CBD isolates but the full spectrum of cannabinoids in this family that is found in cannabis.

4. HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats

HolistaPet CBD Dog TreatsThese treats by HolistaPet not only include CBD but also are specially formulated into three different recipes to treat other pup concerns such as joint & mobility care or stress & anxiety relief. CBD capsules and a tincture are also available.

5. King Kalm Crunch

King Kalm CrunchMade by King Kanine, this cookie is an award-winningand lab tested natural recipe that is full of vitamins and Omega-3s. King Kalm also sells an all-natural CBD paw balm for pups who have irritated or sore paw pads.

While it might be tempting to save some money and make your dog treats from scratch using commercially available CBD oil, it is important to remember that these companies have all put a great deal of testing and work into developing their recipes and making sure they are safe. They also have strict quality control and measurement systems to ensure that each treat has the appropriate amount of CBD.

If you do attempt to make your owntreats, be sure to use a CBD oil that is rated for dog use, only use food ingredients that are safe for dogs, and it is best to not attempt a baked treat recipe unless you are experienced with cooking with marijuana. Otherwise, your expensive oil will evaporate away all its CBD.

Whatever symptoms your buddy is experiencing, have a chat with your vet and see if giving them some cannabis treats will do the trick. Keep in mind it can take several days of regular use before symptoms start to go away, so lavish some lov

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