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Buddha Teas: The Brand And Its Products

Buddha Teas was born out of the world’s dire need for a good quality, unadulterated tea bag. And now, Buddha Teas has added CBD tea to their products.

Buddha Teas: About & Story

Buddha Teas was founded in 2006 by John Boyd and his business partner, Nicholas Marier. After identifying a gap in the tea market, they sought to fill in the blank.

Within the last decade, many tea consumers, including Boyd himself, recognized the difficulty in finding a natural product free from pesticides and additional flavors.

The founders of Buddha Tea took the opportunity to provide tea lovers with a sustainable and safe option.

Boyd admits that this endeavor hasn’t been without its challenges. Most people are accustomed to drinking supermarket style tea, which is often packed with powerful, additional flavoring.

In a natural product such as Buddha Tea, the flavor is not always as robust as those found in traditional brands of tea. Part of Buddha Teas story is the education of tea drinkers, to allow for a more mild and natural flavor as a result of zero additional flavoring.


Buddha Teas: What Makes Their CBD so Great?

  • Buddha Teas collaborates with local farmers and producers to cultivate pesticide-free herbal, black and green teas that meet California Certified Organic Farmers standards.
  • Buddha Teas has four different CBD-infused teas to choose from.
  • Buddha Teas focuses on sustainable packaging, including recyclable boxes, aqueous coating for the box, soy-based ink and bleach-free tea bags. To offset their packaging footprint, they also plant 5,000 trees each year.
  • There is a wide variety of teas to choose from, including mushroom tea, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, loose leaf teas, and specialty teas.
  • The Buddha Tea website is conveniently organized so that you can shop by the kind of tea or even by the benefit it gives to the body, such as anti-oxidant, relaxation or digestive function.

Our Picks: Buddha Teas Products

Buddha Tea developed a line of CBD-infused teas. The company crafted the teas in labs to maximize the bioavailability of CBD, so you can benefit from everything CBD has to offer.

Thanks to their specially-formulated recipes, the CBD-infused teas do not contain traces of THC, so they won’t get you high.


Buddha Tea’s Chai Tea blend is a mix of black tea and warming herbs and spices reminiscent of Indian chai. It is perfect with milk and served on a cold winter’s night.

Expect the warming flavors of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves in this tea bag. These herbs are perfect for warming the body and invigorating the savory taste buds of the palate.

One box of 18 tea bags costs $7.99, three boxes cost $20.37, and six boxes cost $38.04.


The Cranberry & Green Tea is one of the premium blends put together by Buddha Teas. As the name suggests, this tea comprises the tart flavor of cranberries and the earthy flavor of green tea.

It is invigorating and uplifting, containing Vitamins C, K and E. Cranberries and green tea are both well known for their antioxidant qualities. One box of Cranberry & Green Tea costs $8.99, while two boxes cost $22.92 and six boxes cost $42.84.



Peppermint tea is simply delicious. But the best part of drinking peppermint infusions is that it helps with a lot of medical issues.

Peppermint is a versatile healing herb, and it can help with digestive or respiratory issues, menstrual cramps, and fevers.

Thanks to the cannabidiol in its composition, the CBD Peppermint Tea has a calming, cooling effect – perfect for those who want to unwind.


The Dark Roast Yerba Mate is made from the Brazilian plant, Yerba Mate. As the name suggests, the leaves are roasted to be quite dark, bringing out the bitter flavors of this herb.

It is a perfect coffee substitute that is moderately caffeinated. It is a great source of vitamins, amino acids, and flavonoids, plus it tastes amazing. It is available in tea bags at $7.49 per box or as a loose-leaf for $6.99 per 50 grams.


It can be difficult to find a perfectly mild flavor from both lemongrass and feverfew. Both herbs have particularly strong flavors, with lemongrass being citrusy and feverfew being quite bitter.

However, when the two are mixed together, their flavors blend perfectly to deliver a huge hit of vitamins and nutrients. Feverfew Lemongrass tea is also best served with some lemon and honey, adding even more remedial benefits to these herbs.

One box costs $6.99 with the usual discounts applied if buying many boxes.

Honourable Mentions 



Just like black, white and green teas, oolong tea gets its own special category because of the way it is processed and prepared. Oolong tea is partially fermented, giving it a strong and unique flavor and a sweet aroma.

Just like its counterparts, oolong tea is caffeinated in the same way that black tea is.

As well as being energizing, it is also jam-packed with nutritional information such as antioxidants. One box of 18 teabags costs $9.99 and customers can save by purchasing multiple boxes.


One of the token Ayurvedic blends in Buddha Teas, Turmeric Ginger Tea offers a plethora of health benefits to the user. As well as being warming and stimulating, this tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

The teabag is made out of the roots of both turmeric and ginger and is the perfect brew for those who seek health and vitality.

One box of 18 tea bags costs $6.99 with the usual discounts if purchasing three or six boxes.

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Buddha Teas: The Final Thought

It doesn’t really matter what kind of tea drinker you are, Buddha Teas can scratch that itch. Almost any tea lover can find what they are looking for at Buddha Teas, whether it’s green tea, black tea or an herbal tisane.

Every product is guaranteed to be grown without pesticides and packaged in a bleach-free tea bag.

But most importantly, every product is packed with the natural goodness of herbs and without the harmful effects of chemicals. For deliveries within the USA, there is free shipping on orders over $50.


Many of us search for the perfect herbal tea that can relieve maladies or provide the perfect night time flavor. But many of these benefits are lost to the many chemicals which pervade the tea growing industry.

Buddha Tea is here to serve those who don’t mind paying a little bit more for a guaranteed pesticide-free product. This way, tea lovers can enjoy the natural benefits of herbal tea without the contaminants of the industry.

Overall, Buddha Teas’ vision is welcomed into the tea industry, providing all tea and herb lovers with a premium product.

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