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Water Soluble CBD: Everything You Need To Know


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural cannabis sativa plant substance that is more in demand than ever as the discovery of all its many health benefits and healing properties continue to become more and more well known throughout the world.

The effects of CBD are numerous: improving inflammation and chronic pain, reducing many syndromes and disease symptoms, and even aiding cancer and disease prevention. CBD oil is now becoming preferable to many who no longer wish to harm their bodies with the riskier pharmaceutical drugs.

Therefore, it makes sense that the cannabis industry is quickly becoming a booming business. There are thousands of CBD companies cropping up, all claiming to have the best CBD oil on the market.

On top of that, they are all producing multiple ways one can take it: CBD capsules, CBD powder, liquid, edibles, and tinctures. Some of these even come as formulations, such as turmeric root powder mixed with CBD powder, to aid in reducing inflammation faster.

However, are the effects of traditional CBD oils truly as beneficial as the companies that produce them claim they are?

For one, not all CBD oils are created equal and some CBD oils are definitely better quality than others. Some companies make CBD oil products that compromise health with their substandard products, such as using ingredients that may contain trace amounts of heavy metals.

Additionally, some industrial hemp companies grow and/or use GMO, or genetically modified, hemp plants to produce their CBD oil.

Secondly, traditional hemp extract and cannabis-derived extracts are made up of large, oily compounds that do not mix well with water, thus making easy absorption much more difficult for the body.

All of this information together makes one question not only which brands one can truly trust, but also, in general, if the traditional CBD oil and all its related oil products are truly a superior way to access better health and relief from health ailments.

While traditional, high-quality CBD oil and other high caliber CBD products have been proven to help with certain ailments and improve overall health when taken over time, there is now a better, faster way to ensure that a person is getting the maximum absorption.

And therefore, getting the maximum relief and health benefits from CBD.

There is now currently pure CBD, both marijuana and hemp products, on the market that can truly live up to the many beneficial health claims that currently abound. This top-of-the-line, high technology CBD product makes all the difference in the world on how well they are absorbed, and therefore, utilized by the body.

What Is Water Soluble CBD?

Water Soluble CBD

The newest research to benefit the CBD world is the idea of water-soluble CBD. This latest science allows CBD companies to take their products to the next level, making products available that genuinely produce superior results for their customers, benefiting them both monetarily and physically.

The fact is, water-soluble CBD simply absorbs much better in the body than traditional CBD oils, which are usually made with some type of difficult-to-absorb emulsifier such as vegetable glycerin.

Even CBD isolate, which is a crystalline form of CBD that claims a higher bioavailability, is not as bioavailable and easily absorbent as water-soluble CBD. This newest discovery is now allowing people to get the most out of the product itself and their investment in the product.

How Is Water Soluble CBD Made?

Water-soluble CBD is made by certain soundwave technologies that are able to break apart the CBD molecules into tiny nano molecules so that they can more readily miscible with water. Hence, almost 100 percent of the compounds are then able to dissolve in water and thereby, be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and then used by the body.

Whereas the larger CBD molecules when entering the body, have a much weaker water solubility.

Why is this?

Large CBD molecules are not water friendly due to the fact that oil and water naturally don’t mix. Why? As mentioned above, the compounds are too large to be soluble in water. The body is made up of 60 percent water. Therefore, it makes sense that if CBD molecules enter the body, they have to be small enough to absorb into the water of your body to be fully accessible.

Therefore, water-soluble CBD was invented.

As with traditional CBD oil products, water soluble CBD can be derived from two different sources, hemp seeds which then makes traditional hemp oil, and also the cannabis plant, which is also what is known as marijuana.

Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to produce hemp oil. Hemp oil does not contain THC, the high-inducing, psychoactive part of a cannabis plant, but does contain high CBD levels. Therefore, it makes a great purely CBD oil.

On the other hand, the cannabis plant contains both the active ingredients THC, which does alter the mental state and CBD. Although the cannabis plant contains both compounds, the CBD and THC ratios depend on the type of cannabis plant.

Additionally, although THC can be found in CBD oils that are derived from the cannabis plant, some CBD oils only contain cannabidiol. Many of these THC-free CBD oils are hemp CBD oils.

Types Of Water Soluble CBD

Although Nanoemulsion CBD is the best form of water-soluble CBD, there are three different forms of water-soluble CBD that make it much easier for the body to absorb CBD and fully utilize it.

Also, a note to remember: This new type of cannabis product can either come as a water-soluble hemp product or as cannabis, or THC-heavy, water-soluble product.

Both can come in variable forms, the most popular being water soluble powders and liquids. They all hit the bloodstream quickly and easily, working with your systemic circulation to create rapid effects.


Liposomes are water-containing circular molecules that range from 50-5000 nanometers in size. They have water-friendly compartments that can easily hold CBD extract within it. Due to these molecules being so small, the CBD is able to absorb better because these molecules allow the CBD to absorb into water much easier.

The downside to liposomes manufacturing is that it is a highly complex, time-consuming process and also, it requires a lot of surfactant levels, or emulsifiers, that help the oil and water blend together better.


By far, the best method of ingesting CBD is through buying a product that uses the nanoemulsion method of breaking down CBD. This process breaks down CBD molecules into 10-100 nanometers droplets that are very easy for the body’s water to absorb fully.

Additionally, this method requires a low amount of surfactants and uses all natural surfactants, therefore, making it a more efficient and extremely safe product to use.


Microemulsions also make CBD easier to absorb, although these molecules are not as small as nano-molecules. Their size comes in 100-5000 nanometer droplets. They are made with a chemical process that requires a lot of surfactants.

The downside to this process is the number of surfactants needed to make this process successful and it can potentially cause some adverse side effects for the user.

Water Soluble CBD Bioavailability

As mentioned above, CBD that is water soluble is able to absorb into the body’s water better, thereby making it a highly bioavailable product.

It has become known to researchers that most traditional CBD products do not absorb well at all. As little as four percent of the needed CBD makes it to the bloodstream. This means that as much as 96 percent of the precious CBD is not used at all but rather, flushed from the system entirely.

Water-soluble CBD can easily bypass this problem by the simple fact that the particles contained within it are small enough to be fully available and utilized by the body.

Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

After finding out about all of these benefits that water-soluble CBD offers, it will be a no-brainer that purchasing this type of CBD is the way to go:

More Efficient

With water-soluble CBD, you waste much less of the CBD. As mentioned above, very little of the large CBD particles are able to be absorbed. Water-soluble CBD’s molecules are just the right size to blend perfectly with the water in the body for maximum absorption.

In this way, water-soluble is much more efficient each every time it is used. This ultimately saves you money because the investment you put into each CBD purchase fully pays off every time, versus other CBD products where you pay close to the same price each time and only absorb a fraction of the CBD.

Superior Bioavailability

The definition of bioavailability as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary states this:

“the degree and rate at which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity.”

Think of it like this. Water-soluble CBD’s bioavailability is like a cheap paper towel versus a strong, durable paper towel. When a small amount of liquid is spilled, the cheap, flimsy paper towel, when placed on top of the spill, only absorbs 50-70 percent on the first contact. This is what the body does when it encounters regular CBD molecules.

The CBD molecules are just too big (and water-resistant) for the body to fully absorb the CBD quickly and easily.

However, when a durable, thick paper towel is placed on a small spill, most, if not all, of the liquid is immediately absorbed. This is likened to the body’s ability to easily and quickly absorb all of the CBD. Why? The molecules in water-soluble CBD are small enough for the body to rapidly and efficiently absorb.

Acts Fast

When more of the CBD is able to be absorbed and absorbed quickly, CBD is then able to do its job much quicker. Not only are you getting the full strength that the milligram dosage claims, but you are also getting hit with its healing action much quicker.

Can Be Mixed In Drinks

Water-soluble CBD can easily be mixed with drinks because drinks are liquid (water-based). And as we already know, water-soluble CBD is just that – water-soluble, or easily absorbed in water.

Plus, the nano water soluble CBD is translucent. You can slip your nano soluble CBD into your water, or any other beverage of choice and no one has to know!

Advantages Of Water Soluble CBD

It seems obvious that water-soluble CBD is the way to go. If you’re already investing in or will be investing in, CBD for all its many health benefits and healing powers, then invest wisely.

Water-soluble CBD is more efficient, it has a high bioavailability, it acts fast, it is easily mixed in drinks, and you get the most out of the money you spent! Choosing the best natural remedy for your health concerns has never made more sense.