Best CBG Oil For 2020

You’ve heard of CBD oil, but there’s another cannabis oil in the mix that not enough people are talking about: CBG.

This is often thought of as the true benefit that comes from the cannabis plant, as CBD oil is good, but can also have less receptors that actually pick up on it.







Best CBG Oil For 2020

Industrial Hemp Farms CBG Hemp Oil


Best CBG Oil For 2020

Cannabidiol Life CBG Isolate


Best CBG Oil For 2020

Extract Labs Hemp Tincture CBG Oil


Best CBG Oil For 2020

Terpene Blueberry Full Spectrum CBG Oil


Best CBG Oil For 2020

Steve’s Goods OG Help CBG Oil

CBG oil is basically the premium version of CBD oil, if we’re being completely honest here. It’s so rare in comparison to CBD oil, that while writing this, my word processor keeps assuming I’m misspelling CBD instead.

The best CBG oil can cost you hundreds for a single ounce.

CBG costs more to produce than any other cannabinoid that we’ve found to date, and there have been less studies on it than its more popular variant, CBD.

Basically, you can get the same effects of CBD in a higher concentration, requiring that you use less of it than CBD.

Let’s take a look at the top five CBG oils out there, and then talk about the benefits of it, and answer your burning questions in the buying guide below.

Industrial Hemp Farms CBG Hemp Oil

Industrial Hemp Farms CBG Hemp Oil

Industrial Hemp Farms has the best CBG oil for sale in terms of value and potency. With a very short ingredients list, you’re not dealing with anything before CBG isolate powder and MCT oil, which is basically coconut oil.

MCT oil is one of the best ways to deliver CBG oil through your body, and getting it straight to the receptors in your brain.

Industrial Hemp Farms puts this into a non light-blocking container, which can be a bit of a pain when you’re trying to prevent evaporation and maintain this for as long as possible. Basically, just don’t put it near any windows in your home.

Value-wise, you’re not going to get a better deal for this level of quality. CBG is the precursor to THC and CBD, as we’ve come to find out.

Industrial Hemp Farms ensures that this is extracted during the growth process before any THC is produced, ensuring that it’s entirely THC-free. You still get the health benefits, but without the risk of getting high.

The oil itself is effective, but the dropper included in the bottle is fairly standard. You might run into a leaky dropper before the bottle is up, so be sure to be gentle when squeezing out drops.

Ingredients:MCT oil, CBG isolate powder
Size:60 ml
Made In:US
CBG Per Bottle:500 mg

Cannabidiol Life CBG Isolate

Cannabidiol Life CBG Isolate

CBG isolate is basically the most fundamental form of CBG you could ever get in your life, so you don’t have to deal with any additives (not that there are often many). Here, you’re dealing with a very concentrated and very powerful line of CBG products, so you should exhibit caution.

Certified and lab tested, Cannabidiol Life is doing their part to push authentic problems and add to the CBG/CBD community without making folks question how it’s produced or to the level of its quality. You have a guaranteed 98% purity here, and when you’re dealing with any isolates, that’s about as good as you can hope for. It’s high-quality.

Dosing can be a bit of a problem here. You have a grand total of one gram of isolate, which is like a crystallized powder, and 1,000mg of CBG in this container. That’s about 50mg per serving, or 20 servings per container. It’s definitely very concentrated.

When it comes to making your final purchase, you have to understand that this isn’t something simple that just any company can do. This process involves a lot of used cannabis that gets concentrated, and transformed. If you wanted a full 10 gram container, you’re looking at a high price point. I won’t say exactly how much, because that’s subject to change, but stick to a half-gram or a single gram container if you’re trying to get this while still keeping a budget in mind.

Ingredients:CBG isolate powder
Size:1 gram
Made In:US
CBG Per Bottle:1,000 mg

Extract Labs Hemp Tincture CBG Oil

Extract Labs Hemp Tincture CBG Oil

This here is basically a cocktail of the two best parts of cannabis: CBG and CBD oil. You get a total of 500mg of each, which adds up to a grand total of 1,000mg per bottle between the two. We’ve listed it as 500mg in the information below because this is a CBG-specific article, but the infusion of both is welcomed and helpful.

To date, this is one of the only 1:1 ratio CBD/CBG products out there. Everything in this bottle is CO2-extracted to ensure purity, and is completely lab tested to provide the highest-quality product imaginable. You’re in good, hemp-filled hands with Extract Labs.

You have a blend of organic coconut oil in here as well, which helps keep these oils bound together, and cuts down a bit on the flavor intensity when you take a dropper of this directly. Now, there is one thing you need to know: it does contain trace amounts of THC, or at least, it can. They can guarantee no more than 0.3% THC included in the bottle.

That could be a deal-breaker for some people, especially if you’re taking a full dropper for acute anxiety. However, it’s a negligible amount: you’re not going to get high off of it. Still, it’s important information to have on-hand.

Extract Labs used a very light-colored bottle here, and while it’s full glass, you still need to keep it in a place devoid of any light. The label is small, so it’s not going to cover more than about 60% of the bottle—do not leave this out to get tarnished. This blend isn’t cheap, but it’s not as much as they could be charging, so it’s a good idea to get in on this while the going is good.

Ingredients:Organic coconut oil, CO2-extracted full spectrum CBG oil
Size:1.0 fl oz
Made In:US
CBG Per Bottle:500 mg

Terpene Blueberry Full Spectrum CBG Oil

Terpene Blueberry Full Spectrum CBG Oil

If you’re coming into CBG oil as an ex-marijuana smoker (or current: we don’t judge here), then you might miss the aromatics in cannabis. To some, it’s stinky, but to others it’s like a sense of relief on the horizon. When you’ve experienced the calming effects of marijuana, that smell becomes something you seek out and enjoy. Terpenes are actually the cause of this, and they’re used to repel predators, as many plants do with their own terpenes.

Cannabis plants can be infused with flavors, such as blueberry, just like Leafywell has done here. It’s going to resemble the odors of cannabis, but with a bit of monk fruit agave thrown in there so it’s not like you’re just eating a smokable plant.

You’re also getting a blend of CBD/CBG wax, which helps to incorporate both cannabinoids into this extract. We’re seeing Leafywell sitting around the same price per ounce that a lot of others on this list do, which means it’s affordable, and you’re not going to rip your hair out while trying to find out how to pay for it.

Ingredients:CBD/CBG wax, blueberry OG terpenes, MCT oil, natural flavoring, monk fruit agave
Size:1.0 oz
Made In:US
CBG Per Bottle:500 mg

Steve’s Goods OG Help CBG Oil

Steve’s Goods OG Help CBG Oil

When you get into the logistics behind these oils, you start to realize just how expensive it is to produce them. Still, we have to say straight away that Steve’s Goods is charging about 50% more for a full 1oz/30ml than their competitors. It’s good CBG oil, but the price is what dropped them down here to the bottom spot on our list.

Their entire pricing system works on potency, but it’s not transparent at first. You can get a 30ml bottle, but with only 500mg of potency, or up to that 2,500 we mentioned, which will impact the price. If you can deal with just 500mg in that bottle, it comes in at a slightly lower price than one of our competitors on this list.

One nice touch is that they have tinctures of watermelon and blueberry available, so if you’re going to grab some CBG oil but you aren’t sure about the taste, you can get one of these. They only add a total of 10 calories to the bottle (likely based on sugar content), so it’s not going to juice up the nutritional information all that much.

It’s a good CBG oil, just a bit confusing to order. They have COAs available for both product and raw materials, so you know that you’re getting every bit of quality that you want, and nothing that you don’t.

Ingredients:CBD distillate, hempseed oil
Size:1.0 oz
Made In:US
CBG Per Bottle:500 mg

CBG Oil Buying Guide & FAQ

Different Taste

What Is CBG Oil Used For?

If you’re wondering just what is CBG, I’ve got some news for you: it might just be a more effective alternative to CBD. CBG oil works to fight inflammation in the body, and targets areas of pain, nausea, and tension.

Medically checked by one of the most prolific doctors on the subject of CBD and CBG, Healthline published this piece that talks about CBG being the new CBD, or at least entertaining that point.

It turns out that CBG actually breaks down to form CBD and THC, as well as other cannabinoids.

CBG oil is used as a more concentrated and potent form of CBD, and can treat: bladder dysfunctions, glaucoma, bacterial infections, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, appetite loss (especially in cancer patients), and potential additional effects.

That being said, we can’t just say “CBG is the best, it’s going to replace everything.” We can’t jump on that bandwagon just yet.

There’s still a lot of studies being done regarding CBG, because for the longest time, the focus was on CBD, which is still a great element that we can take advantage of.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And CBG Oil?

When you harvest a cannabis plant and get it ready for processing, you’re left with approximately 0.5-2% CBG oil.

The reason for this is because CBG oil actually occurs in the cannabis plant well before CBD does.

It’s not really a matter of CBG vs CBD, but more like figuring out which one you want to harvest, which defines how long you have to wait.

CBG is the initial acid in the cannabis plant, which is where the other 112 derivatives come from (that includes THC).

Consider CBG like a supercharged cell of all the medicinal qualities of CBD, which is then dispersed through the plant and used to create chemical-to-chemical compound reactions throughout the full life cycle of the cannabis plant.

In terms of where to buy CBG, there’s a distinct difference between it and CBD. CBG is generally more effective at treating anxiety, inflammation, and other issues than CBD oil.

Different Oil Bottles

As a result, you’re going to see a fairly noticeable price disparity.

It takes so much waste to actually extract and produce pure CBG oil, and manufacturers have to account for that overhead, or they’d never make any money.

You’re going to encounter higher costs associated with producing CBG oil than you will with CBD oil.

While it’s known that CBD may increase your appetite, it isn’t by all that much, and for some people it can suppress your appetite (this does not count as a weight loss element or supplement).

CBG oil is almost unanimous with increasing hunger.

Another difference is that there isn’t enough research and study into CBG, which is why it doesn’t dominate the cannabis market the way that it should.

Don’t get me wrong: CBD is fantastic, medicinal, and can help with so many things, but the spotlight should be on CBG. It’s distinct from its children compounds, and is the entire reason that we have the cannabis plant to begin with.

CBG requires more research to solidify claims, while CBD research is under way at a faster rate.

Does CBG Get You High?

Not at all. In fact, it’s basically a counteractive component to THC, which is the psycho-active element found in cannabis.

Cannabigerol oil is developed before CBD or THC is: it’s like the mother element where others sprout from, so it’s actually taken before THC even develops in the cannabis plant.

Because CBG is the “anti-high” in cannabis, it can actually be mixed with CBD oil, which is produced alongside THC, to negate any effects of remaining THC found in the oil.

Because of the way CBD is derived, it’s impossible to accurately say it’s THC-free. It’s more like you have a chance of it being 0.3% THC, which if we’re being honest here, isn’t nearly enough to get you high.

Why Is CBG Good For Anxiety?

CBG Oil In Hand

CBG cannabinoid oil is basically a superpower in a bottle when it comes to neurological issues and acute anxiety.

While there’s no cure for anxiety, the effects of CBG oil help you slow your mind down to a point where it’s manageable, and you don’t feel like everything is so intense or awful.

For a long time, smoking weed was the only thing associated with anxiety reduction, until you started to look around at some people getting more paranoid when they were high off of it.

That’s because THC, which is the psycho-active element found in cannabis, can absolutely cause anxiety attacks and stress. It can make you paranoid, especially if you have underlying acute anxiety disorders.

Those who didn’t get extremely paranoid would feel the high of THC, but also the calming effects of CBD in the matured plant, which is a derivative of CBG. CBG is known to relieve anxiety, which causes physical responses in the body that you cannot ignore.

Stress from anxiety is physical, so when someone tells you to just clear your head or think of something else when you’re in the middle of a panic attack, they’re not helping: your body is attacking itself.

Because CBG physically alleviates the symptoms of pain and inflammation in the body, which are brought on by mental stress, your body sends signals to your brain that it doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

There is no more attack, there is only calm. It’s easier to get out of your head when the physiological responses from your body are nullified.

CBG And CBD For The Future

CBG is basically anti-THC, and negates nearly all of its effect.

With CBG oil variants coming in flavored oils, as well as THC-free and CBD oil-infused mixtures, you can reap the rewards of this helpful, powerful natural drug with little to no side effects.

It’s time to encounter anxiety on equal ground, and say “I’m not afraid.” It’s time to incorporate CBG oil and CBD mixtures into your life today.