Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

CBD shampoo isn’t magic in a bottle, but it is better than the garbage dollar stuff that they have on the shelves.

We all understand the phrase “You get what you pay for,” and in this instance, it definitely applies.







Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

Emera CBD Shampoo


Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

CBD For Life CBD Shampoo


Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

CBD Daily Conditioner


Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

The Wonder Seed Sweet Orange Hemp Shampoo


Best CBD Shampoo On The Market

Emera CBD Detangler Plus

CBD shampoo isn’t going to be cheap, but it is going to help improve multiple areas of hair growth, and regulate the chemicals and oils produced by your scalp on a daily basis.

Personal healthcare items can be classified as horrible things, such as synthetic detergents.

You want to ensure you’re putting the highest quality ingredients on the lush hair of yours, and with CBD oil and its general blend of organic or naturally-sourced ingredients, you won’t be ruining that head of hair anytime soon.

Get ready to experience what CBD can do in every capacity.

Emera CBD Shampoo

Emera CBD Shampoo

Hands down, the best among all CBD hair products has to be Emera’s CBD Shampoo. Right from the start, you know what you’re getting yourself into with their transparent ingredients list and nourishing formula.

To kick this off, even though this is the priciest shampoo on this list, it still reigns supreme because of the value you get per ounce, and the overall effective qualities in the bottle. Apart from noticing an immediate shine the second you step out of the shower and tussle your hair with a towel, Emera feels soothing when it’s applied to your hair.

Half the battle with using CBD shampoos is that you want to nourish your scalp to protect yourself against external hair damage, while also protecting the hair itself. Because of the unique blend of avocado oils, peppermint, and green tea (among other things), this works like a shield for your hair.

The way it feels when it’s lathered into your scalp almost asks you what you’ve been missing your entire life. Itchy scalps become soothed, while oily scalps start to balance themselves out just after a few washes. Thanks to the complex formula enriched with vitamins and minerals, Emera’s shampoo helps restore pH levels in your scalp, which can actually help your body to produce less oils.

While this is a shampoo and not a body wash, other body hair can also benefit from this as well. Leaving hair across your entire body feeling soft to the touch, itchiness will no longer plague you in winter, and the feeling of dry skin will start to melt away. It’s not magic in a bottle, but it’s the closest thing to it.

Ingredients:Cannabidiol, hemp seed, avocado oils, lemongrass extract, peppermint, green tea, chamomile
Best for What Hair Type?:All
Volume:8 fl oz
Made In:Unspecified
CBD Amount:50 mg

CBD For Life CBD Shampoo

CBD For Life CBD Shampoo

CBD For Life came in close to Emera, and while it sits at a similar price point (which has changed several times over the last year), it doesn’t quite hit the same way that Emera does.

This CBD oil shampoo comes with a guaranteed 100mg of CBD, which as a main ingredient, that’s a great thing. There is a point where you don’t want too much CBD, otherwise you would just be pouring CBD oil directly on your head. This shampoo manages to come in at a happy medium without being too overpowering.

It’s not just about the CBD: they use other minerals and vitamins that have been proven to aid in hair health over the years. We consider this to just be a heavy dose of CBD infused into a product that would otherwise perform well on its own at the same time.

With the inclusion of jojoba oil and coconut, you’re nourishing your hair and scalp like never before. These ingredients are found in a lot of men’s beard oils, as well as daily moisturizers for women. While jojoba oil’s popularity is relatively new, it helps to lock in moisture to your hair while nourishing the skin underneath, working a double wonder through every single wash.

Not every brand can be perfect, and CBD For Life has done their best to ensure this shampoo is as naturally derived as possible. They locked in on about 95% with some of their ingredients coming from sources that they could not 100% verify on their own, but at the end of the day, the shampoo in your shower stall right now is probably 0% naturally derived.

Ingredients:Water, jojoba oil, coconut, avocado, rosemary, CBD
Best for What Hair Type?:Curly
Volume:10 fl oz
Made In:US
CBD Amount:100 mg

CBD Daily Conditioner

CBD Daily Conditioner

This is technically a conditioner and not a shampoo, but the good thing is you get a lot more of it for your money. With a full 16 fl oz, this CBD daily conditioner isn’t trying to strangle your hair. You’ve already used CBD shampoo, so it has just 10mg of CBD inside to gently nourish your hair and add a protective layer.

They keep a fairly short ingredients list as well, consisting primarily of peppermint oil, argan oil, and hemp seed oil above all else. These ingredients on their own have been proven to assist dry scalps and help rebalance your natural hair oil production at the same time.

Safe for color treated hair and designed to leave a smooth, silky sensation even on the thickest of curls, CBD Daily Conditioner tackles a lot of the external problems that you can face with your hair on any given day.

Ingredients:CBD, hemp seed oil, argan oil, peppermint oil
Best for What Hair Type?:All
Volume:16 fl oz
Made In:US
CBD Amount:10 mg

The Wonder Seed Sweet Orange Hemp Shampoo

The Wonder Seed Sweet Orange Hemp Shampoo

This cannabis shampoo comes from The Wonder Seed, which I have to say is quite a clever name. It’s wonderful because they’re all about making things as organic as possible. There’s 100% vegan-friendly products located in this shampoo, and just to make it better, it’s guaranteed to be completely cruelty-free.

You’ll find organic compounds in here that you won’t find in other CBD shampoos, such as jasmine blossom extract, and sea salt. Overall, the entire blend including cocoa butter and borage seed oil slides onto your scalp like it was always meant to be there, and nourishes your skin in no time at all.

Regarding the price, it’s astounding that you can get an all-organic CBD shampoo at this cost. And it’s a full 8 fl oz bottle, too: no tiny travel-sized bottles here. It’s a great value in dollar-to-ounce ratio. It’s one of the best hemp shampoo values and brands out there today.

There’s one issue with this, which is why it didn’t make it higher on the list: the manufacturer doesn’t list the actual milligram number of CBD. It’s in there in the ingredient list, and we can assume it’s between 10mg and 100mg, but having that information readily available would be much better.

Ingredients:CBD, borage seed oil, organic jasmine blossom extract, hemp seed oil, orange essential oil, sea salt, cocoa butter
Best for What Hair Type?:All
Volume:8 fl oz
Made In:US
CBD Amount:Not specified by seller

Emera CBD Detangler Plus

Emera CBD Detangler Plus

We couldn’t help but put Emera on this list one more time. While this isn’t technically a shampoo, it can be used as a leave-in shampoo for curly hair, thanks to the antioxidants centered in the avocado and hemp seed oils.

Antioxidants help to break up bacteria from forming, which is generally what causes scalp infections, and can be one of several factors in itchy, dry scalps that produce dandruff. After your curly hair has had time to dry, you have a short while until it gets frizzy again. It’s a harsh truth we all live with.

Pump a little bit of this into your palm, and emulsify it into your hands before running your fingers through your hair. It’s thick, so when it sticks to your hands, it leaves enough time for you to evenly disperse it across all of your hair.

You can effectively add shine and smoothness to your hair, while keeping those curls tight at the same time. The ingredients list also has a hidden gem in the works as well: sun protection. Due to lemongrass and chamomile being present, heat damage from the sun is warded off for a short while. I wouldn’t sun bathe with this still in your hair, but it handles the day-to-day tasks that leave you vulnerable to heat damage. Excellent to use after blow drying curly hair as well.

Ingredients:Seagrass mind, peppermint, CBD, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, chamomile, green tea, lemongrass
Best for What Hair Type?:Curly
Volume:4 fl oz
Made In:US
CBD Amount:50 mg

CBD Shampoo Buying Guide & FAQ

CBD Shampoo In Hand

What Does CBD Shampoo Do?

Because CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, you get all the nutrients and benefits that come along with it.

Amino acids are known as the building blocks of life, and CBD contains all 20 of them, making it a protein-enriched source. Other vitamins included are iron, B6, B12, niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin.

By incorporating these into your skin, your body absorbs them and creates a better pH level for your scalp.

Your pH level is important, because when it becomes unbalanced, you end up with dry or oily scalps, and the beginning of plaque psoriasis.

Does CBD Shampoo Help Hair Growth?

There is so much flak and misinformation in the world of hair growth. I’m not going to tell you that CBD has a magical property to it that literally forces hair to grow.

Instead, I’m going to tell you that its ingredients, from omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, are all essential oils that help your scalp tissue.

Your scalp is what determines hair growth, so beyond CBD, using products with minimal chemicals can help with nourishing your scalp, so long as it has nutrients inside.

CBD shampoo can aid you in protecting your scalp and giving it the nutrients it needs, and then your scalp decides how to produce hair and in what volume.

In short, CBD isn’t magic, but it can help your scalp to preserve the right conditions and pH levels that allow for better hair growth.

CBD is not exclusively capable of nourishing your scalp, but its list of natural ingredients is inarguably good for your scalp.

There’s no CBD for hair loss, although using it might help you keep that hair you have a little bit longer.

What Are The Other Benefits Of CBD Enriched Hair Products?

Putting CBD Oil In Hair

CBD and hair growth aren’t necessarily one in the same, and it’s not just about CBD in these cases.

These companies go above and beyond to add real, nourishing elements to their shampoos and conditioners to really give your hair a fighting chance. Some of those include:

  • Environmental Stress Protection: Most notably, you’re going to see this in avocado oil. Much like hemp, this has a lot of fatty acids that coat your hair and help build up a defensive layer against the harsh world we live in. It’s along the same lines as olive oil in that regard.
  • Color Protection: All these ingredients could be amplified by the sun and cause natural hair color fading, and it could do a real number on colored hair as well. Thankfully, these manufacturers have this in mind by adding lemongrass, which actually maintains your hair color and protects against sun damage.
  • Antioxidant Boost: Your scalp absorbs a lot more than I think we give it credit for. With additions of green tea and peppermint, just to name a few ingredients, antioxidants run rampant all across your scalp and help restore pH balances, and kill dead skin.
  • Fight Dandruff: Dandruff is basically the last thing anyone wants to suffer from. It’s itchy, it’s embarrassing, and it gets on your clothes. You know, and it’s also a sign of an unhealthy scalp, so there’s that. CBD along with ingredients like chamomile help to kill dandruff and clear what dead skin cells are left out of your hair.

What Are Some Of The Other CBD Hair Products?

Apart from just shampoos and conditioners, we have a few other hair products that can really nourish hair and the skin underneath.

  • CBD Beard Oil: You use beard oil to maintain a viking-clad appearance, but the skin underneath still gets dry and itchy. Either that, or the promise of jojoba oil just isn’t enough for your thick, coarse facial hair. CBD-infused beard oil can be a game-changer that adds shine and protects your hair like never before.
  • CBD Facial Moisturizer: Hear me out: this does affect your hair. All the little white hairs on your skin that you never really pay attention to, the ones coming out of thousands of pores on your face. Those can dry out, and cause really dry skin on your face, which isn’t anything you want to deal with. CBD facial moisturizers can be brought through your eyebrows as well, which will nourish that skin and hair, too.
  • Hair Serum: This is basically a top-of-the-head oil that you rub into your hair after it’s dried, once you’re out of the shower. This helps to protect the natural moisture inside throughout the day, so even if you used CBD oil shampoo, you’ll still be able to apply this and preserve your hair as your day carries on.

Is CBD Shampoo Regulated By The FDA?

FDA Approved

No, CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA whatsoever. This is both good and bad: for one, manufacturers have creative control, but on the other hand, not having that FDA stamp of approval can be an issue for a lot of people.

It comes down to safety testing, but it also comes down to how much you trust that the FDA is doing their job.

CBD shampoo is an at-your-own-risk kind of thing, but when you inspect the ingredients in every single one of these shampoos, you’re going to find some common threads.

CBD, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado, and more ingredients are all already located inside of FDA-approved and regulated hair care products out there.

The main infusion of CBD into hair care really arose in 2018, so testing times can vary and not all products are pushed through.

That being said, it’s important to do your own research and understand any skin irritants or allergies that you might need to avoid before purchasing any CBD shampoo or hair care products.

CBD Is A Game-Changer

CBD is proven to help with strengthening your hair, and if all goes well, maintaining it for longer.

When you supply your hair with the necessary nutrients and fatty acids it needs to thrive, you’re more likely to actually have a head of hair for more time.

Check out these CBD shampoos as well as other great CBD products to help with personal care and hair care moving forward.