Airbender Pods – New Juul Pod Sensation

Airbender Pods are Juul compatible, 50mg nicotine e-liquid pods. In contrast to Juul pods, Airbender Pods come in a variety of complex flavors. Pods remove the need for mixing up flavors, adding in nicotine and filling up a vape. 

Airbender Pods – The Highlights

  • Airbender Pods are available in 200mg hemp variety or a 50mg nicotine “Saltz” variety.
  • Pods are available in 10 different flavors, each of which is made up of a complex number of flavors. This contrasts to Juul pods, which usually contain a single, more simplified flavor.
  • All Airbender Pods are compatible with any vape that is compatible with Juul pods. 
  • There are 30ml and 60ml bottles of e-liquids available for those who want to use Airbender e-liquid without purchasing a Juul-compatible vaping pen.
  • Airbender pods are reasonably priced, delicious and target vapers of all different kinds.

What Are Airbender Pods?

Airbender Pods are pre-loaded e-liquid pods designed to be used on Juul e-cigarette device. The pods are available with nicotine or CBD, although the variety of flavors for CBD hemp pods is much smaller. 

In each Airbender hemp pod, there is 200mg of CBD in a full-spectrum extraction. In the nicotine pods, there is a total of 50mg of nicotine (roughly the same amount as a packet of cigarettes).

When Airbender first started making Airbender bods, they were created to help people quit smoking cigarettes (much like the Juul device). 

Before long, Airbender became huge in the younger vaping demographic of the USA. Now that Airbender manufactures a CBD-rich pod, the product is even more accessible to those who want to vape but want to skip the nicotine aspect. 

For a lot of vapers, using a pod is much easier than having to buy the liquids and fill up the vape. And for those who like to vape CBD, things are a little more complicated again. 

After purchasing CBD oil, it usually needs to be mixed with a base (such as PG or VG) and flavors. Pods remove the need for any mixing or refilling. The pod is simply replaced when it runs out.

Airbender Products

The Airbender range of products is generally pretty simple and to the point. Consumers need to think about 3 things before purchasing from Airbender:

  1. Do you want nicotine or CBD?
  2. Do you want to buy pods that are compatible on a Juul device or do you just want the e-liquid?
  3. What flavors are you into?

It’s nice that Airbender hasn’t kept things limited to pods, but have also made bottles of their e-liquid. This means Airbender vape juice is available to everybody, no matter what kind of vape you use!


Airbender Pods are Airbender’s most popular product. They are compatible on the Juul pen, although the pods are slightly bigger than Juul pods. In any case, they fit right onto the Juul e-cig. Each Airbender pod has 50mg nicotine, roughly the same amount that would be contained in a packet of cigarettes. 

Unlike Juul, who makes pods with single flavors (like mint or mango nectar), Airbender pods come in a range of complex flavors. Watermelon, honeydew, mango, and strawberry is one such example of the myriad of flavors you can experience in a single pod. 

They also make sweeter flavors for those who like the creamy kind of vape, such as the creamy mint milkshake and pink frosted yellow cakes. 

Airbender also sells a  200mg, full-spectrum CBD hemp pod. Unfortunately, the variety of flavors for the CBD pod is not as huge as the variety for nicotine, containing only four flavors: Original, mint, sweet melon and lemon bar. 

However, with that being said, these pods have a great vape quality and make CBD vaping extremely easy. As mentioned, there’s no need to mix your own CBD vape juice with Airbender pods; you simply throw the pod in and start vaping. 

Hemp pods clock in at $19.99 per pod and nicotine pods clock in at $9.99 for a packet of 4, depending on which store they are purchased from.


The Airbender Saltz range is simply the e-liquid form of their nicotine pods. These e-liquids are made with a nicotine salt extract from whole-leaf tobacco, hence the appropriate name for the product; “Saltz”. 

The variety of flavors is arguably even more complex than the pods range, containing sweet, minty and fruity flavors. The bottles are 30ml and contain 50mg nicotine. This product caters for those who want to use Airbender liquids without having to use a Juul-compatible device. 


Finally, for those who want all the flavors of Airbender but don’t want any nicotine or CBD, there are 60ml Airbender e-liquid bottles. Of all Airbender’s products, e-liquids have the biggest variety of flavors available.

 And depending on which store you purchase them from, you may be able to have nicotine added. Otherwise, these e-liquids are best for those who like to do the mixing at home. You can mix flavors, CBD extract or nicotine extract to your heart’s desire with these e-liquids.

The Advantages of Airbender Pods

There are multiple reasons why somebody might choose Airbender over Juul pods. Firstly, there is a bigger variety of flavors, but most importantly, the hit is harder and more satisfying from Airbender pods than from Juul pods. 

Very Easy To Use

Pods remove the need to do anything other than slip out the old pod and slip in the new one. This makes vaping easy for those who don’t have the time or energy to be mixing substances and filling up the atomizer constantly. 

Wide Variety of Flavors

Half the problem with the “pod” style of vaping is the lack of flavors available. However, Airbender has made many different flavors available in their pods, definitely much more so than Juul. With 10 flavors to choose from in pods, 8 flavors of “Saltz” and 22 flavors of e-liquid, Airbender has everybody covered.

Interesting Flavor Combinations

Aside from having a bigger range of flavors, Airbender is a little more sophisticated in the complexity of flavors too. Unlike Juul, who stick to a single flavor, Airbender doesn’t mind mixing different flavors to allow for a more robust, complex flavor.

Hits Harder Than Juul

Common feedback for Airbender vapes is that they produce a much harder, more satisfying hit than Juul. This is probably especially appealing for those who are using Airbender pods as a way to quit smoking!

Superior Vapor Production

The combination of PG, VG and nicotine/CBD makes Airbender pods the perfect vape. Sometimes, it’s difficult to produce clouds of smoke with pre-loaded cartridge vapes. However, Airbender seems to have nailed the recipe for their vape cartridges.

Good Nicotine Satisfaction

As mentioned, Airbender bods were originally created to help people quit smoking cigarettes. For this reason, Airbender pods contain roughly the same amount of nicotine that a single packet of cigarettes would contain. The idea is to satisfy the nicotine craving without having to fill your lungs with the smoke of combusted tobacco!

Airbender Pods – The Final Thought

Overall, Airbender seems to have really satisfied all kinds of vapers: those who like pods, those who like nicotine, those who like CBD and those who like to mix and match. 

Whether you’re the kind of vaper who wants things to be really easy, or whether you’re the kind of vaper who likes to be a mad scientist with flavors and substances, Airbender has you covered. It’s pretty cool to come across a company who caters for just about everybody’s needs, and the wide variety of flavors just makes it even better!